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SpellFlash: Paladin

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 4,438 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.3
  • 988,756 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/13/2012
  • Created 11/29/2010
  • 312 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 1.5.2
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About SpellFlash: Paladin

This module addon requires SpellFlash to function.

Flashes your action bar abilities for your rotation, or anything that proc's!! Very lightweight and doesn't consume any extra space on your UI!!... It will help you maximize your dps!

  • Please create a ticket for bugs and suggestions here.

How it works

Options Menu default Settings.
  • General Options
    • Buffs - ON|OFF
    • Crowd Control (Repentance) - ON|OFF
    • Survival Mode - ON|OFF
    • Interrupts - ON|OFF
    • Mana Regen - ON|OFF
  • Rotation
    • Holy - ON|OFF
    • Protection - ON|OFF
    • Retribution - ON|OFF
#showtooltip Repentance
/clearfocus [target=focus,dead]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/cast [target=focus] Repentance

You must download The Spellflash Addon for this Module to work!!!

Here is the Official Link - SpellFlash Addon

Please Comment

The comments section will be used for FAQ or Requests.. Please post a question or a request! Comments will be deleted if they are old and not relevant to a updated release.

since Version 1.4.92 (to 1.5.2)

  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed many things in Holy.
    • While in Holy Judgement now flashes Blue for Mana regen. (With Talent)
  • Improvements:
    • Added Procs to Holy Spec.
  • Changes:
    • Seals and Blessings early refresh timers have been changed to 60 seconds down from 15 min, and 5 min.
  • Features:
    • Holy Spec will now flash spells that will benifit from a proc.
    • Beacon of Light will now flash Yellow if you dont have beacon of Light on someone in your raid/Party
  • Notes:
  • Upcoming Features:


since Version 1.4.1 (to 1.4.92)

  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed Seals from flashing in Combat with 12 min left.. Now will flash at 15 min O.O.C. and 30 seconds In Combat.
    • Updated to the latest template format.
    • Fixed mistake in template custom button code.
    • Reconfigured the Configs.lua file to load after the Options.lua file.
  • Improvements:
    • Added Duration timers to Buff Checking.
      • In Combat - Seal's will flash 5 Min early
      • Out of Combat - Seals will flash 12 Min early
      • 5 Min Early refresh Duration added to Kings and Might.
  • Changes:
    • Concencrate added to rotation if more than 2 seconds left on Crusader strike and Judgement.
    • Options menu has been Changed
    • Added 3 New checkboxes in OPtions menu, and removed Slidebar option.
  • Features:
    • Added Golemblood Potion when Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp - Flashes Green
    • Added Tier 13 Set for ret
    • T13 2pc set changes priority slightly
  • Notes:
  • Upcoming Features:


since Version 1.3.5 (to 1.4.1)

  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed Rebuke, now has the correct SpellID.
    • Fixed unecessary flashing of Exorcism in ret spec.
    • Fixed ret rotation.
    • Fixed Protextion rotation.
  • Improvements:
    • All improvments on this release are for Protection spec amd Retribution.
    • Many improvemts to ret dps!
      • 4 New rotations that are automatically changed for ret depending on Buffs, debuffs, and Enemy Race(Undead or Demon)
      • Zeal and AW are now properly flashed for max DPS.
      • Exorcism now only flashes when Proc
      • 100% Priority change.
  • Changes:
    • Added single target Rotation for Protection. (Shift key Toggle)
    • Added Multiple target rotation for protection. (Shift key toggle)
    • Retribution rotation has been rewritten for a better DPS Output.
    • Removed a Unecessary flash for exorcism. Exorcism will only flash if proced
    • Many more changes to ret, too many to list.
  • Features:
    • Added Key Binding to the Key Bindings Interface for toggling Between single target and AOE Targets
    • Added Holy Shield
    • Added Hand of Reckoning
    • Added Repentance (Please look at recomended Macro's on the description page for this addon)
    • Repentance now flashes when tagt is able to be CC'd
    • Added Options to the Menu
      • Buffs On|OFF
      • Crowd Controls On|OFF
      • Survival On|OFF
      • Mana Regen On|OFF
      • InterruptsOn|OFF
  • Notes:
    • Always important to read up on your class for Maximum DPS results. is great for beginners. For detailed arguments for great dps I recomend looking at the forums
    • Shift Toggle is off by default
      • I will be posting a Screen shot of the key binding on
  • Upcoming Features:


Version 1.3.5

  • Bumped TOC to 40300.

Version 1.3.4

  • Added support for Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Version 1.3.3

  • Repaired localization fonts for some languages in the XML file directly.

Version 1.3.2

  • Reformatted the castable functions.

Version 1.3.1

  • Repaired localization fonts for some languages.

Version 1.3

  • Repaired localization fonts for some languages.
  • Bumped TOC to 40200.

Version 1.2.1

  • Buff will now flash when it is appropriate!

Version 1.2

  • Added Cata Abilities
  • Inquisition
  • Guardian of Ancient Kings
  • Changed Priority for Cata Abilities (Shouldnt effect current rotations)
  • Fixed Flashing of spells when in Holy..
  • Fixed a Talent issue in Holy.

Version 1.1

  • Added Buffs
  • Added Buff Checking for raid
  • Added Aura Checking for raid
  • Your Aura's will flash Depending on what isnt being used by other paladins!
  • Added a couple more functions to Proection
  • added a option to Turn Priority Flashing off.. This will only flash your buffs/Aura's and non damage dealing abilities..

Version 1.0.3

  • Fixed issues from latest version

Version 1.0.2

  • Updated to be compatible with the 5.50 version of SpellFlash.

Version 1.0.1

  • Added a few more function to prot.
  • Divine plea now flashes if you have Shield of the Templar Talent.

Version 1.0

  • First release.


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  • #22

    can you help please as i now have none of my Paladin spells flashing. :(


  • #23

    please make a ticket

  • #24


    ticket now posted.


  • #19

    Seals flashing while you still have 12 mins on your active seal is really annoying for long boss fights.

    It need to be more like 3-5 mins left.

    Other then that so far so good on the rotations for ret/prot.

    Last edited by mvxciter on 1/26/2012 11:27:41 AM
  • #20

    I agree..  But also disagree...  Im going to add 2 checks for the next version.  One will be out of combat and one will be in combat


    Out of Combat will have a 15 min Early refresh.

    In combat will have a 30 second refresh.

    This way you wont have to waist a GCD on a  seal while your in combat.  Thank you for the advice!  I love when people have suggestions =)

    Edit: Looks like I had that setup already but I coded it wrong.  So I fixed the code in version 1.4.92

    Last edited by Exalter on 1/26/2012 2:26:05 PM
  • #21

    Yea, the out of combat/ in combat options make sense. Nice job.


  • #18

    This addon has been improved alot in the last couple weeks.  I hope you all enjoy the updates and im happy that I have finally got around to making the paladin addon a complete module!  


    All code and rotation have been rewritten for Max DPS for Ret Spec.

    All code and rotation have been rewritten for Protection Spec.

    Paladin is now my main for the new patch 4.3 so updates will be constant.  My goal for all my addons is to be #1 DPS while using Spellflash.  I hope that everyone using the paladin addon will be #1 dps on their characters aswell!  When Cata released my main was a feral druid.  If you have used Spellflash: Druid you would know how polished the addon is!  I hope soon the paladin addon will be as polish sometime soon too!  Enjoy!

  • #17

    Currently conflicts with ElvUI unfortunately.  Whenver ElvUI is active the actionbars no longer flash.  This is a horrible inconvenience for me but not a deal breaker.  Absolutely great addon aside from that.

  • #16
    Great add-ons here, use them for all my toons. One small issue, the spell ID for rebuke is 96231. If it could be updated in the two .lua that it occurs in it would be a great help.

    Not a major issue, but if your rebuke isn't flashing, just edit the scripts.lua {4 places} and in the functions.lua {1 place}.
  • #15
    hi there,
    I love the addon, looks very promising, but is there an easy way to change the priorities for spells?
    Currently prot rotation is something I would like to fine tune to my needs but I can't find any info how to do it. So maybe a tutorial, or some UI configuration tool could be possible?

    thanks in advance
  • #13
    I just added Spellflash Paladin, Version 1.2.1, the most up to date, but the game registers it as out of date and will not allow me to use it. Is this a common occurrence?
  • #14
    Just click at the add-ons screen: Use outdated add-ons
    or something.

    It will work then. :)
  • #12

    yesterday I tested your addon and I like the humble animations.

    Now I've got a question belonging the rotations.

    Is there a possibility to edit the rotation presets? Is the paladin preset for a tankadin? I'm playin' a protection paladin.
    Is it possible to include crusader strike? For a single target I don't need Hammer of the Righteous and I would prefer CS because of the higher damage. Does the addon detect it if there's only a single target and automatically includes CS instead of HOTR?

    I'm really looking forward to an answer of you!:)

    Kind regards,
  • #11
    Question/Request: I have a lot to learn about this add-on but it seems to still mostly work well in 4.1. My current request is either instructions, or a version with Exorcism removed along with Divine Storm. Exorcism works some of the time but also shines when no proc is present causing a cast in combat which is no good. For now sense the game makes it flash on proc anyway I would like to remove that element.
  • #10
    I love spellflash! Used it on my lock and mage up through the death of the LK. Now I'm on my ret pally and would love to have this tool available. Thanks for all your hard work!
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