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Thnan's Mod - Farm

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 19 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.1
  • 1,989 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/17/2013
  • Created 03/18/2013
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Thnan's Addon License
  • Newest File: v2.0.3 release

About Thnan's Mod - Farm

Thnan's Mod - Farm

Thnan's Mod used to be one addon with several unrelated features. This addon is only the farm portion.
Now that the addon has been split, the original project will no longer be updated.

This addon adds a tool panel for your farm. The panel has buttons for every seed and every tool as well as a "grow check" button.
The seed buttons provide one-click planting in the nearest Tilled Soil.
Right clicking a tool button will drop that tool. This can be turned off in the options menu.
RIght clicking a seed button will enable right click planting mode. In this mode, double right clicking a Tilled Soil will cause the selected seed to be planted in it.
The grow check button will target any plant that needs attention before it will grow, i.e. any plant that is not a "growing" plant.
Jogu's forecast will be saved and displayed in the tool panel. Unfortunately, this feature does not work in all locales. If your locale is not supported, see the localization section below.


Bug reports and feature suggestions can be made using the ticket system here. Closed or completed tickets are filtered out by default, they can be viewed by changing the filter settings.


If you are interested in translating my mod, please send me a PM here. Currently only the forecast feature requires localization to actually function, but having a translated UI would be nice as well.

Thnan's Mod - Farm
version changes:


- Seed buttons should now obey the Show Bags By Default option immediately after login, instead of only after toggling it.
- Seed button functionality under certain rare conditions has been improved.


- Updated to support WoW version 5.4.0


- Updated to support WoW version 5.3.0
- Attempting to double right click using a bag will no longer cause a lua error if the selected seed does not have a corresponding bag.


- Converted to separate standalone addon.
- Right click planting now supports seed bags.
- Improved forecast system date detection.


- Using the hearthstone to leave Sunsong Ranch will now cause the window to hide and tools to drop appropriately.
- Added option to reverse the seed bag display behavior for seed buttons.
- Seed buttons will now show quantities up to 999.
- Seed bags bought with gold are now supported.
- Buttons showing seed bags will now update their displayed count correctly.


- Seed and bag tooltips will no longer appear if the farm window is hidden.


- The forecast seed button will once again accurately show seed counts.
- The "drop tools when leaving farm" option will once again be remembered.
- The grow check button will now target tilled and untilled soil.
- Updated to support WoW version 5.2.0


- The tool panel will now draw itself on top of other windows when selected.
- Rebuilt button creation functions.
- Rebuilt forecast system.
- Holding the shift key will now cause seed buttons to show the corresponding seed bag, if applicable. This requires patch 5.2.
- Having seed bags in your inventory will cause the farm panel to automatically show on Sunsong Ranch.
- Added option to hide the window when mounted.
- The tool panel will now actually stay closed after clicking the close button, until you reenter Sunsong Ranch.
- Jogu's forecasts are now detected in ptBR, ptPT, frFR, deDE, itIT, koKR, esES, esMX, ruRU and zhTW locales.


- Fixed issue causing Songbell Seeds to not cause the window to show.
- Corrected text for Green Cabbage, Juicycrunch Carrot and White Turnip predictions.
- Added a button for planting Unstable Portal Shards, and added Unstable Portal Shards to the grow check detection list.
- Added buttons for all portal shards to the window.


- Corrected issue where the grow check button would target incorrect plants in non-English languages.
- Partial forecast support for ptBR, esMX and esES locales.


- Corrected text for Jade Squash prediction.


- Added option to hide the window when you have no seeds or tools in your inventory.
- Added option to hide the window when you are in a vehicle.
- Added forecast feature.
- Added drop tools button.
- Added option to drop tools by right clicking their buttons.
- Added option to automatically drop tools when leaving the farm.


- Fixed bug where grow check button would sometimes fail to target plants.
- Added option to hide the window in combat.


 - Farming Window added.

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