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Target Health Percent

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 778 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 158,462 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/10/2014
  • Created 08/27/2009
  • 150 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Target Health Percent

About Target Health Percent

Target Health Percent is a small window that shows your target

percent of Heath left. this is a useful add-on for those of us that

do not like percentages as are target frame but would still like

to have access to it. You can move it where ever u want it, change its size, lock it or

leave it floating. This is also useful for boss encounters where the attacks change

when the boss HP drop below a certain percentage.


/thp unlock : Allows you to move bar

/thp lock : Locks bar

/thp reset : Reset Setting

  • With version 5 i have added a interface config panel so command line interaction is no longer needed but its still their for those who like it

updated to 6.0.3
added bug fix for ui
added click though support
5.3 update
5.1 update
rolled back ontop change
is now set to be ontop
v5.5 updated for mop
v5.4 updated for 4.3 fixes 20% not working and hunter 80 fixed to 90%
v5.3 updated for 4.2 patch
v5.2 added 99-80% option for marksman hunters
v5.1 forgot to comment out debug line  
v5.1 added ability to change execute color from 25% to 20% for classes like warriors.
v5.0 rewrite of addon with interface panel added


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  • #45

    Hello Mister! one quick question. Is there any posibility so you can add another threshold to the addon with 45% of target health? would be very useful for unholy dk's. i will apriciate, and many DK's aswell i guess :)

  • #43

    I think the only lost setting is position - which is stored in layout_local.txt (which gets frequently cleared during wow crashes).

    Personally I would appreciate being able to set exact size and exact position (of top left corner) and to be able to store these settings in TargetHealthPercent.lua instead of layout_local.txt.

    Otherwise works fine as it had since it's birth (still love it as I always had).

  • #44

    i agree its past due time that i fix that. I'll move it to the top of my todo list but it will still be a bit befor i can get to it.

  • #42

    Would really like a fix to it losing its settings! Pretty please! Also would really love a 45% option now that Soul Reaper is 45% or below for unholy!

  • #41

    Is there anyway to have a box appear and show MY health % in a seperate box? (Like identical to how the Target HP percent works, but just to show my own HP%)

  • #40

    excellent addon! thank you *bows*

    1. it appears that i have to re-setup for each character, as when i log out of one where i have set it up the way it like it and log into another, it goes back to default settings. is there any chance of it either being a global configuration or even better, a profiles option? i can manually just copy and paste the settings from the files to each character though.
    2. having the % recolor at 20% is ideal as a warlock, so i have set that as my only color indicator - very helpful. i find that either more padding around the numbers (background) would be a nice option or perhaps an option to just color the text.
    a couple of suggestions to an already excellent addon. thanks for being open for feedback :)
  • #38

    I love this addon but there is one thing about it. I cant make it show 2 decimals its either just 54% or 54,4562% I cant make 54,12% and when i try anything else than 0 decimals or 4 it becomes a black box.

  • #39

    it was a bug in the UI, I have fixed it. After its aproved you can download the update and all will be right agian.

  • #37

    Any chance you can add a 45% health marker with 35%? The DK t15 4 piece is a 45% execute. If not, maybe allow for any % health to be marked?

  • #36

    Hope you will have time for an update. :)

  • #33

    Does it show the focus' health too? If not, would it be asking too much from you to implement it? Thanks in advance and happy holidays

  • #34

    I have a different addon to do it, so u can have both up at the same time


    Last edited by subwired on 1/1/2013 6:39:06 PM
  • #35

    Ok thank you

  • #31

    Still hoping for an update.  Also noticed a bit of a bug.  If the addon is disabled (not loaded b/c out of date), and then re-enabled later, it loses its settings.  It goes back to the default center position and I need to manually move it again.

  • #32

    update done sorry it took so long

    ya it losing its settign is a bug from day one, I keep meaning to get around to it.

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