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About Stackpack

What is Stackpack?

Have you ever had to destroy an item just to free up space, only to find out that you could've combined 2 or more stacks of the same item? What about that tradeskill item you could've moved into your tradeskill bag to free up space? Stackpack searches each of your bags to stack items together and move tradeskill and specialty items where they belong.

What else can it do?

Ever looked through your bank for what seems like an eternity, repeatedly overlooking an item that you KNOW is there? Stackpack brings a powerful search to your inventory, personal bank and guild bank windows, allowing you to quickly find what you're looking for. It supports a number of filters that allow you to find items based on certain characteristics.. such as Soulbound, Bind on Equip, Weapons or even Junk items to vendor.

What about the bank?

Stackpack will stack your items in the bank as well, and ignores any changes to your normal bags so you can easily split and add partial stacks to your bank slots as you please. Additionally, Stackpack fully supports users of all inventory management addons.

What if I don't want to stack temporarily?

Stackpack will toggle itself off automatically when you split a stack of items. You can also bind a key to temporarily disable Stackpack (which will re-enable itself automatically after the next inventory change) or you can use the /sp toggle command. To turn Stackpack off permanently, you can use the /sp off command. Using /sp on will turn it back on.

Do I have to do that every time I trade?

Nope. Stackpack will not stack items while the trade window is open.

What about sending mail?

Stackpack will not stack items while the send mail window is open, making it easy to split and send partial stacks as you please. Stackpack will resume stacking when the read mail window is open, or when the mail frame is closed altogether.


Please post any problems/feature requests/comments you have here, and I will usually reply within a few days, and if necessary, a release will be posted in a similar time frame.

Thanks for using Stackpack ;)

Updates 3.2:

Fixed issues with Stackpack running alongside Bagnon.

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  • #139
    error when opening the guild bank:

    Message: Interface\AddOns\Stackpack\Stackpack.lua:1082: attempt to index global 'GuildBankFrame' (a nil value)
    Time: 02/03/10 16:10:21
    Count: 2
    Stack: Interface\AddOns\Stackpack\Stackpack.lua:1082: in function `Stackpack_OnEvent'

    Locals: event = "GUILDBANKFRAME_OPENED"
    param1 = nil
    tabs = 6
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = 1
    (*temporary) = -1
    (*temporary) = -1
    (*temporary) = -1
    (*temporary) = -1
    (*temporary) = -1
    (*temporary) = 1
    (*temporary) = "attempt to index global 'GuildBankFrame' (a nil value)"
    isLooting = false
    SplitStack = 0
    BankOpen = 0
    Stacking = 0
    Enabled = 1
    GuildBankOpen = 1
    GuildBankStackButton = nil
  • #138
    Thank you for continuing to make this addon work, I've used it for years :)

    I really really like the new search feature and when it was included for inventory bags it made my day. Yet I now have Bartender and I can not figure out how to get the search icon to appear when it is enabled. I know it is not your addon but if there are any suggestions on how to fix it to show that would be awesome.

  • #133
    I had installed the new update and there is still a problem. I did use the new command to turn off the search feature but the Keyring icon remains attached to my bag bar and stretches out the icon in a smear where I would keep my menu bar. Turning off the addon completely resolves the problem. I use CTMod to manipulate my bars and evidently the two don't get along with each other.
  • #135
    I installed CTMod and used the BottomBar and I did not have any issues with the keyring being attached to the bag bar. The keyring became its own frame, and could be hidden/shown upon clicking the box in the CTMod options. Disabling the Stackpack inventory search removed the new button that was added, and had no effect on the keyring. Please note that Stackpack only *moves* the keyring.. it does not resize or alter the keyring in any way.
  • #136
    Djuice I uninstalled Stackpack and reinstalled it fresh plus did the /sp searchoff command and logged in and on each character. This solved the problem. Dodn't know why it happened to me but all is well now. Thanks for your efforts.
  • #137
    Glad it worked out!
  • #134
    Xylan, try turning the search feature off via /sp searchoff, camping out of the game, and then logging back in. If the feature is turned off, Stackpack will not even bother with the keyring during startup. I'm going to download CTMod and take a look at the behavior now.
  • #132
    2.6.2 has just been uploaded, which adds 2 new commands:
    /stackpack (or /sp) searchoff - Turns off inventory searching
    /stackpack (or /sp) searchon - Turns on inventory searching
  • #131
    Thanks for your comments. I'll be releasing another version of Stackpack very soon which will allow you to turn on/off the inventory search feature and remember your preference. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  • #130
    How can I turn off the search feature for Inventory. It screws up the neat look of my UI for a functionality I don't even want.

    Other than that I really like the addon.
  • #129
    I include information not stated on this page what release 2.6.1 involves

    Updates 2.6.1:

    Updated help text.

    Rearranged some elements of the personal bank frame. This was mainly done for users who do not have all extra bank bag slots purchased, as there was text and pricing information overlapping the search box and results text.

    Added a Search feature for regular inventory. The search button is located in place of the Keyring button, and the Keyring button has been moved left slightly. Clicking the search button will open a search dialog. NOTE: The search dialog is currently a static popup. This will be replaced by an advanced search frame in the next release.

    And I have a issue with this feature. I use CTMod and use the BottomBar feature extensively. The new Stackpack feature interferes with the Keyring by smearing the Keyring over the Menubar thus hiding the Menu Bar underneath.
  • #126
    I was wondering if there was any way that you could add the option to turn off only stacking of the guild bank? My guild keeps potions and the like in stacks of 5 for people to get and a few times I have forgotten to turn off stackpack before opening the guild bank and stacked the tab. Would be much appreciated.
  • #127
    This command already exists. Please use /stackguild off or /stackgb off. Please see README.txt for a complete list of commands.
  • #128
    Ahh, sorry for that then. I was using the /stackpack command in game to get a list of the options and it said nothing about it.. Probably because it's /stackguild or /stackgb lol, Much appreciated for the correction :)
  • #124
    The latest version has an issue with looting or fishing whereas it attempts to move crystallized water or shadow into a 28 slot herb bag and prompts the error "Only herbs can be placed in that'. thanks
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