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  • World of Warcraft
  • 21,085 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 1,693,404 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/11/2014
  • Created 06/03/2007
  • 2,345 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 3.2.1
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About SpartanUI


Is designed to free your screen by moving a majority of the interface elements to the bottom. It is the new look for World of Warcraft. Originally Created by Ansu of Dalaran (aka Atriace) it is now managed and maintained by Libidos of Azgalor. You can now join the project on facebook where i will be posting polls and asking other general questions about the direction of the addon.

Required Addons

Installation Note

Disable oUF if you have it installed, This is a addon library used for unit frames SpartanUI has this built in and having a version not compatible with SpartanUI will break things.

I found a bug how do i tell you? How do i request a feature?

Simple, open a ticket on the web or right click on SpartanUI in Curse client and select "Report a Bug" Also you can now join us on facebook


Q. How do i Move my focus/party/raid?

A. As of 3.1 All frames are now movable by holding Alt and dragging no need to unlock or lock them with a command or button.

Q. I changed a option but nothing changed.

A. Some of the new options in 3.1 for Raid/Party Frames require a /reload to be done after changing them, no it will not always be like this but in order to get it out in time for MOP launch day some convenience had to be sacrificed.

Slash Commands

  • /sui (Shows options window)
  • /spin (Toggles Spin Cam)
  • /sui version (Shows which version of SpartanUI you are using)


  • Uses very little third-party code in an effort to remain self-contained
  • Almost zero-setup allows you to install and use it without tons of configuration
  • Support for almost any screen resolution, while favoring widescreen
  • SpinCam - provides a spinning camera effect when AFK
  • FilmEffects - which provide film-like grain effects on your screen
  • Party frames designed to go with the look and style of your player frames
  • Designed to use very little processor time or memory
  • All original artwork with high-res textures and 1:1 ratio for 30" displays
  • Built in reputation and experience bars
  • Integrated coordinates and zone information
  • UnitFrames that fit in with the overall design
  • Profiles - with options being rewrote SpartanUI will now support profiles
  • Minimal slash commands
  • Raid frames with healer mode and DPS mode. One focuses on a quick overview while healer mode will draw attention to those low on health and larger frames than in dps mode
  • Focus Fame and focus Target have been redesigned and are movable
  • All frames are now movable by holding Alt and dragging.

Updated translations. fixes for mini map


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  • #836

    what spec?

  • #831

    Having the same problem.  On the initial 5.0.4 alpha I had them, but they are not there now.  As a side note, my shadow priest does have the orbs, so not sure where the problem is.  I do not use an updater so its not an issue with something not being replaced, and I have the same problem on both my installs (2 accounts for dual boxing).

    Any help would be appreciated...

  • #825

    right but mine arent there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • #811

    I'm having a great time with this addon and have been for many years. I am curious about one thing. I like to use the shift option to cycle through the hotkeys but it's not doing that anymore. Is this intentional or am I missing something?

  • #822

    Thats bartender options. He did change up some defaults in MOP type /bartender

  • #824

    Okay thank you for the response.

  • #810

    Woah. Excited that you've updated this bar! Been using it for a long time, and didn't really want to change, but thought I was going to need to with MoP.

    There is one oddity through, the size of the bar nearly doubled from what I used to have. Any way to scale that back down? It's far too big now for my resolution.


    EDIT: NM: Found it in the options. Just didn't see it before. Must need more coffee.

    Last edited by Agasaya on 9/1/2012 11:57:52 AM
  • #821

    There is also a random bug where it does not scal down on your first load. a /reload or relog fixes it. its ONLY the first time tho... its odd...

  • #809
    Re: SpartanUI for Boomie

    I love the ui, but did notice one thing.  There is no balance bar for Balance Druids.  Paladins holy power bar is in there, the demonic fury meter for Demonology Warlock, but no bar anywhere to track eclipse states for Boomkin. 

  • #820

    Its above the minimap for now. as it just does not fit with the unit frame right now. once i get around to it i will be changing it. 

  • #804

    Is there going to be any practical small scaling features in a new update?

    For example, I use a 1920x1080 resolution, and I would like to be able to make the bar art a lot smaller, so it stays consistant with my screen res, without taking up almost half the bottom part of the screen... that gray thing is huge, but so well designed.

    I have some major revision ideas, but I can't show it to you, without gaining access to the bar art, in GIF/PNG/JPG format. PNG is the highest quality you can make an image in. But I have no idea how to backwards convert, or forwards convert from the file types used in the game such as TGA...

    A while back for personal use, I was working on integrating SUI and Tuks/Elv together, but ran out of time to work on it. I was trying to take all the awesome features of Tuks/Elv, and putting them into SUI and also using some of the design features to improve upon SUI, so it would be a more complete UI, as it never has been.

    What I mean by complete you might ask, is aesthetically pleasing design across the board, not just the bits and pieces it had redesigned to begin with. For example, the icons on the minimap, were standard blizzard style and just plain ugly. They can be made to fit well with WoW, without using the ugly default style. I always considered any parts of the default UI to be ugly, and lazily placed. Anyone can make that stuff in Photoshop, with the right knowledge about the software.

    Oh, also I forgot to mention, the black smooth bordering that is in the old screenshots around the minimap, are no longer there in the latest build currently. Instead it looks like the minimap is just slapped ontop with some drop shadow, that's about it there. I would love to see that fit better, and maybe even redesign the glass effect on the face of the minimap, so it will look more consistant. It's always good to improve upon something used so widely, and loved so freely over the years.

    Anyway, I think I typed way too much there, ha ha!

  • #924


    Quote from ramakgaming»

    I have some major revision ideas, but I can't show it to you, without gaining access to the bar art, in GIF/PNG/JPG format. PNG is the highest quality you can make an image in. But I have no idea how to backwards convert, or forwards convert from the file types used in the game such as TGA...

    Have you tried GIMP? It's an Open Source Graphics program with PNG/GIF/JPG/TGA/BMP as well as many that are not commonly recognized :D


  • #926

    I like personally :) its free like gimp but not as messy in my opinion it does not have as many features but it has enough to get most jobs done.

  • #819

    Mockup whatever you would like to see, even if its a screenshot and edited from there.... Open a ticket and attach the image. I can pick it up from there and run with it.

    Edit: On the minimap ill look into it i did not do anything to it other than options revamp. dont have the game open right now so ya.. ill ook into it...

    Last edited by wutname1 on 9/1/2012 5:03:55 PM
  • #814

    For your resolution issues & size. 

    Go to interface - addons - look for Spartan-ui - click the + sign then find general. You should see the config scale to change the size. 


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