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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.2.0
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  • Updated 11/26/2013
  • Created 12/28/2009
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: TauntMaster
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About TauntMaster

Taunt Master

Re-uploading last-known good file, with ToC version updated to 50400. -Torhal


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  • #657

    Hey mate, just want to thank you for this addon, its incredible and a must have for all tanks!!! Please update for 5.0.4, i cant tank as well as i do without it! Thanks again!

  • #656

    Need update for 5.0.4 patch please! This addon is a godsend for tanking!

    Last edited by dragonmoon74 on 8/29/2012 6:37:43 PM
  • #654

    I hope this add-on is update for MOP....I can't tank without it  :-(


  • #655

    same here, i really enjoy using this addon, it's a must for my pally.. :) 

  • #653

    Does anyone know how to get the /target funtion to work again? To save FPS I diable raid frames an use TM, but I havent been able to target my raid in a while now.


  • #652

    I use the addon Vuhdo for healing and found I can set it up to show me who has aggro and what is targeting them and click on it to taunt. It is complicated to set up but it does the trick just set up target of target and you can put any ability on any mouse click.

  • #651

    Was working perfectly for a while, it fact it was amazing. I'm terrible at quickly finding what I need to taunt to get it off someone and this made it so simple. Then it randomly stopped working. Clicking it would either do nothing, say I have no target or in the case of taunts that you use on a player to get multiple enemies off them trigger the taunt but without targeting anyone. I'm gonna try uninstalling and reinstalling it now and hope that helps.

    Someone with the know how really needs to make an alternative to this add on. Someone willing to address bugs if and when they crop up and maybe take it further with more customisation options. But I'd love to just see this add on, minus the bugs.

  • #650

    I'm having issues with TM working as well. I'm very sad over this. Made my tanking so much easier only needing to click a frame. Just like Healbot for healers :). I really wish this would update or someone would pick it up. I have been looking for an updated add on that is similar but not finding one. Seems this is an original? Unless someone knows of something else like it?

  • #649

    Any chance this addon will have an interface upgrade?

    Last edited by Navubi on 6/26/2012 9:17:11 AM
  • #646

    I do not know whats going wrong but, it seems like it hardly ever works.
    I can click the FK out of the persons name thats Agro'd but it just hardly works, only on a blue moon it auctually uses the spell assined to the button :\

    I do not get it, unless another addon is messing with it....


  • #648

    Been using this addon for a while and yes some other addons interfere with it, but thats an easy fix to figure out. Also some limitations i have found.

    - Single target taunts (are usually targeted on the mob, not the person with agro) tauntmaster, I belief, uses the target of target to cast it on the mob, so if that person switched targets it won't work.

    - If you start pressing buttons immediatly after or while clicking tauntmaster, it's like clipping a spell, it won't go. (easy check, next time you use taunt, you should see your character doing the taunt emote.

    Never found any raid frame issues, guess I been lucky and everything works fine for me. Also i don't use raid warnings, I prefer Deadly Boss Mods.

    Hope that helped

  • #645

       I seem to be haveing the same problem as post #643, my layout is fine in 5 man dungeons but when I get into a 25 man group my layout is all over the place. It looks like tauntmaster buttons are being used for a game of tetris on my screen. Didn't start doing that till this past month. Could really use some advice on how to fix it.


  • #644

    Have a suggestion.

    When I use something like Battle Shout, where the only person I'm able to use it on is myself, it shouldn't matter who I click on to have it be used. Yet, I have to put the cursor on my name and click my button combo to use it. Why should it matter who I click to use it? I'm used to having Healbot not having this issue (Water Shield is casted on me regardless of who I click on when I go to cast it in Healbot).

    Unless there's an option I'm not looking at, it's something that I think could be changed.

  • #643

    There is some problems with the layout. Some of the names are overlapped. that would be great to have instructions to make it neat like the raid members layout where everyone has their own space and it doesn't take up the whole screen or is randomly laid out across the screen. The most I can get it to do is randomly get it in 8 columns with 3-4 people per column. Some of them are overlapping I want to have like 3-5 columns with 8 people in it, but it isn't letting me do that. But besides that it is absolutely amazing. I love it. Keep up the good idea.

    Last edited by deina4 on 4/16/2012 9:09:52 AM
  • #642

    I'm having a weird issue when grouping with RealID friends. The button for them shows Unknown Entity as the background and MANA overlayed on top of the button. The button turns red when they gain agro, but I can't taunt off of them using the button. If I remove them from RealID and reinvite them to the group, the addon displays and works just fine. Hopefully this is a simple fix, because this addon is awesome!

    Last edited by sshweet on 4/14/2012 12:51:17 AM
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