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  • World of Warcraft
  • 114,065 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 1,917,335 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/19/2014
  • Created 06/03/2007
  • 2,442 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 3.3.0d
Support development! **

About SpartanUI


Is designed to free your screen by moving a majority of the interface elements to the bottom. It is managed and maintained by Libidos of Azgalor. You can now join the project on facebook where i will be posting polls and asking other general questions about the direction of the addon.

Required Addons

Installation Note

Disable oUF if you have it installed, This is a addon library used for unit frames SpartanUI has this built in and having a version not compatible with SpartanUI will break things.

Slash Commands

  • /sui (Shows options window)
  • /spin (Toggles Spin Cam)
  • /sui version (Shows which version of SpartanUI you are using)

I found a bug how do i tell you? How do i request a feature?

Please, open a ticket on the web or right click on SpartanUI in Curse client and select "Report a Bug" .


Q. How do i Move my focus/party/raid?

A. As of 3.1 All frames are of the mentioned frames are movable by holding Alt and dragging no need to unlock or lock them with a command or button.

Q. I changed a option but nothing changed.

A. Some of the new options in 3.1 for Raid/Party Frames require a /reload to be done after changing them, no it will not always be like this but in order to get it out in time for MOP launch day some convenience had to be sacrificed.


  • Uses very little third-party code in an effort to remain self-contained
  • Almost zero-setup allows you to install and use it without tons of configuration
  • Support for almost any screen resolution, while favoring widescreen
  • SpinCam - provides a spinning camera effect when AFK
  • FilmEffects - which provide film-like grain effects on your screen
  • Party frames designed to go with the look and style of your player frames
  • Designed to use very little processor time or memory
  • All original artwork with high-res textures and 1:1 ratio for 30" displays
  • Built in reputation and experience bars
  • Integrated coordinates and zone information
  • UnitFrames that fit in with the overall design
  • Profiles - with options being rewrote SpartanUI will now support profiles
  • Minimal slash commands
  • Raid frames with healer mode and DPS mode. One focuses on a quick overview while healer mode will draw attention to those low on health and larger frames than in dps mode
  • Focus Fame and focus Target have been redesigned and are movable
  • All frames are now movable by holding Alt and dragging.

r117 | wutname1 | 2014-10-19 06:34:27 +0000 (Sun, 19 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/3.3.0d (from /trunk:116)

Tagging as 3.3.0d
r116 | wutname1 | 2014-10-19 06:33:49 +0000 (Sun, 19 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Modules/Artwork/SpartanUI_Artwork.lua
   M /trunk/Modules/Artwork/Themes/Classic/Module-Minimap.lua
   M /trunk/Modules/Artwork/Themes/Classic/Style.xml
   D /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/media/base_plate1.tga
   D /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/media/base_plate2.blp
   D /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/media/base_plate3.tga
   D /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/media/base_plate4.blp
   D /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/media/base_plate5.tga
   A /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/media/base_square.tga
   A /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/media/classic
   A /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/media/classic/base_plate1.tga
   A /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/media/classic/base_plate2.blp
   A /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/media/classic/base_plate3.tga
   A /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/media/classic/base_plate4.blp
   A /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/media/plain
   A /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/media/plain/base_plate1.tga
   M /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/scripts/FrameStyle_Classic.lua
   M /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/scripts/FrameStyle_Plain.lua
   M /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/scripts/Unit-FrameSpawn.lua
   M /trunk/scripts/Global-Features.lua
   M /trunk/scripts/Global-Framework.lua

-Localized Sexymap warning fix
-Plain frames progress
-moved some graphics around
-started some glow effects for the classic theme. (code is commented out)

r115 | wutname1 | 2014-10-17 05:48:56 +0000 (Fri, 17 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Modules/Artwork/Themes/Classic/Module-UnitFrames.lua
   M /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/scripts/FrameStyle_Classic.lua
   M /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/scripts/Unit-FrameSpawn.lua

-Moved code all remaining classic frame code into PlayerFrames/scripts/FrameStyle_Classic.lua
r114 | wutname1 | 2014-10-17 04:45:07 +0000 (Fri, 17 Oct 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Modules/PlayerFrames/scripts/FrameStyle_Classic.lua
   M /trunk/scripts/Module-DBSetup.lua

-Background added to 3D Portraits
-Change to hotfix DB updates to avoid errors


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  • #692

    Thanks, I just got access to the listing today the beta that is up now just gets it "working" just wait until i start poting the real updates :)

  • #690
    I really want to disable these comments, but I can't. Please try to visit the official website to post about bugs or anything else. We can't keep track of the comments on 3 different websites.
  • #689
    oh ok =p but thank you for making them an optional feature =]
  • #687
    THANK YOU!!!!!!! for keeping the blizzard player character, target, and party planes!!! makes the screen so much cleaner
  • #686
    Thanks for working on the Addon.

    Just a few things I need to bother you about.
    A. The Pet Happyness Icon is now gone, so I do not know if my pet is happy or not.
    B. Party Frames do not work like they should.
  • #684
    I have a cupel questions...
    1) Is there any way i can make the chat log look a bit better? mabey another addon you would recommend with it?
    2) Like with your first action bar, i would like to be able to put the command lettering above the rest, at least till i get used to SUI. example: Shadowbolt icon, with F7 (Being my cast key)like with the action bars for the standard UI
    3) Is there anyway i could either shrink the UI itself to be able to see the surrounding area better, or enlarge the icons? i honestly have a bit of trouble seeing whats what on my itsy bitsy monitor.
    Otherwise, by far the coolest, most organized, and intuitive UI ive seen! I plan to keep on using it, for long into the future.
  • #680
    @Tiger: Because you didn't install the addon correctly. When you update an addon, you need to DELETE the old folders, and this includes the PartyFrames folder. Since it is not included in the update, the functionality is not included in the core of SUI. Please make sure you install your addons correctly, as that can have detrimental effects not on your gameplay, but on developers' and moderators' ability to troubleshoot things for you.

    Sidenote: I am not a developer of SUI, merely a fan who has risen to the status of moderator. But thank you for your kind words all the same.
  • #682
    Just wanted to say that I really appreciate you stepping in while the forums have been down, and helping people out. Thanks for all your answers. :)
  • #683
    No problem. When I first started using SUI I had a lot of the same questions, and I got great help from the forums. I decided that SUI really needed a good FAQ so I started doing that, answering questions here and there and eventually got upgraded to a moderator position. I do this because I really love SUI and I know that most people will if they give it a try and can find answers to their questions.

    The forums are back up, btw.
  • #681
    And I'm sorry if I sound mean, reading back through that sounds a little edgy; I apologize. I am merely working on a lot of unrelated things at the moment, and I'm trying to make sure I answer all the questions quickly and concisely, and unfortunately sometimes that comes off as a bit brusque. Sorry about that.
  • #679
    @ xtoq

    I apologize for my question. But why is there a Party Frame Folder in the RC5 when it doesnt work? Sorry if this sounds impolite. I love your Ui its great. And thanks for your support and your work.
  • #677
    The forums are back up, and we encourage everyone to begin posting there as these comments will be disabled soon, and are only monitored by me anyways.
  • #678
    I have also removed my RC4 link, as you should visit the forums to get it if you wish to roll back.
  • #676
    The party frames question is answered 4 posts down. They are not included in this version, for reasons unknown to me. In the 3rd post down there is a link to the RC4 version, which still includes PartyFrames but has bugs. Caveat emptor. For the Blizzard buffs, I believe this is a debug process that has been left in. Unfortunately the answer is to install mod like "Hide Blizzard" to remove those buffs if you wish to use the SUI PlayerFrames. When our forums are back up I believe there is a codefix to turn them off without a mod, but for now, HideBlizzard will do the trick.

  • #675
    I got two little Problems with your UI. First of all how can i disable the Blizzard Basic Party Frames? I did not see your Spartan Party Frames in the new Version, only these from Blizzard. And the second one, how can i disble the Blizzard Buffs cause i dont need it twice?
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