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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.8
  • 214,490 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/18/2014
  • Created 06/30/2012
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v0.52
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About Symbiosis


With the release of the patch 6.0.2 (15.10.2014) the Symbiosis spell was removed and development of this addon was closed down.

This addon creates a new button in your UI to help you choose your target for Symbiosis and provides a timer for the buff, so you know by glance when to recast it.

When you start the addon for the first time you will see a new button in the middle of the screen with the Symbiosis symbol - you can drag it wherever you like. After that you can hit the green "Lock" button above to fixate it (or use the little "x"-button to leave it dragable).

Tickets / comments

Found a bug or have an idea for a new feature? Open a ticket or post in the comments below.

How to use this addon

When you are in a party/raid right-click the Symbiosis button. You will see a list of all buffable raidmembers pop up. Basically these are all non-druids from your raid, because we can't cast Symbiosis on other druids. Next to the name of every member you will see two spell icons. You can mouse over them to see the spell details. These are the spell Symbiosis will grant you when you cast it on this specific raid member and the spell the raid member will get. A question mark hints that the spec data for a unit is not yet available (which is needed to know which spell other players get) - refresh the popup to check for new data. To see a list of all possible Symbiosis spells navigate to the GUI (Graphical User Interface) with /symbiosis options -> "Spell Get/Grant".

Click on a raid member in the list to select your Symbiosis target. The Symbiosis button will then show you the name and the remaining duration of the buff at the button. When you left-click the Symbiosis button you will cast the Symbiosis spell on your selected target. You can shift-left-click the Symbiosis button to remove your Symbiosis buff quickly (this can be disabled in the GUI and is always disabled during arena).

Slash Commands

You can use /symbiosis, /symb or /sym for all slash commands.

There are only a few slash commands, as most stuff is done in the GUI:

/symbiosis options - to open the GUI

/symbiosis hide/show/toggle - to change visibility of the Symbiosis button

/symbiosis remove - to remove your current Symbiosis target for whatever reasons

/symbiosis reset - to reset the position of the Symbiosis button if you dragged it off screen

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

You can open the GUI with /symbiosis options or by hitting the Esc-button and navigating to "Interface" -> "Addons" -> "Symbiosis".


You can setup when the Symbiosis button should be shown and when it should be hidden based on your location, your spec and your groupsize.

There are three different states for every checkbox. Enabled, disabled and unchecked. "ENABLED" means that the Symbiosis button will be shown for the specific spec/location/groupstatus. "DISABLED" means that the button will be hidden. "IGNORED" (unchecked) means the current status of the button will not be changed.

If at least one state evaluates to "disabled" the button will be hidden, otherwise if at least one evaluates to "enabled" the button will be shown, otherwise the status is not changed.

The button will always be hidden during pet battles.


The addon may send a whisper to the person you buff with Symbiosis. You have to select your target in the popup and then cast Symbiosis for the whisper to go off. You can include the spells you and he/she gets from Symbiosis. The delay between two whispers is 1 minute, to prevent spam.

Macro (adv.)

This is for advanced users only.

The addon provides a hotkey, which you can define in the standard key bindings. Using this hotkey will simulate a click on the Symbiosis button, i.e. it will cast Symbiosis on your selected target (if Symbiosis is not up) or it will cast the spell gained by Symbiosis (if it is up). To do this the addon uses a macro. If you want to edit this macro's code you must do it in this GUI panel. The addon will always refresh the macro with your current Symbiosis target. For this to work you have to use SYMB as a substitute for the Symbiosis target. The addon will then remove all instances of "[@SYMB]" and replace all instances of "SYMB" with the name of the target. The standard macro (which you can restore with /symbiosis resetmacro) will do the following: If Symbiosis is not up, it will cast Symbiosis on the selected raid member ("/cast [@SYMB] Symbiosis", where SYMB is replaced by the name of the player). Then after Symbiosis is up, the macro will behave as a normal "/cast Symbiosis" macro. If you click on the macro, the spell you gained with Symbiosis will be cast.

Also make sure to have the following line in the macro: /script Symbiosis.Click(), which is the simulation of the click. You don't have to have the macro in your bars for the hotkey to work, but you need at least one free (personal) macro slot.

Note: At this moment in time macros like "/cast [@SYMB] Symbiosis" do not work. They are simply broken for Symbiosis and will always go to your current target (or yourself if you don't have a target). This has nothing to do with this addon and Blizzard has to fix it. You can, however, use a workaround with "/target SYMB" - "/cast Symbiosis" - "/targetlasttarget". For the click on the Symbiosis button the addon already uses this workaround. If you want to use the macro/hotkey you'll have to update the macro code manually in the GUI panel.

Spells Get and Spells Grant

In these two panels you can see all possible spells you can get from Symbiosis and all spells you can grant other people with Symbiosis. The spell you get only depends on your specialization: If you are a Feral and place Symbiosis on a Priest, you will always get the same spell, regardless of whether the Priest is Shadow, Holy or Discipline. If you spec Restoration you will get a different spell. The same applies for the person you buff with Symbiosis: The spell they get only depends on their specialization: If he is a Shadow-Priest it does not matter what specialization you have, he will always get the same spell. If he specs Holy he will get a different one.

Don't show units tagged as...

Removes raid members who are offline, stolen, dead and/or in an insignificant group from the selection list when you right-click the Symbiosis button. "Stolen" means the player already has a Symbiosis buff from another druid. If you check "In insignificant Group" only raid members in the first 2 (5) subgroups will be listed when you are in a 10 (25) people raid.


Masque (old ButtonFacade) is supported. You can use your favourite Masque skin on the Symbiosis button!

ElvUI Shadow & Light

As of this point there seems to be a critical taint issue caused by the ElvUI addon "Shadow & Light", which will prevent the user from switching talents as soon as the Blizzard_MacroUI addon is loaded (which Symbiosis uses for its macro stuff). The workaround is to not open the macro window and disable the usage of the Symbiosis macro (/symb config -> macro -> disable macro).


  • Translations: If you want to see this addon in your language you can help by translating it. If you have any questions chat me up at Curse.

German / Deutsch:

Dieses Addon erstellt einen neuen Button in deinem UI. Dieser hilft dir, Symbiose auf andere Spieler zu wirken. Klicke dafür zunächst mit der rechten Maus-Taste auf den Button (während du in einer Gruppe bist). Es wird eine Liste aller Gruppenmitglieder angezeigt. Neben dem Namen der einzelnen Spieler wird einerseits der Zauber angezeigt, den du erhälst wenn du Symbiose auf denjenigen wirkst und andererseits der Zauber den der andere Spieler erhält. Gehe mit der Maus über das Icon des Zaubers, um den entsprechenden Tooltip anzuzeigen. Klicke dann auf einen Spieler (links-Klick), um ihn auszuwählen. Nun kannst du mit einem Klick auf den Symbiose-Button Symbiose direkt auf diesen Spieler wirken. Um in das GUI (Optionen) zu gelangen, benutze /symbiosis options.

Version 0.52

  • updated version of LibGroupInSpecT

Version 0.51

  • added a workaround for ElvUI's Shadow&Light taint: disabling the Symbiosis macro (and not opening the macro window) will prevent a bug with talent switching [comment]
  • minor fix

Version 0.50

  • added safety mechanism for 'SymbiosisButton.lua:737: Usage: UnitBuff' error [comment]

Version 0.49

  • added option to prioritize and ignore specific classes in the popup (see "Spells Get" panel)
  • added option to change size of popup buttons and icons (use "Change size" in the GUI)
  • fixed the Symbiosis spell link in whisper message for English clients
  • minor fixes, code improvements and aesthetic changes

Version 0.48

  • only show header when there are people in the popup list
  • suppress remove message for shift-click in arena
  • popup won't open during combat when in arena now
  • minor fixes and aesthetic changes

Version 0.47

  • added full support for Spanish localization [many thanks and credits to kronosh05!]

Version 0.46

  • improved grant-spell detection for whispers (only relevant for non-english clients)
  • complete overhaul of the global namespace usage [ticket]

Version 0.45

  • now the workaround from v0.44 should work completely

Version 0.44

  • added workaround for two blizz bugs in the gui (slider steps not working; and panels not displaying correclty on first show after reloadui/login)

Version 0.43

  • TOC update for 5.4
  • added flexible raid mode to show/hide list

Version 0.42

  • added option to not display realm on unit names (enabled by default)
  • fixed a bug that button would not show/hide properly in Tol'Vir arena (induced by Blizzard bug)
  • opening popup and using slider will hide the main tooltip now
  • reminder on readycheck will occur when no target is selected now, too (but will not when Symb button is hidden)
  • fixed a bug that Symbiosis button would stay in "click to remove" status forever, occuring when in lopsided state but Symbiosis buff was removed at some point later by the WoW client
  • fixed a rare bug for when no talent data from other units is available
  • several minor gui and code improvements

Version 0.41

  • readded "outside" to show/hide list
  • name in the "target left party" message is in class color now, if available
  • minor code improvements

Version 0.40

  • fixed an issue with cooldown display [ticket]
  • fixed reloading for new available spec data
  • fixed first icon in list not showing sometimes
  • minor code improvements

Version 0.39

  • added option to move the popup [ticket]
  • refixed show/hide list (some were not visible)
  • minor improvement to spell info list: classes are now in class color

Version 0.38

  • fixed: scenario show/hide was not working right, because blizzard decided to skip the 10 (GetDifficultyInfo)
  • fixed '/symb config' not showing config on first call after every reload (upon a second call it would work)
  • use proper CD when changing Symbiosis target [ticket]
  • minor spelling fix [ticket]

Version 0.37

  • added scenarios and heroic scenarios to show/hide list. and with that...
  • ...fixed 'attempt to concatenate local "Type" (a nil value)' bug

Version 0.36

  • fixed 'loop' state when canceling buff while in combat [ticket]
  • added info in popup on units which are to far away to scan for talents [ticket]
  • added support for 'Class Colors' addon
  • TOC update for 5.3

Version 0.35

  • minor bug fix ("bad argument to strmatch")

Version 0.34

  • added new workaround for the new version of the "lopsided" state of Symbiosis buff [ticket] (can be disabled in config)
  • added refresh button to popup (e.g. useful when you respec while popup is open)
  • new data of other people's talents will be pushed to popup automatically [ticket]
  • when groupsize changes: we refresh the data in the popup. was a bit wonky before.
  • button should turn gray when selected unit is not in the same zone as player and red when in same zone but out of range [ticket] (you can roll back to standard behavior in the config)
  • minor fixes and improvements

Version 0.33

  • bugfix: the button would reshow in pet battle sometimes
  • removed workaround from 0.31. seems blizzard fixed the bug in one of the last hotfixes

Version 0.32

  • removed hint that macro was not in action bar - was obsolete and could result in lua error in some cases

Version 0.31

  • bugfix: when target changed single talents and thus removed buff - macro/button behaviour would not update correctly and resulting in a 'Invalid target' message when clicking
  • workaround: blizzard decided to add yet another feature/bug for Symbiosis - you will keep the Symbiosis buff even when your target leaves the party. the addon will keep the target now till you change it. this may still be buggy sometimes.
  • will show CD of Symbiosis itself when buff is removed

Version 0.30

  • update for 5.2

Version 0.29

  • updated German localization
  • bugfix: spec portion of show/hide stuff would not save properly
  • improved reloading Symbiosis target when buff is up on startup
  • added tooltip to clarify 'question mark' icon in popup: data for spec of unit is not yet (!) available

Version 0.28

  • bugfix: old saved background data is actually reseted now

Version 0.27

  • you can disable the creation of the macro now (the macro is used for the keybinding, if you don't use that you don't need the macro)
  • click on "Background Name" box (in popup panel of gui) will let you jump to current selected background now
  • added border selection with LibSharedMedia and improved the handling of the whole media stuff: previously selected backgrounds are reset with this update!

Version 0.26

  • minor performance improvement and bug fix

Version 0.25

  • fixed bug for low level characters without specalization
  • the Symbiosis button should now turn red if the selected target (symbiosis target when buff is not up, normal target when buff is up) is not in cast range (action button-like behaviour) [ticket]
  • tags in popup list are now click-through (except 'stolen'-tag)
  • old icons are properly removed from popup now
  • you can open the popup list and select a new Symbiosis target now in combat
  • updated french localization. once again thanks to tabbet!
  • will show tooltip of spell when a target is selected on Symbiosis button [ticket]

Version 0.24

  • the language of the whisper message can be changed now [ticket]
  • minor code cleanups

Version 0.23

  • fixed bug 'attempt to index upvalue "SymbiosisButton" (a nil value)' [ticket]
  • fixed a bug when header was disabled

Version 0.22

  • fixed bug with saved slider position

Version 0.21

  • updated German localization. thanks to Guselmur!

Version 0.20

  • added option to show a little warning in the middle of the screen when buff is not up on ready check (is enabled by default; can be disabled) [ticket]
  • updated version of LibGroupInSpecT
  • corrected spell moonkin gets from priest
  • minor code cleanups/fixes and GUI improvements
  • improvements to popup list:
  • 1.: added header to clarify which spell user gets and which spell is granted to Symbiosis target (header can be hidden in the gui)
  • 2.: added tooltip of caster name when target is stolen (on mouseover)
  • 3.: will try to remember slider position

Version 0.19

  • button will not be shown if user does not know Symbiosis spell

Version 0.18

  • added spell granted (to the symbiosis target) in the popup list
  • updated and completed french localization, thanks again to tabbet!
  • minor code cleanups and fixes

Version 0.17

  • fixed a bug when loading up with target from a different realm

Version 0.16

  • fixed bug which sometimes would result in an "invalid target" cast when Symbiosis button was clicked
  • macro will be updated everytime a new target is selected now
  • completly revamped show/hide stuff, check it out in the gui (/symb config)
  • when calling "/symb show" or "/symb hide" the automatization of the show/hide stuff will be disabled (and can be enabled again in the gui)
  • added Korean localization. thanks to factness!
  • will redo cd animation on selecting new target, so we dont drag old animations along
  • fixed "hide raidmember in insignificant group"
  • added little keybinding-tag, shown when mousing over Symbiosis button
  • will reset button to last target if buff is up on login/uireload [ticket]
  • will whisper the correct spell the target gets in whisper, instead of list of all possible spells
  • a few code cleanups and fixes

Version 0.15

  • updated TOC to 5.1
  • updated tank spells

Version 0.14

  • "/symb resetmacro" will update current macro when called

Version 0.13

  • fixed bug with Symbiosis button not showing up on first login when it should
  • standard macro code uses localized Symbiosis spell name now ("/symb resetmacro" to restore standard code)
  • minor code cleanups

Version 0.12

  • popup is moved down/up when to big, so it should no longer get out of bounds
  • buff removing per shift-click is always disabled in arena now
  • fixed minor bug in whisper panel
  • removed debug number from slider
  • minor code tweaks

Version 0.11

  • fixed SetCooldown bug [ticket]

Version 0.10

  • list of raid members in popup is sorted by class now
  • fixed issue with spammy cooldown animation for abilities not on the GCD

Version 0.9

  • click on Symbiosis button will cast Symbiosis on targets based on name (was based on unit ID). this should be more accurate even when in combat.

Version 0.8

  • attempt to fix masque support [ticket]
  • "Symbiosis" is now a spell link in whispers
  • if hidden by "auto hide if not in party" addon will recheck location/spec when we join party
  • fixed auto-hide on petbattles
  • a few code tweaks

Version 0.7

  • updated protection paladin spell (now gets rebirth)

Version 0.6

  • added option to show GCD on Symbiosis button [ticket]
  • added option to autohide Symbiosis button when not in party
  • removed "Dur.:" from timer tag below Symbiosis button, was obsolete [ticket]
  • moved "Remove 'No target' tag" from popup panel to main panel and moved "Target config" to popup panel from main panel
  • added Masque/ButtonFacade support [ticket] (please report any bugs, because I don't use Masque myself)
  • will show/hide symbiosis button based on spec/location later again if currently in combat
  • added option to simplify whisper message on consecutive whispers [ticket]
  • added option to disable whispers in arena
  • fixed typo, preventing in v0.3 added feature to work: will preserve status if Symbiosis button is shown/hidden manually "outside"

Version 0.5

  • added french localization. thanks to tabbet!

Version 0.4

  • fixed name tag not showing sometimes
  • spells in popup are linkable to chat now, too

Version 0.3

  • workaround for target-bug of Symbiosis added (casting Symbiosis with the Symbiosis button should work now!)
  • updated tank spells
  • added option to hide "No Target" tag above Symbiosis button
  • cooldown animation is reseted when target is removed
  • links in GUI info panel are linkable to chat now
  • will preserve status if Symbiosis button is shown/hidden manually "outside"
  • replaced text on buttons in "spells granted"-panel with icons

Version 0.2

  • fixed order of monk specs
  • enabled whisper message for all Symbiosis casts, not only for casts from the Symbiosis button itself
  • added notice that status of Symbiosis button cannot be changed in combat
  • many minor improvements, fixes and code cleanups

Version 0.1

  • addon should load up on live realms with 5.0.4, but shouldn't do anything because players can't learn Symbiosis, yet.
  • macro is updated when macro code changes
  • macro is no longer deleted on every /reload
  • dummy replacement in macro should work properly now
  • you can change the background art of the popup menu now (in the GUI)
  • implemented German localization
  • addon won't print "first login" message again, even if player does not know symbiosis
  • some minor code cleanups and fixes

Version 0.0.5 (beta)

  • removed first key binding, we will only use the second
  • the key binding fires a macro, you can edit that macro in the GUI now
  • fixed bug when starting up with no saved vars
  • Symbiosis button will be hidden while in a pet battle now
  • added check if user has enough space for a new macro when we want to create one (we need a macro for the key binding)
  • no popup when user does not know Symbiosis spell
  • preparing localization

Version 0.0.4 (beta)

  • toc update to 5.0.3
  • symbiosis button will show cooldown of symbiosis now
  • added show/hide based on spec
  • added 2 key bindings to cast symbiosis
  • drag status is saved between sessions now
  • whisper stuff should work now (delay between whispers is 1min)
  • some GUI improvements

Version 0.0.3 (beta)

  • fixed bug with talent group event

Version 0.0.2 (beta)

  • target will be removed when it leaves party correctly now (event changed)
  • icon on symbiosis button will change when player changes specs now
  • addon will not load up on live realms now

Version 0.0.1 (beta)

  • initial release on beta realms
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