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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.3
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  • Updated 12/06/2011
  • Created 12/03/2011
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: SuperGuildRemove 1.1

About SuperGuildRemove


SuperGuildRemove is an addon that will remove unwanted players from your guild, quick and easy.


Create a New Filter

  1. /sgr show
  2. Press "Edit Filters"
  3. Press "Create New Filter
  4. Type in the required information, and optionally pick a specific class
  5. Press "Save"
  6. Press "Edit Filters" again and select your filter!
  • You can use more than one filter at once!

Removing a Filter

  1. /sgr show
  2. Press "Edit Filters"
  3. Press "Remove Filter"
  4. Pick the desired filter from the menu
  5. Press "Remove Filter"

Removing Players

  1. /sgr show
  2. Press "Find Bad Guildies!" you will recieve a list of players matching the filter(s)
  3. Press "Remove: #"
  4. In the Dialog box, press "YES" if you wish to remove them.


  • Added additional filter options
  • Bugfixes
  • First beta release


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  • #16

    hey guys its me again i posted january 14th with a question and never heard anything back whats the deal ????

  • #15
    Re: SuperGuildRemove bug

    i just wanted to give u a heads up i use ur addon and love it i use both sgi and sgr and they work awsomely the only issue i am haveing is with super guild remover doenst romove monks is this something im doing ? or is any one else having this issue please let me know asap ill check back soon

  • #13

    Can we possibly get an update for this?  I use the GuildInvite addon of yours.. and was using Guildkicker to cleanup the guild, but that addon is broken since the latest patch.

    Would be nice to use addons from the same author.  Please update!

  • #14

    addon no longer functions as of 5.4.2, please fix, need a means of removing the mass people :(

  • #11

    Addon works perfect even in 5.2.

    However, it is a bit outdated when it comes to pandaria. Can we just get a super tiny update to include MONKS. 

    It isn't registering/removing monks. 


    Thank you and i love your addon!

  • #17

    any way to fix it ?

  • #10
    Re: SuperGuildInvite (Patches)

    With virtually every patch a great deal of our adds get whipped, with that said this last one seem to have effected my Super Guild Invite. In which case in totally unacceptable, I'm crazy about this add. It's a great tool toward helping me see consistent guild growth. How soon will it be before this is fixed?

  • #9

    I highly recommend

    It does the same thing but has a few added features.

  • #6

    hi guys,

    I use SuperGuildInvite and also Swyn's Guild Promoter, but only this addon let me actually mass remove members.

    So, it didn't work for monks, so I modded the addon for it to work with monks.

    What I did:
    1) mod the TOC for latest wow version and to change version from 1.1beta to 1.11beta
    2) mod the LUA to work with monks

    WARNING: this is the first time ever I mod an addon. I take no responsabilities for any sort of problems or wrongly /gkicked people, try it and use it at your own risk

    DISCLAIMER: I take no credit whatsoever for this addon, I just edited/added a few code lines  so it works with the monk class

    1) in the game, delete your current SGR filters and exit wow
    2) download the .7z file (can be uncompressed with free 7zip tool) and place the 2 files into <YOUR WOW FOLDER>\Interface\AddOns\SuperGuildRemove and overwrite files if asked
    (if you have problems or don't like this modification, you can just remove the addon and redownload it from curse)
    3) go into wow and create the filters again. the reason for 1) and 3) is because I don't know how to fix your personal settings, so you need to delete a filter and create it again in order for it to work with monks 

    LINK: v1.11beta.7z

    Last edited by Carambaz on 11/24/2012 10:37:24 AM
  • #7

    wow thanks , it worked got rid of freaking 190 monks ! , thanks alot ! 

  • #12

    Scam seems like scam. Who uses 7zip? hmmmmmm, scream virus alert much ? 

  • #8

    thx for replying. i am glad it helped and sort of proud that my first mod/fix ever was useful for someone ;)

  • #4

    needs to be able to remove monks!

  • #2

    I agree with Tyrian, nice addon!   One major filter that would be a godsend to me is the Guild activity.  If theres a way to say for example, search for people that have been offline for 30days & have less than x amount of guild activity total.  Then that helps me weed out the riff raff!

    One other suggestion.  Please make the options screens smaller.  They're so big, fonts are huge.  That plus the fact that they are semi opaque.  I have to constantly move them around just to read whats on the screen because of the clutter behind it.  (noticed SGI was the same way).  Thanks!

  • #5

    I agree. If there was a filter by activity I would definitely use this addon. As is I have no need for it. I do love you SGI addon though - and this one definitely has potential.

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