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  • World of Warcraft
  • 27 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.0.1
  • 6,068 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/08/2010
  • Created 10/25/2010
  • 22 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Tattoo000006

About Tattoo

These are background panels that can be customized with various gradients, borders, colors and effects. There are three templates, one for dps, one for healing and one for tanking. These graphics are designed for widescreen, high-resolution monitors. To choose your styles, open the options panel in Interface Options. For more styles, see: TattooSkin 1, TattooSkin Fire, TattooSkin Ice. In the interface options, you can make a panel for each role: healing, dps and tanking. To switch between roles, type /heal, /dps or /tank. This will also switch your other addons to profiles with those names, if you have created them. To use the addon switch feature, you must create profiles in your other mods, with the exact names "Heal", "DPS", or "Tank". The mod will then switch profiles for you, if the addon is Ace 3.0 compatible. Some supported mods include: Bartender, Grid and Skada. For example, if you set up two profiles in Bartender, one named Heal and one named DPS, you can switch profiles with the typed commands. Your buttons will then move at the same time as your background panels, and line up neatly. Note: If you are using Addons that rely on Ace 2.0, they will cause errors. If you use AtlasLoot, please upgrade to the beta version, which uses Ace 3.0. You may also type /rl, to reload your UI, as needed. Matching Addons: Henna, Tattoo Minimap, Tattoo Stats, ButtonFacade Rivet
000006: Fixed an error in which background could appear in level above Chat mods. 000005: Added support for skinning. Updated Config options. Fixed graphics to resize when screen changes resolution. 000003: Updated Ace Libraries to fix conflicts with other mods on newer versions. 000002: Disable profile switching of other addons due to errors. 000001: First beta release, Oct. 27 2010

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  • #23

    Sorry I quit WoW years ago, so this is no longer supported.

  • #22
    Great addon would love to use it but doesn't seem to cooperate with "elkkano's buff bars" addon not sure which addon or both needs the fixing but please hook it up so i can get this bad boy thanks :)
  • #21
    Loving this addon so much - would love the dps set to be slightly altered - with matching panels - on the right side u have like a funny shape ! would suit my setup if they matched x
  • #20
    for some reson i can't create any things, how to do it ?
  • #19
    Overall very nice. Using it in my current rogue setup.
    Additional skins would be a plus.
    And as others have said, movable panels/customization in terms of shape, size and position if possible would be awesome.
  • #17
    tattoo or tattoo minimap but they are showing up indet the add on list when I am logged in
  • #18
    Graphics won't load until you completely close WoW after installing an addon. If the problem persists, I'd need to know what other addons you're using to check for a conflict.
  • #16
    I love the look of your panels. Unfortunately, I would like to be able to customize shape/size/position more. When you add this, I can say I'd snatch it up & use it exclusively. Till then, its pretty but not functional for me.
  • #13
    well im quite impressed it works well and is very customizable. have been looking since 4.0 for a replacement to spartin ui and think i have found it
  • #14
    would like to see more skin options though using fire atm and its nice
  • #15
    Thanks power887 :)
    I will add more skins if I ever finish these matching Unitframes that I'm making. Those are taking quite a bit longer than I thought they would!
  • #11
    I installed using curse client and when I logged into WoW the Blizzard default action bar overlapped the tattoo skin. How do I remove the Blizzard default action bar so I can use Tattoo Skin?
  • #12
    One of the most popular ways to do this is to use Bartender, which removes that graphic, and allows you to move your buttons around. It's very stable; I've been using it for years, and I already tested it in Beta too. Here's the link:
  • #9
    Looks great but how i can changes the action bars?
  • #10
    I use Bartender to change my action bars.
    Is this what you mean?
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