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  • Supports: 6.0.2
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  • Updated 10/19/2014
  • Created 01/16/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: V1.85
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About SpellStealer


This simple addon pops up a small frame with a list of stealable buffs on your current target,
it will only show up when the target is an enemy and has buffs you can steal.

It will also print in your main chatframe a link to the spell you stole in the format of 'You have stolen [spell] from <target>.'

There are only three commands.

/SS Announce - Toggles announcing to raid/party chat when you spellsteal something. Addon will detect which you are in, and announce appropriately. Defaults to OFF.
/SS Test - Shows the SS Frame with some fake buffs so you can position the window.
/SS Lock - Toggles frame locking / unlocking.

Note: Hold right click to move frame.
Type "/ss test" to enable/disable the test frame so you can move it into placed out of combat.

This addon has a very small memory and CPU footprint..I use it with Magefever for my Mage needs.

My thanks to b_buck for MageNuggets, which inspired this addon.

tag V1.85
Conundrum4000 <>
2014-10-19 01:49:44 -0400

Tagging as v1.85


    - Fixed bug in 6.0. Added seconds display for stealable-buffs that are falling off less than 60 seconds from now.


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  • #83

    This is a really handy addon but it also shows up when I'm on my hunter and priest.

  • #82

    I just got done testing this myself in 4.3, and it works fine. I'm not sure why its not working for some of you.

    Do you have 'Load Out of Date Addons' enabled?

  • #79

    /ss only brings up 4 options, none of which allow one to disable for a specific character. I dont need to know what spell are stealable when I am on a toon that can't spellsteal....the box just gets in the way.

  • #86

    Actually, if it shows up on a non-mage character, that means you can DISPELL it rather than steal it.

    If you don't want it showing up at all, even for things you can dispell (e.g. Soothe as a druid for enrage effects such as Vengeance, Enrage, etc), then just disable it from that character (in the Addon enable/disable section), but frankly I'd think you'd appreciate that it pops up what you can dispell.

  • #80

    Quote from HoPe7eSS/ss only brings up 4 options, none of which allow one to disable for a specific character. I dont need to know what spell are stealable when I am on a toon that can't spellsteal....the box just gets in the way.

    You can disable addons by character before logging in, that would solve it. :)

  • #78

    needs update

    will not work with 4.3 :(

    it just will not work no errors

    Last edited by paula1h1 on 12/27/2011 6:08:28 AM
  • #81


    i think this addon is dead, i have the same prob, won't work in 4.3 and i don't get any errors, it a shame this is a great addon

  • #75

    spellstealer is not working right in 4.3, i was wondering if it was gonna be fixed for the new patch

  • #76

    Can you tell me what error(s) it's giving?

  • #77

    It's not working for me either. It also says its out of date. I really enjoy this addon I hope it gets updated soon. Thank you!

  • #73

    /sstealer is the alternative command.
    Not sure why it wouldn't save the position, I'll look in to it when I can.

  • #88

    There are some window positioning issues wth it (always have been), but I finally figured out that if I move the window by right-click-dragging it seems to work much better.  Left-click makes the window jump away from being on the cursor, to the point where you can't drag it at all.

    Since moving it into position with right-click, I'm also not having a problem with it changing location next time I log in, which is a problem I'd always had with it in the past even when I could get it positioned the way I wanted it.

  • #72

    Sushi Sort and SpellStealer both use "/ss" as their commands.

    I cannot access SpellStealer's commands when Sushi Sort is loaded.

    Pleaase add an alternative command, maybe /spellstealer

  • #71

    SpellStealer is not remembering where I put the frame.

    It is constantly reseting itself to the default postion which covers my character.

  • #69

    Is there a way to resize the window, I play on a 50" plasma tv from 12 feet away, hard to see the small window.

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