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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.2
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  • Updated 08/28/2012
  • Created 07/19/2008
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v1.5.51

About StarTip

This project is being retired in favor of its successor, StarTip2. This new addon is still in beta, but it already fixes bugs that existed in StarTip the original.

- StarTip - Tooltips from OuterSpace


Huge appreciation goes out to ckknight for a ton of code. If you know CowTip, StarTip is similar. Props to Shefki for LuaTexts.

And many tributes go out to the many library authors whom have written the numerous libraries StarTip's script environment is built upon.

Customization Tips

StarTip provides an environment for your scripts.. This environment provides WoW API functions such as UnitName, UnitLevel, etc... If it's not available, try _G. Also, much of LuaTexts by Shefki is included, but be aware that modifications have been made and elements either removed or added. Also be aware that how you format your return values is incompatible with Pitbull4's implementation. In StarTip you simple return a string that's already formatted.

There are many plugins available. I imagine if you're willing to write an actual Lua script that you won't mind reading code. Go into the Libs folder and click into LibScriptable-1.0. Note all the LibScriptablePlugin* elements. These are what provide StarTip's script environment with functions and other elements.

Check here for a brief tutorial.

StarTip also has LibDogTag support. Just return the dog tag from your script, and click the check mark labeled "Dog Tag" to enable this feature.

Note: If you know of a library that you want to make available in your own scripts. let me know and I'll see about writing a plugin for it.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

StarTip will take advantage of BugGrabber if it's installed, and will attempt to disable lines that cause errors. Note that the errors are not suppressed.

Report any bugs or feature requests here: StarTip Forum.
Or create a ticket here: StarTip Ticket Tracker
You can also post on the Wowace forum thread.

If you find a bug and you want to revert to a stable version, try the upload on

Note: Please write a ticket if you have a back trace: StarTip Ticket Tracker

Note to Translators: You can easily support this project by translating some phrases at either two locations: StarTip and LibScriptable-1.0.

The comments on have been disabled. They're too much of a hassle to keep up with and use to communicate with users. There are numerous other options mentioned in this description for filing bug reports, or for simply seeking general help. Try the forums if you're still not sure where to go.

tag v1.5.51
Scott Sibley <>
2011-08-30 03:46:24 -0500



Scott Sibley:
    - Provide a way for users to configure how fast the tooltip fades out. Provide a number in seconds under Settings.
    - Outlines should apply now.
    - Restore clamp insets when hiding the tooltip, or when entering a spell or item.
    - Pass texture file to gesture widgets upon creation.
    - Add line texture file.


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  • #246
    What class was the player you moused over? It was a player right?
  • #244
    Try disabling the "talent" tool tip and see if it goes away.
  • #240
    can you do something about the shaking of the tooltip when you mouse over spells that are on cooldown (like the hearthstone) hardly to read how long its on cd, it keeps shaking till the cd is off
  • #241
  • #239
    Maybe a bug?

    When any of my abilities are on cooldown and I hover it with my mouse, the tooltip seems to be rendered a bit out of place, and then moved to the correct position *very* shortly after. It keeps doing that about 4 times a second, as long as the ability is on cooldown. No LUA errors are displayed.
  • #238
    Is there a means to turn off player titles like "the patient", "the kingslayer", etc?

    Often, the longer titles will add a bunch of unneeded width to the tooltip.

    It would be nice to turn that information off, or have it word wrap, to keep the tooltip width consistent.
  • #242
    "Here are the steps you need to take to remove titles:

    Open up the options menu, click on Unit Tooltip so you see the drop-down list, click Unit Name. Scroll down through the text underneath the heading "Left" till you get to the last line where it says "return Colorize((Name(unit, true) or Name(unit))", and change the true to false. That should remove the titles beside the names."
  • #231
    Awsome replacement for Cowtip. A few things. 1) I am also not seeing guild names in the tip. 2) The location thinger doesn't seem show the location in the tip either.

    "Never frighten a little man. He’ll kill you. " Lazarus Long

  • #233
    There seems to be a bug somewhere related to unit tooltip scanning, where the location and guild is extracted. I'm still trying to figure out why.
  • #234
    Thanks! Yeah this bug makes it really hard to locate vendors/trainers too :P have to click them to see their guild tag. Haha. Can't wait for the update :)
  • #235
    This may be fixed in the latest beta.
  • #229
    I like this tooltip so far, but it's a bit unapproachable for me. I got so used to using DogTags with Cowtip that I really... am not sure what I'm doing with Lua.

    A few things I'd like to do:
    -Consolidate Level/Class/Race (as in, "L/C/R: 85/Drae/Pal")
    -Show flagRSP/myRP/etc. addon titles -and- in-game titles. At current, only the RP addon titles will display. Even when setting flagRSP, for example, to use the Blizz default tooltip I still have this issue. Also, because of the interaction between the RP mods and Startip, I had to edit the Status module to show AFK & DND.

    Could anyone help me out with this? I'm positive neither of these are faults of the mod itself, and more just my own ignorance. :3
  • #230
    And additionally: Guilds aren't showing at all, for anyone, even with the module on.
  • #232
    There's a bug I need to hunt down that causes the guild info to be blank sometimes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. There are other similar bugs like this that I haven't figured out yet. A UI reload should fix some of these. I'll keep hunting down the bug.
  • #226
    How am I able to change the colour of the mana numbers?
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