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Swyn's Guild Promoter

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 253 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 11,315 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/06/2014
  • Created 02/14/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Swyn's Guild Promoter 2.06.02
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About Swyn's Guild Promoter


This mod is basically a guild management tool for casual guilds with a lot of members.
It provides a number of features, but is mostly built around the ability to promote or demote based on Total and Weekly activity, aswell as Level, Achievement Points and Guild Reputation, or any combination thereof.

It does not offer any method of promotion or demotion based on time offline or how long someone has been in the guild.

Battleground Queue Problems

With any luck, the latest patch, 2.06.02, has fixed the tainting issues occuring when you try to queue or join a battleground with my addon loaded. If you still get tainting issues, please do let me know.

Version 2

Version 2 has made some critical changes over version 1.

Rank Settings
You can now promote via Total GuildXP, Weekly GuildXP, Level, Achievement Points and Guild Reputation, or any combination thereof, for every single rank.

Alt Settings
Alts are supported and they are determined by having either the main's character name, or an arbitrary name in either their public or officer notes. This can be changed to whichever you prefer.
The way the mod promotes alts can also be changed between Individual, Alt Rank, Combined Highest and Combined Sum Total.

Filter Settings
Filters have been overhauled yet again in the 2.04.00 patch. They work just as before, allowing you to essentially block someone from some of the addon's automated features, but the way the mod finds these filters has changed.
The current filters include Do Not Promote (!p), Do Not Demote (!d), Do Not List (!l), Do Not Kick (!k) and Not an Alt (!a).

To combine them, all you have to do is put the filter prefix, default !, followed by the filters letters. An example of all 5 filters would be !pdlka.

You can now export the settings you use to your guild members, your target, or via whisper to anyone else using this addon. This allows you to synchronise your settings with other officer's within the guild making guild control even easier.

Remove Inactives
You can now also mass kick inactive players based on their time offline and a maximum rank.

I added the ability to automatically promote and/or demote people at regular intervals. You can set it to never automate, only when you log in, every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, or every hour.

I've also implemented localisation in this version, so should you wish to translate into your own language, feel free.

For a more in-depth description of each feature, click the Settings button in the addon's UI. It will provide a little more detail.
Most features also come with their own description in their settings tab.

Slash Commands

/sgp - Shows the UI.
/sgp show - Shows the UI.
/sgp hide - Hides the UI.
/sgp settings - Opens the Settings UI.


  • Fixed (hopefully) the tainting issues occuring from queueing to battlegrounds. If you still get tainting, please let me know.
  • Added Level statistics to the Rank Settings rank tooltip. It will show the lowest, average, median and highest level for that rank.


  • Finally fixed the scrolling on the list panels so that when you scroll down with the mouse, they actually scroll down, not up (and vice versa).
  • Typing '/sgp' will now show the UI instead of a list of commands. The old '/sgp show|hide|settings' will still work too, just in case you need them.


  • Added an Automation settings tab that allows you to automatically promote or demote at various times.
  • Added a setting to allow you to send a guild message after an inactivity kick took place. You will find it in the Guild Remove tab.
  • Fixed a bug with the scale slider. Blizzard apparently removed something I was using for it.
  • Fixed a bug where the statistics for Total and Weekly XP for each rank were not being shown at the end of the Rank tooltips. They should now show properly.


  • Updated ToC to 5.4


  • Updated ToC to 5.3


  • Fixed issue with creating defaults for new guilds


  • Fixed UI and processing issues with duplicate rank names.
  • Fixed an issue when loading saved settings when guild rank names didnt match saved rank names.


  • Updated TOC to 5.2


  • Fixed a bug with the export feature. With any luck it should work as intended now.
  • The addon should no longer revert to default settings if you only change a ranks name. It will still revert to default settings if the number of ranks changes.
  • Implemented a tooltip for each rank header in the Rank Settings tab. This will tell you what each ranks permissions are, as well as various statistics that may be of use.
  • Possibly introduced new bugs. I haven't had a great deal of time to fully test this version. Use 2.04.02 and report the bugs if necessary.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to import settings from someone with a different version of the addon or even someone in a different guild.


  • Added the ability to convert public and officer notes from the old filter method to the new method. You will find this in the General Settings tab.


  • Warning: Due to significant changes in this version, your settings will be reset to default!
  • Added a General Settings tab within which I added the ability to change the UI's scale.
  • Added a Guild Removal tab within which you'll be able to kick people from the guild based on days offline.
  • Overhauled the Filters.
    • Instead of requiring each filter to be a single word, such as "DNP DND DNL", it now requires 1 word.
    • You start the word with the filter prefix (default !) and then follow that up with the filters.
    • So, instead of the old "DNP DND DNL" you can now change it to "!pdl". Bearing in mind that these are default values.
  • Added two new filters. Do Not Kick and Not An Alt.
    • A person with the Do Not Kick filter (default !k) will be ignored by the new Guild Removal feature.
    • A person with the Not an Alt filter (default !a) will not be considered an alt, even if they have a name in their note. Simplez.


  • TOC update for 5.1.0.


  • Added a list for each filter into the Filters tab of the settings window. They will show you who is currently being filtered.


  • Fixed a bug where the Individual Alt Mode was basically being ignored. It should now work as intended.


  • The Export, Promote and Demote buttons will be disabled, just like the Find button, if you decide not to reload your UI when critical guild changes occur.


  • The warning that your settings have been reset due to changes in guild ranks will no longer spam you if you decide not to reload the UI.
  • The Find button will be disabled if you decide not to reload your UI when critical guild changes occur.

2.02.00 - Beta

  • Changing the number, order or name of guild ranks will cause the saved settings to restore to default.
  • When the settings are restored to default, a warning will pop up to show that it has happened.
  • Added an Export option where you can export your settings to other people.

2.01.00 - Beta

  • First stable Beta release.

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  • #98

    Perfect! Thank you so much.  I made all the changes last night when I did ranks for the week...and as I was already using DNK I tricked the add-on into switching those for me as well :D

  • #97

    There we go girlwgame, I've just uploaded 2.04.01 (might take a couple of hours to be approved) which has the ability to automatically update everyones note to the new method. You'll find it under the General Settings tab, where the UI scale is.

    Hopefully that'll fix your problem for you. :)

    Last edited by Emmbrace on 12/31/2012 10:55:22 AM
  • #82

    I always liked this addon, now after this big update, I totally recommend this addon for everyone who have a big guild!

  • #83

    Cheers for the kind words. Glad you like it.

  • #76

    Hello. I love this addon and I would like to report a little bug and a feature request:

    1) bug: when using alt setting "combined sum total" and possibly other modes too: the main character is ignored. it seems it adds the sum properly and promotes all the chars that have "alt of XYZ" in the note, but the main called XYZ is actually demoted due lack of points

    workaround: write "alt of XYZ" into the main characters note too


    BTW, reading other comments, i am using weekly and total activity for my promotes. i just promotes every tuesday night before the reset ;)


    2) feature request: when i open my guild roster and select the total or weekly activity, i not only get a column with the amount, i also get a column with the position in the guild (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc." would it be possible to use this in the addon? it would allow me to be more static by automaticly promoting the top10 guys instead of having to type in a new total amount everytime i want to promote


    thx in advance

    Last edited by Carambaz on 11/18/2012 2:52:28 AM
  • #78

    In my guild with those sort of "alt" names we use the format like "Bob alt" for the main "Bob" and that works fine. You will also find using that format allows you to sort in the guild roster to have the main Bob next to all his Bob alts.

  • #77

    The bug you mention isn't a bug. The name of the alt's main (or an arbitrary name) has to be the first word in the note (it does say this within the mod). So if you're using "Alt of " alot, it will think their main name is "Alt".

    We did this because otherwise a lot of things could go wrong. Like having the names of 2 mains in a note, as well as other unforseen consequences.

    So just make sure the main's name is the first word in a note and it should work fine.
    If it still doesn't then let me know.


    Adding a feature that would sort people by their position in the guild is not something I could easily achieve with the way the mod is currently made.

    It's based entirely on someones contribution - not on how well they're doing compared with others in the guild.

    I didn't have a competition in mind when I made this addon - and as a result, the architecture means something like the feature you want just isn't feasible.

    So I'm afraid I just can't add a feature like that.

    Last edited by Emmbrace on 11/18/2012 5:35:54 AM
  • #81

    The addon does not read the columns like you see them on screen .. it is different to that.

    The Wow api does not return the same details as what you see in the guild roster UI. If you dont believe it then you can lookup the api call for "GetGuildRosterInfo"

    And the order in which you receive the guild members names seems to vary each time. it certainly is not in a consistent and ranked list.

    Last edited by scarr11 on 11/19/2012 10:10:31 AM
  • #80

    It's not as simple as that.

    There are many things to take into account when adding something like that. How does it compare with the other values? How does it affect Alts? What if someone in the top X is DNP filtered? Do we ignore them or what?

    It would have knock-on effects to pretty much every feature I have and I'd have to change more or less all of them to deal with something like this.

    Also I wouldn't like implementing a feature that might demote someone who deserves a rank due to having the values required, just because they're not doing as well as other guildies.
    That kind of exclusivity isn't good for people.

  • #79

    isn't it technically the same?

    i mean, now you read a column of data: weekly activity and compare it with the value typed into the addon and based on that it promotes/demotes.
    what i ask is do the same, but comparing with the column of position and promote/demote based on that.

    like: RANK TOP10: promote if weekly activity POS: 10 or total activity POS: 10 

    the data is already there, ingame, in the guild activity UI. nothing new would have to be coded except the addon to read a different column and compare with a new text field.

    Last edited by Carambaz on 11/19/2012 1:29:59 AM
  • #73

    This is a great addon, works as described.  Ive found a couple of problems due to wow limitations,, only one frustrates me, so ill let you know of it incase theres a work around.

    I run my guild with everyone haveing guild repairs, Each rank has higher daily limits.  Before finding your addon, I Had used the guild activity list to control who I promoted/demoted every day, your addon simplified this process massivly, right up until tuesday, when guild weekly xp resets, and the whole guild was demoted.

    I have found a workaround, I use total guild xp instead, and every week raise the limit by my predefined value.  Any chance an option like this is possible to impliment.

    Ie (My guilds new)

    Last week total guild xp requirements were

    1,000,000 (Rank 3) Previously needing 100,000 weekly xp
    500,000 (Rank 2) Previously needing 50,000 weekly xp
    250,000 (Rank 1) Previously needing 10,000 weekly xp

    This week, the requirements are.

    1,100,000 (Rank 3) Previously needing 100,000 weekly xp
    550,000 (Rank 2) Previously needing 50,000 weekly xp
    260,000 (Rank 1) Previously needing 10,000 weekly xp

    Also, any chance of a "Last online" option, as using the method I described above still leaves what I deem inactives in high ranks.

    Thanks for your time, and its an epic addon, made my guild control so much simpler, and only take a few minutes a day!.

  • #74

    That problem with Weekly XP was the main reason why I was very hesitant to add it into the addon in the first place. Since it resets to 0 every week, hense WeeklyXP. But it was requested and so added in due to popular demand.

    The way I see it is, if you decide to use WeeklyXP, you're doing it on purpose because it resets. Otherwise you would use Total which never resets. If you decide to increase your TotalXP requirements every week then as far as I can tell, that basically does the same thing as Weekly, though might catch less people.

    As for implementing an option to batch increase values on demand, or automatically once per week, would be way too much of a niche feature and I don't think it would truly be worth it.

    I've tried making the addon as streamlined as possible so it's not too much hastle to manually increase the values. So unless that the idea gets requested a lot, I'll have to apologise and say that it's not something I intend to add in the near future.

    As for a Last Online option... well, I can honestly say that never even occured to me to use that as an option for promotes since I never worry about it.

    I've always been of the opinion that if someone has the required Total XP, then they deserve the rank they're on, even if they've been offline for 2 months.

    I could certainly think about adding it, though it would definitely come with it's own set of problems to solve.

    So yeah... I'll look into it, but no promises that it will get implemented.

    Cheers for the comment though and I'm glad that, for the most part, my addon is helping you.

    Last edited by Emmbrace on 11/16/2012 6:03:04 PM
  • #75

    I've spoken to the others helping me with this addon and we've decided that a Last Online option is a bad idea.

    First point, and a minor one at that, is that it has no bearing on contribution. If someone has earned the required XP, then they've earned it.
    Second point, and probably the most important, is that when they reach the cut-off for Last Online, the mod would demote them, but as soon as they log back on, they'll get promoted again.

    Basically you get a yo-yo effect and this doesn't seem to be the result you're after. It would probably be better, in this case, to filter them with a DNP until you deem them active again.

    So we won't be adding the Last Online option.

  • #72

    Please do feel free to comment or report any bugs here.

    Please be polite and concise. That helps me respond quickly to any problems you might have encountered.

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