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  • Supports: 6.0.2
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  • Updated 10/19/2014
  • Created 02/14/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Swyn's Guild Promoter 3.00.01
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About Swyn's Guild Promoter

Warlords of Draenor

Please not that because Warlords of Draenor expansion removed Total XP and Weekly XP, this addon is no longer up to the task. I intend on adding a few new features soon but can't really give a time frame as I don't have a lot of time spare, particularly during mid-winter festival.


This mod is basically a guild management tool for casual guilds with a lot of members.
It provides a number of features, but is mostly built around the ability to promote or demote based on Total and Weekly activity, aswell as Level, Achievement Points and Guild Reputation, or any combination thereof.

It does not offer any method of promotion or demotion based on time offline or how long someone has been in the guild.

Battleground Queue Problems

With any luck, the latest patch, 2.06.02, has fixed the tainting issues occuring when you try to queue or join a battleground with my addon loaded. If you still get tainting issues, please do let me know.

Version 2

Version 2 has made some critical changes over version 1.

Rank Settings
You can now promote via Total GuildXP, Weekly GuildXP, Level, Achievement Points and Guild Reputation, or any combination thereof, for every single rank.

Alt Settings
Alts are supported and they are determined by having either the main's character name, or an arbitrary name in either their public or officer notes. This can be changed to whichever you prefer.
The way the mod promotes alts can also be changed between Individual, Alt Rank, Combined Highest and Combined Sum Total.

Filter Settings
Filters have been overhauled yet again in the 2.04.00 patch. They work just as before, allowing you to essentially block someone from some of the addon's automated features, but the way the mod finds these filters has changed.
The current filters include Do Not Promote (!p), Do Not Demote (!d), Do Not List (!l), Do Not Kick (!k) and Not an Alt (!a).

To combine them, all you have to do is put the filter prefix, default !, followed by the filters letters. An example of all 5 filters would be !pdlka.

You can now export the settings you use to your guild members, your target, or via whisper to anyone else using this addon. This allows you to synchronise your settings with other officer's within the guild making guild control even easier.

Remove Inactives
You can now also mass kick inactive players based on their time offline and a maximum rank.

I added the ability to automatically promote and/or demote people at regular intervals. You can set it to never automate, only when you log in, every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, or every hour.

I've also implemented localisation in this version, so should you wish to translate into your own language, feel free.

For a more in-depth description of each feature, click the Settings button in the addon's UI. It will provide a little more detail.
Most features also come with their own description in their settings tab.

Slash Commands

/sgp - Shows the UI.
/sgp show - Shows the UI.
/sgp hide - Hides the UI.
/sgp settings - Opens the Settings UI.


  • Timers seem to have automagically fixed themselves. Last night they didn't work, this morning they do. Please let me know if they work or not for you.
  • Added functionality to the timers so that if you have automation on, but decide to turn it off, it actually turns off immediately instead of requiring a reload.


  • Due to significant changes in this version, your settings will be reset to default!
  • Stopped the spammy automation function. Changed over to the new C_Timer function which doesn't appear to work yet. WIP.
  • Removed all mention of TotalXP and WeeklyXP. They don't exist any more. Promotes and Demotes are now based entirely on Level, Achievement Points and Guild Reputation.
  • Removed Alt Modes "Combined Highest" and "Combined Total" since they only used Total and Weekly XP which as above, is no longer applicable.


  • Fixed (hopefully) the tainting issues occurring from queueing to battlegrounds. If you still get tainting, please let me know.
  • Added Level statistics to the Rank Settings rank tooltip. It will show the lowest, average, median and highest level for that rank.


  • Finally fixed the scrolling on the list panels so that when you scroll down with the mouse, they actually scroll down, not up (and vice versa).
  • Typing '/sgp' will now show the UI instead of a list of commands. The old '/sgp show|hide|settings' will still work too, just in case you need them.


  • Added an Automation settings tab that allows you to automatically promote or demote at various times.
  • Added a setting to allow you to send a guild message after an inactivity kick took place. You will find it in the Guild Remove tab.
  • Fixed a bug with the scale slider. Blizzard apparently removed something I was using for it.
  • Fixed a bug where the statistics for Total and Weekly XP for each rank were not being shown at the end of the Rank tooltips. They should now show properly.


  • Updated ToC to 5.4


  • Updated ToC to 5.3


  • Fixed issue with creating defaults for new guilds


  • Fixed UI and processing issues with duplicate rank names.
  • Fixed an issue when loading saved settings when guild rank names didn't match saved rank names.


  • Updated TOC to 5.2


  • Fixed a bug with the export feature. With any luck it should work as intended now.
  • The addon should no longer revert to default settings if you only change a ranks name. It will still revert to default settings if the number of ranks changes.
  • Implemented a tooltip for each rank header in the Rank Settings tab. This will tell you what each ranks permissions are, as well as various statistics that may be of use.
  • Possibly introduced new bugs. I haven't had a great deal of time to fully test this version. Use 2.04.02 and report the bugs if necessary.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to import settings from someone with a different version of the addon or even someone in a different guild.


  • Added the ability to convert public and officer notes from the old filter method to the new method. You will find this in the General Settings tab.


  • Warning: Due to significant changes in this version, your settings will be reset to default!
  • Added a General Settings tab within which I added the ability to change the UI's scale.
  • Added a Guild Removal tab within which you'll be able to kick people from the guild based on days offline.
  • Overhauled the Filters.
    • Instead of requiring each filter to be a single word, such as "DNP DND DNL", it now requires 1 word.
    • You start the word with the filter prefix (default !) and then follow that up with the filters.
    • So, instead of the old "DNP DND DNL" you can now change it to "!pdl". Bearing in mind that these are default values.
  • Added two new filters. Do Not Kick and Not An Alt.
    • A person with the Do Not Kick filter (default !k) will be ignored by the new Guild Removal feature.
    • A person with the Not an Alt filter (default !a) will not be considered an alt, even if they have a name in their note. Simplez.


  • TOC update for 5.1.0.


  • Added a list for each filter into the Filters tab of the settings window. They will show you who is currently being filtered.


  • Fixed a bug where the Individual Alt Mode was basically being ignored. It should now work as intended.


  • The Export, Promote and Demote buttons will be disabled, just like the Find button, if you decide not to reload your UI when critical guild changes occur.


  • The warning that your settings have been reset due to changes in guild ranks will no longer spam you if you decide not to reload the UI.
  • The Find button will be disabled if you decide not to reload your UI when critical guild changes occur.

2.02.00 - Beta

  • Changing the number, order or name of guild ranks will cause the saved settings to restore to default.
  • When the settings are restored to default, a warning will pop up to show that it has happened.
  • Added an Export option where you can export your settings to other people.

2.01.00 - Beta

  • First stable Beta release.

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  • #187

    Nice one, thanks for the info. Good to see it's working.

    Have you tried the timed automation yet? Does it automate properly? It seems to be temperamental for me, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    As for having to press Enter after choosing number of days on the removal tool, yeah, that's been a problem ever since I added it. As far as I've been able to tell, there's no real way around that. It's because the value isn't properly locked-in until the editbox has lost focus, which means I can't save that value into settings until you press Enter or click something else. It's just one of those things.

  • #180

    Until Blizzard offer me some free time on WoW, there won't be any updates to this addon.

    I have no interest in the game anymore and I simply cannot afford to resub just to update an addon.

    Last edited by Emmbrace on 10/17/2014 5:50:33 AM
  • #183

    Okay, somebody desperate enough for an update has kindly given me some game time, so I will look into getting this updated and fixed for the latest patch in the 30 days I've been given.

    To start with it'll just be a matter of stopping the apparent spam and then making sure all the features work as expected. I won't be adding anything unless it's absolutely necessary. Also, if I can't fix something, it may have to get axed.

    I won't really know what state it's in until I've logged on and had a chance to look through the new API for WoD.

  • #184

    Thats funny, I was about to give you some game time, but it looks like someone beat me to it. Thanks, to the one who did that, and thank you, Emmbrace for working on this for us. After all, this is the best addon for guilds!!!


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