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Stealth Alerter

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,082 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 133,620 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/19/2014
  • Created 08/11/2009
  • 148 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3)
  • Newest File: 0.99.21

About Stealth Alerter

Stealth Alerter detects if someone near you uses a stealth ability.  I originally wrote this AddOn in 2009 because a very annoying Rogue named ├Łes used to hang out in Wintergrasp on the Shu'halo server where people were fishing.  I've also found it useful in raids, battlegrounds and arenas.  The following actions are detected: Camouflage (Hunter), Greater Invisibility (Mage), Invisibility (Mage), Invisibility Potion, Lesser Invisibility Potion, Prowl (Druid), Shadowmeld (Night Elf), Shroud of Concealment (Rogue), Stealth (Rogue), and Vanish (Rogue).  "/sal on" enables Stealth Alerter and "/sal off" disables it.  "/sal" while enabled lists all options and settings.

Version 0.99.21 2014/10/19

  • TOC bump for 6.0.2.

Version 0.99.20 2014/04/30

  • Added Mage Greater Invisibility.
  • Reverted hostility detection back to using a table, and only try to use a tool tip for Pandaren. It turns out that the tool tip mechanism fails surprisingly frequently [thanks Billtopia].

Version 0.99.19 2014/04/06

  • Added Rogue Shroud of Concealment [thanks Twopro].
  • Rewrote hostility detection to use a tool tip instead of a table, now hostility for all races (including Pandaren) is detected correctly [thanks Billtopia].

Version 0.99.18 2014/04/02

  • Fixed screen flash when a hostile Vanish is detected. I had it backwards so the screen flashed when a friendly Vanish was detected.

Version 0.99.17 2014/03/07

  • Added an option to flash the screen red when a hostile action is detected [thanks Twopro]. Screen flash is enabled by default, "/sal noflash" disables it.

Version 0.99.16 2014/02/17

  • Fixed two mistakes in the lookup tables that could cause the wrong color log message to be printed for Night Elf and Blood Elf. Non-localized names don't have spaces.

Version 0.99.15 2014/02/07

  • Faction and race lookups now use non-localized names. This should fix the localization crash and you won't need to change names to your local language anymore. Note that log messages will still be in English.
  • Added table lookup error trap [thanks Maroot].

Version 0.99.14 2014/02/06

  • TOC bump and update for 5.4.2.
  • Added Pandaren race. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if a player is hostile based on GUID from the combat log. Any spells cast by Pandaren will appear in red text as hostile, even if they are cast by a friendly player.

Version 0.99.13 2011/12/03

  • TOC bump and update for 4.3.0.

Version 0.99.12 2011/06/30

  • TOC bump and update for 4.2.0.

Version 0.99.11 2011/05/07

  • TOC bump and update for 4.1.0a.
  • Removed Rogue Stealth movement penalty description, since it was removed.
  • Fixed a typo.
  • Looked into adding Rogue Smoke Bomb casts, but it looks to be impossible because the cast doesn't show up in the combat log.

Version 0.99.10 2010/12/17

  • Now works with 4.0.3a.
  • Added Goblin and Worgen races.
  • Added Hunter Camouflage.
  • Added more nil race pointer checks to prevent crashes and Lua errors. It's unclear to me how race would ever be nil, but apparently it is sometimes.

Version 0.99.9 2010/10/23

  • Added a "nofriendly" option to hide friendly actions and only show enemy actions.
  • Added a "terse" option that hides the race and duration in messages.
  • Updated Rogue 4.0.1 ability levels.
  • Looked into adding player level, it looks impossible due to limitations in the Blizzard APIs and the way I wanted to do it.
  • TOC bump for 4.0.1.

Version 0.99.8 2010/05/27

  • Added player race to messages so that they now read "Player (race) ...".

Version 0.99.7 2009/12/09

  • Updated for Prowl and Stealth rank changes in 3.3.

Version 0.99.6 2009/12/05

  • Added the duration for Invisibility (20 seconds) in the message.
  • TOC bump for 3.3.

Version 0.99.5 2009/10/30

  • Fixed a typo that would cause a Lua error for Horde characters.

Version 0.99.4 2009/10/28

  • Added color coding to the messages to make it more obvious who cast the ability. Casts from friendly players are printed in blue and casts from hostile players are printed in red.

Version 0.99.3 2009/08/24

  • Fixed a typo that could cause a Lua error if Stealth Alerter was disabled.

Version 0.99.2 2009/08/21

  • Removed some code used for debugging that printed a message when Hunters cast Misdirection.

Version 0.99.1 2009/08/12

  • Several scoping fixes that could cause strange interactions with other AddOns.

Version 0.99.0 2009/08/12

  • Initial release.


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  • #92

    I just released version 0.99.14.

  • #83

    need Add Pandarens


  • #91

    Yes, finally!  I just released version 0.99.14.

  • #82

    will there be an update for 5.0.5

  • #90

    Yes, finally!  I just released version 0.99.14.

  • #81

    any chance u can make a simple feature to allow for the use of sound effects when a stealt alert message pops in case u are in another chat window or perhaps theres too much spam in the chat window. love the addon and it can be handy but i think a simple sound effect could boost its usefullness tons. especially if it allows the use of custom sounds.


    Last edited by havok6669 on 3/9/2012 1:13:02 AM
  • #89

    This is a great idea.  Sorry, I don't have the time to add this feature right now.

  • #79

    I aways got the following error 1st time somebody (me or others) triggers the stealth alerter, and there's nothing out on the chat:

    Date: 2011-12-27 16:46:33
    ID: 5
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\StealthAlerter\StealthAlerter.lua line 10:
       bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
       [C]: ?
       [C]: pairs()
       StealthAlerter\StealthAlerter.lua:172: StealthAlerterOnEvent()
       [string "*:OnEvent"]:1:
          [string "*:OnEvent"]:1


    PS: I'm from Brazil, and am using the new ptbr wow localization..



  • #98

    I think I finally understand what was happening, and have fixed the localization crash.  Please grab version 0.99.15.

    Last edited by Suppression_Curse on 2/8/2014 9:29:32 AM
  • #80

    It's exactly the same problem that a guy reported in aug/2010 in here:


    Seems that Stealth Alerter doesn't like localizations :-(

  • #85

    The local function SearchTable that starts on line 8 in the StealthAlerter.lua file is being passed a nil value as the second argument, which in turn screws the pairs function over because it requires a table value.  There really should be error trapping in any function that requires specific types. To solve the issue, at line 9 put this:

    if ( (not table) or (type(table) ~= "table") ) then return false; end

    Hope that helps.

  • #78

    Can someone tell me what the range is on this addon?

  • #97

    It looks like the combat log range is 40 yards from what I can tell wich a quick search.  It's not clear if you can increase the range or not, I found conflicting info on that.

  • #77

    This is the one addon I've recomeneded for ages. Yet, people still aren't smart enough to download it, do, here, your addon has saved my #$@ multiple times and continues to do so, keep it up.


    ~Jackdaws (Curse) / Valdosa (Skyrim Nexus)

  • #75

    Any chance this is going to be updated soon for 4.3? It doesn't work.

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