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About SurgeonGeneral

SurgeonGeneral is an addon designed to simplify healing assignments in a raid situation. It's easy to use interface allows you to give all your healers assignments and then report those assignments to /raid and/or the custom channel of your choosing. It supports multiple phases for complex fights.

Reporting is done in the following format:

Healing Assignments: Boss Name Healer: Phase1 ~ Phase2 ~ Phase3 ... CharName1: Assignment CharName2: Assignment CharName3: Assignment ... CharName10: Assignment

Boss Name will only be displayed if there is an entry in this text field. Healer: Phase1 ~ Phase2 ... will only be displayed if the fight is set use more than 1 phase, and will use the phase names supplied by the user.

Slash Commands

Opens the configuration screen and allows you to enter in your player names/assignments

Button Controls

Auto Fill
Scans your raid for healers and populates the addon with their names. If a player it out of inspection range, you will be notified.
Report to Raid
Allows the reporting of assignments to /raid when the Report button it clicked.
Report to Custom Channel
Allows the reporting of assignments to a custom chat channel when the Report button is clicked. Enter your channel name in the box below.
Raid Name
Use this dropdown to select a raid instance.
Boss Name
Use this dropdown to select a specific boss within a raid instance.
Copy will copy the current assignments, phase names, and phase enable checkboxes.
Paste will paste the copied information into the boxes for the selected boss encounter. This information is not permanent, yet...
Save will save the current assignments, phase names, and phase enable checkboxes permanently. ''Healer names are not saved as they would mostly vary too much to be worth saving.''
Class Icons
Class icons will be displayed to the left of a healer's name. These class icons will only show if the healer is in your party or raid group. You can click and drag the class icon to swap healer names or healer assignments (depending on your selection of Swap Behavior under Interface Options). Holding Shift while dragging will always swap healer names.

Support for Main Tanks

Starting with version 1.4 you may use substitutions for MainTank assignments configured in CTRaid/oRA2. To use these substitutions, enter %MT# in any of the assignment fields, where x is the Main Tank number. Example: %MT3 for Main Tank 3

You may also you the scroll wheel on your mouse while over any of the assignment fields to increment/decrement the Main Tank target. Example: Field contains %MT2, scroll up and %MT2 becomes %MT3, scroll down and it becomes %MT1.

Interface Options

Displays extra information during certain actions, used mainly for debugging purposes.
Condenses the reporting of assignments so that two players with the same assignment will be shown on a single line in the format: <pre> CharName1, CharName2: Assignment </pre>
Resets the configuration window to be centered on the screen. Useful in case you dragged it off screen and can't see it anymore.
Tooltip Scale (Added in 1.6.0)
This slider adjusts the scale (size) of the tooltip provided when mousing over the LibDataBroker widget.
Swap Sytle (Added in 1.6.5)
Swap Names: When dragging class icons, healer names will be swapped, assignments will not change.
Swap Assignments: When dragging class icons, healer names will not be adjusted. The healers' assignments will be swapped.

Minimap Support

Minimap icon/launcher support is not planned. However, keep reading.

LibDataBroker Support

There is support for a LibDataBroker object/launcher. You will need to use an addon such as Fortress to enable it.

Left Click
Opens/Closes the main configuration screen.
Right Click
Reports the current assignments to the designated raid/custom channel. This is very useful for spamming assignments mid-encounter.

Surgeon General Listen Client

(Added in 1.7.0) Surgeon General also supports a "listen client" that raid healers can install to view the most recent assignments in a tooltip with improved formatting. Assignments are broadcasted to all listen clients in the raid regardless of the report channel checkboxes. This addon is available for download here:

Version Numbering

As of WoW 4.0.x version numbering has been changed to correlate with World of Warcraft's game version.


Your positive feedback and appreciation really make my day. However, if you just can't express yourself in words, you're welcome to make a small donation.

r131 | brimmstone | 2011-12-02 00:59:22 +0000 (Fri, 02 Dec 2011) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/ (from /trunk:130)

Tagging as
r130 | Brimmstone | 2011-12-02 00:54:27 +0000 (Fri, 02 Dec 2011) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/SurgeonGeneral.lua

Bug squashing
r129 | Brimmstone | 2011-12-02 00:23:33 +0000 (Fri, 02 Dec 2011) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/SurgeonGeneral.lua
   M /trunk/SurgeonGeneral.toc

TOC bump
Added Dragon Soul raid


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  • #81
    local RaidNameList = {"Karazhan","Gruul's Lair","Magtheridon's Lair","Serpentshrine Cavern","Tempest Keep","Mount Hyjal","Black Temple","Sunwell Plateau","Naxxramas","Obsidian Sanctum","Eye of Eternity","Vault of Archavon","Ulduar","Trial of the Crusader","Trial of the Grand Crusader","Onyxia's Lair","Icecrown Citadel","Ruby Sanctum","Baradin Hold","Bastion of Twilight","Blackwing Descent","Throne of the Four Winds"};

    the end is missing "Firelands".
  • #80
    Before addon gets official update, i added Firelands bosses:

    Just replace LUA file.
  • #77
    Hi, was just wondering if you have any plans for updating with Cata raids/bosses. I love the addon and it would be good to save assignments for each encounter.
  • #78
    I apologize for the delay... Real life got in the way a little.

    I pushed up a beta file which should work, but hasn't been tested as much I'd like.
  • #79
    Awesome, thanks very much.
  • #75
    Getting Things Healed has a great interface, but is a little buggy and hasn't been worked on since 2009. May want to check out its interface though. The way it scans the talents of everyone in the raid to know who the tanks and healers are and allows you to drag and drop the assignments allows much quicker assigning (it has a button to rescan talents if someone changes specs or you can manually enter in the name if you want).
  • #76
    SugeronGeneral scans talents of everybody in the raid as well (via the AutoFill button) to determine who your healers are. However it uses MT assignments from either oRA2/CTRA or oRA3 because while it's easy to determine if a warrior or paladin is a tank via talents, it's more difficult for feral druids and DKs. You can rescan talents if somebody changes spec merely by clicking the AutoFill button again.

    While I agree that this is definite room for improvement in SG's interface, I'm really not in love with GTH's. For example, I don't like that you can only see assignments for one phase at a time. I'm not a huge fan of it's tooltip layout either.

    One thing that I think makes SG unique compared to GTH is the ease of use for the actual healers. By downloading the listen client ( the healers can see the assignments throughout the encounter and not have to worry about them scrolling away in the chat window.

    I guess the main fundamental difference between SG and GTH is that with GTH you create tasks and assign healers to them, with SG you have healers and assign them tasks. It's two different ways of skinning the same cat.

    I appreciate your constructive feedback and hope you'll give SG a try.
  • #72
    Brimm !! lets get the ICC in SG ! =D Great Mod !
  • #73
    Sorry for the delay. I was traveling out of the country at the time 3.3 was released. An update should be up any minute.
  • #71
    Thank you for this great addon, this proberly boosted our effective healing by +/- 40%.

    Our raid would like to know if its possible to get a similar addon for dps.
  • #69

    Love the add on. Any way when you save, to also have it save the channel name that you broadcast to?
  • #70
    I do not. It's something I should probably do in future versions.
  • #68
    Version 1.8.0 (which will be up shortly) adds Onyxia's Lair.

    As always, report issues if you find them.
  • #66
    I love this addon!

  • #67
    You're welcome! :)
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