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  • Created 12/28/2009
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Taunt Master

Re-uploading last-known good file, with ToC version updated to 50400. -Torhal


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  • #550
    Im having some issues with using macros.. but perhaps i am doing it wrong.
    I have made macros for each taunt, which work, when used form a castbar. I do this mostly for effects like calling a mob ugly when i taunt, ir shouting GET OVER HERE when i deathgrip. amusing, lets people know I'm doing my job, or at the least, trying.

    I have reconfigured the spells, and it works more or less flawlessly, at current.
    however, I am limited to spells, or simple macros like
    /cast Death grip
    when what id like to do is
    /y Get Over Here!!!!
    /cast Death Grip

    anyone have any thoughts?
  • #555
    Get a addon that announces taunts...
  • #549
    I've been having the same problem as mabricius for quite a while. Sometimes everything shows up properly, but other times it will show up staggered. I will make sure I take a screen cap next time to show.
  • #548
    Hi, I am having some display issues, the frames appears in group of 5 (as i set it) but not horizontally in line, but spread across the screen, what is very annoyng.

    it happens sometime, randomlly


  • #556
    It happens when you reload ui I fix it by dropping group and joining.
  • #547
    Playing as a non-tank i like this addon so i know when i' on the right dps target but for some reason it does not work when the tank is a Warrior. Works find with pallys and druids. anyone else have that problem?
  • #546
    Also would be nince to have ablility to disable or have different color for Hunters. I waist taunt when they (can) feigh death.
  • #545
    It would be nice to have another color for targets that are CC'd. That way I don't have to worry if a party member has aggro from a creature on ice.
  • #541
    I'm so annoyed by this Unknown Entity error having to toggle it off and on everytime i enter an instance.

    Also a request, is it possible to only show the healer, so the clueless dps going red while leveling in dungeons is less of a bother.
  • #540
    Don't know how hard it would be, but would be nice to have a counter on the buttons showing how many mobs are attacking them. Would make it much easier to decide which taunt (single or multi) to use.
  • #537
    Sorry for the silence. When you all ask for an update for Cataclysm, what do you mean? The taunt alerts??? Or is there something else I'm missing?
  • #554
    From a prot paladins prospective this addon still works with all my abilities. The only think I'd point out is fixing the warnings to relevant content like fury of Cho'gall, options to set warnings for Chimaeron(mainly heroic), Halfus, and maybe conclave. Options to customize the displays adding colored bars, make it more friendly on the eyes in the heat of a fight I find it hard see health. Really great this addon has still worked after a year.
  • #551
    ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED:AddOn 'TauntMaster' tried to call the protected function 'TauntMaster_HeaderUnitButton5:SetAttribute()'.
    : in function `SetAttribute'
    TauntMaster-4.1.1\TauntMaster.lua:1790: in function `TauntMaster_Button_OnShow'
    TauntMaster-4.1.1\TauntMaster.lua:1681: in function `TauntMaster_Button_OnEvent'
  • #558
    yep im getting these errors as well
  • #542
    There are the errors (I have posted them to the forum on the tauntmaster site), the fact that most of the time TM doesn't display party member's names, just unknown and most recently it shows people at full mana as being OOM.

    I have also noticed I some times have to click 3 or 4 times on a name before it actually taunts.
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