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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,058 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.2.0
  • 1,416,006 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/26/2013
  • Created 12/28/2009
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: TauntMaster
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About TauntMaster

Taunt Master

Re-uploading last-known good file, with ToC version updated to 50400. -Torhal


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  • #795

    Hey all - this is the original developer of Tauntmaster.  I will be taking over this addon again, but will likely be starting from scratch.  I'll do my best to get an update out that re-enables the addon soon.

    However, please refrain from the unnecessary & anger-fueled comments.  I understand your frustration, but try to understand that these addons are developed without any compensation.  It remains within the developer's rights to stop developing the addon - even abruptly if necessary.  There are ANY number of totally valid reasons to up and quit developing an addon because when it comes down to it, WoW addons are just not all that important in the scheme of life...

    At any rate, I'll try and undo whatever is disabling the addon currently.  When I wrap up a new version of Tauntmaster, I'll let you know.

  • #781

    Hi there, love the addon, keep up the good work :) 

    I have a request if possible. How much of a pain would it be to add an option to increase/reduce the spacing between the bars? 


  • #778

    My wife thanks you for taking over this mod, she was sad to see it go the way many others have, she almost squealed when I told her it was being updated again by a new author!

  • #779


  • #777

    OMG this is still alive. First tanking addon I got and just after it was created. I think I will give it another go to see the changes. At the begining it was great :D

  • #770

    Prot warrior using this. Intervene doesn't seem to be working on right click. It still needs me to manually click on a target instead of automatically casting on whoever I click on.

  • #775

    looking in to is

  • #769

    I really appreciate the addon, I would really appreciate an option to hide the wall of text the addon shows when logging in though.

  • #771

    fixing this in about 4-5 hr's for patch 5.1

  • #773


  • #768

    Okies i know this Sounds super super weird But if everyone that has used this addon BEFORE MOP and have seen issues before then PLEASE put a please list that this was a issue before MOP .

    Why i ask? Because i just picked this addon up 3 months ago and i know some of the issues but not all! All info i can get will help me fix things on the old coding!

    Things that are back issues before mop i know about.

    Raid warning way behide

    Anything over 10 players in a group can make frame glitch out.


    Again think of past things i want this addon back to 100 %... I am thinking about a 100 % new interface not to sure tho

  • #766

    Ok thanks for replying, either way, still an excellent addon, thanks for all your hard work! ;-)

  • #767

    np ... have a great night/day

  • #763

    HI thanks again for this excellent addon, makes tanking a pleasure instead of a chore.

    anyway i was hoping you could help... It says in your guide above that i can add macros into the spell boxes but when i enter:- /castsequence Nature's Swiftness, Healing Touch, for a instant party heal it doesnt do anything? i use it as on ohcrap buttom on my ui for myself but i thought it may be a good party save.

    Thanks for reading

    p.s If anyone else can answer this please leave a comment

  • #764

    Hello there 

    This is due to macros are not in the addon atm due massive issue's with them.

    I will post that there not in the addon atm.

    I have no eta when they will be back.

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