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Sunn - Viewport Art

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  • Project Manager: Sunn
  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,198 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 1,802,572 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/23/2015
  • Created 01/05/2007
  • 1,966 Favorites
  • Project Site
  • Comments
  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 3.72
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About Sunn - Viewport Art

Sunn's Viewport Art allows you to change the size of the rendered world area (viewport) and adds textured artwork in the non-rendered areas.

New: Dual-spec profile switching.

Problems? See the Frequently Asked Questions


Use "/sunnart" (or "/sa") for the options gui. Use "/sunnart help" for console commands


There are 4 panels in SunnArt, top, bottom, left and right. By default each will use the same theme although they can be set up with different themes, overlaps and dimensions using the advanced options.

Art Packs

Art packs are optional and should be installed as if they were separate addons (although they are useless without the SunnArt addon).

Extract the zipped folder into your interface/addons folder for it to function.

Previews of the artwork in the packs are available in the screenshots on this page.

Art Packs are available on this site

There are other art packs available that have been submitted by users. Search for "Sunn" on Curse or check for Optional Files on WoWInterface.

Custom Artwork

Artwork from any standard panels addon may be used with SunnArt. Just set them up using the in-game interface or by editting CustomTheme.lua.

File formats

  • Files must be .TGA or .BLP format
  • Be sure to set the alpha channel if your artwork contains any transparency
  • Panels can be constructed from 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 separate sections, numbered from left to right (eg. <art file>1.tga, <art file>2.tga ... <art file>5.tga)
  • Each section MUST have dimensions that are a power of 2 (ie, 128, 256, 512, 1024 etc) - this is a limitation of all artwork to be used in WoW.
  • Only files within the Interface\Addons\ structure are available to the addon

Using CustomTheme.lua

  • Save your artwork sections in Interface\Addons\SunnArt
  • Open CustomTheme.lua in any text editor
  • Follow the instructions in the file
  • Any number of themes can be set up in CustomTheme.lua

Using the in-game interface

All you need to know is the path to the artwork files, the amount of overlap and the number of sections the artwork is split into. Enter these into the Advanced options screen, Enter a name for your theme and click save. The theme will now be available to all your characters.

Submitting Artwork

I'm looking for a talented artist or two to help create a new Art Pack. Please submit your editted files or a complete screen-size file so that I may split it into compatible files and create a "How-To" tutorial for others.

If you have artwork that you would like to submit for Art Pack 10 and onward, please mail it to [email protected] and if I like it then I will include it in the next release.

These are some addons that will help organise your UI so that elements may be moved off the world screen and into the artwork areas of this addon. All of these addons use the same libraries as Sunn Viewport Art, which means alot of the code and resources are re-used rather than bloating your UI with lots of different code that does that same thing.

Action Bars - Dominos or Bartender4

Minimap - BasicMinimap and Minimap Button Frame or SexyMap

Chat Frame - Prat

Unit and Raid Frames - Pitbull and Grid

r114 | sunn | 2015-06-23 15:19:32 +0000 (Tue, 23 Jun 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/3.72 (from /trunk:113)

Tagged for release
r113 | sunn | 2015-06-23 15:09:30 +0000 (Tue, 23 Jun 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/SunnArt.toc

TOC update for 6.2


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  • #791

    DUDE.... I have beaten myself up trying out all the various UI's on Curse. I came across Sunn Viewport by chance looking for something else and I tried it out..... then I discovered i could make my own interface using your program with the help of a few mods... I want to say thank you for a great Mod that allows me to be creative without beating my head into the monitor learning the code. though my on the fly art skills are lacking, I am advanced medium in photoshop... i can script kiddie anything :) - I would like to contribute by making a few simple themes as soon as I learn how to collate and submit them properly.  my latest.. tell me if its junk >> Theme I call Morph

  • #790

    I'd like to learn how to make my own custom artwork, but I don't know how. Is there a how to video I can watch? I'm more of  visual person.

  • #785

    hey there, hopefully you guys can help me figure this one out, its been an issue for quite some time. nothing that stops me from playing, but annoying enough for me to finally hopefully find out some info about it. as you can see from the screenshots, the text in my guild window isnt aligning properly. i assume this is because the text is "pushed up" from my bottm bar. i cant think of any other mods that might be affecting this, and as far as i know, it is only my guild window that this is happening to. anyone see this before or know how to fix it?

  • #786

    I haven't seen this problem in any of my setups and this addon does not touch any frames other than the worldframe, which is not part of the UI layers.

    When comparing the number of lines on my screen to yours,   you appear to have one more than me but I'm not sure why.  Possibly a UI scaling difference,  try disabling scaling in the Blizzard System>Advanced options and see if that changes anything.

  • #787

    it actually already was disaabled, i turned it on and moved the slider just to see what would happen and putting it at .9 down from 1.0 fixed it entirely. cant believe it was that simple lol thank you for your input! very much appreciated.

  • #782

    I'm in search of some new sunn arts. Anyone know of any that are new or updated?

  • #783

    Art pack 12 is nearly finished,  there are lots of others on curse if you search for Sunn.

  • #781

    Doubt it'll be added but I can dream can't I? I'd like to suggest adding a feature that allows us to add solid color lines to the panels as dividers. Sure you can add the dividers yourself via a graphics program, but each character may have a different set up. Would be much more convienent to just configure the sections in game rather than customize your artwork for each character.

    Thanks for considering.

  • #779

    Hi all. I'm having a problem where some artwork does not appear. I am trying to bring in the artwork from spartanUI and have done some tweaking so it will fit on a 1920x1080 screen properly. The first 3 panels appear, but the area where the 4th panel should be is empty (black due to resizing the viewport). The file is named properly and saved in the same exact way as the other 3 panels. Any suggestions?

  • #780

    It sounds like the missing panel you created is an incorrect format.

  • #776

    Hello fellow warcrafters, i've been using this addon for quite a while using the pre-made packs provided. I've been thinking about creating my own art pack to use and possibly upload to curse but i have a few questions to ask before its even worth my while doing so..

    1) What image resolutions would you recommend me using if i run wow @ 1920 x 1080 (wide)

    2) is there any limitations on the .TGA / .BLP formats, eg. do they allow transparency like .PNG's do?

    Thats pretty much all i need to know as of now, if someone could get back to me i would appreciate it.




  • #777

    There is a guide to creating WoW compatible images on the curseforge forums:

    The max width of an image is 1024 so you could either go with 4 files of 512 width or 2 of 1024 which is slightly larger than your resolution but you can leave 128 blank pixels to the right which can be adjusted later in the addon.

  • #778

    Thank you for the speedy response, if all goes well then i'll have a few art packs uploaded soon :)




  • #772

    I currently use Elvui and have been having issues with my nameplates being extremely high above my target.  When troubleshooting the problem, I found that the option "resize viewport" was causing the issue.  The problem occurs when the option is active and stops wheneveer it is not active.  Is there anyway to fix this and still be able to have resize viewport active?

  • #773

    You should ask the ElvUi guy,  I have no control over your nameplates with this addon.

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