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Tidy Threat

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.2
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  • Updated 01/21/2014
  • Created 01/27/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 2.8
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About Tidy Threat

Tidy Threat is a threat monitor which is simple enough for a new player, and powerful enough for a tank.


If you're DPSing: Don't go into the RED!
If you're tanking: Stay in the RED!

As you attack on an enemy, the statusbar grows upward indicating your threat. If you reach the upper mark on the thermometer, the enemy will attack you. As you continue to gain threat beyond the aggro point, the bar will continue to rise, indicating the amount of threat you'd need to lose for the enemy to attack the next highest threat.

No mode changes are required to switch between Tank vs DPS; The interface is dual purpose. For additional data, players can enable the "Detail Window", which will display real threat numbers. Type '/tidythreat' into the chat window to bring up the configuration panel, or right-click the Tidy Threat frame.

Bugs and Feedback

Please leave bug reports and feedback, such as feature requests, in the Ticket tracker on

- TOC Bump
- Other odds and ends

- TOC Bump

- WoW 4.3 TOC Update
- Graphics refresh (higher resolution thermometer graphic)

- WoW 4.2 TOC Update


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  • #21
    Installing 2.3 via the Curse Client gives me "Unzipping failed" ... manual download yields an empty zip? Any hints at something I'm doing wrong?
  • #22

    The link from Curseforge to seems to be funktastic.
  • #20
    Is it somehow possible to just have the text window? I tryed to hide the bar and show detailed text info, but it doesnt realy work. It just hides it until next combat ( cant see difference between combat and hide option).
  • #13
    via curse client i get the error unziping failed
  • #19
    Something in the syndication of the file between Curseforge and Curse is broken. This isn't something I can fix, but we can all post tickets.
  • #17
    go to the cursforge and download from there til the link is fixed.
  • #16
  • #14
    2.3 Zip has no contents
  • #18
    As Heartfelt mentioned, 2.3 works through Curseforge. I have no idea why the file is not working through Curse.
  • #10
    Getting an error message upon entering combat. I can delete it but it comes back right away.

    Are you aware of this or would you like me to copy the error message?
  • #11
    I have a hunch, but post it anyhow. It might surprise me ;-)
  • #12
    Message: Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreatCore.lua:65: attempt to compare number with table
    Time: 10/18/10 21:13:00
    Count: 45
    Stack: Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreatCore.lua:65: in function `AlertSound'
    Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreatCore.lua:273: in function

    Locals: threat = TidyThreat {
    0 =
    Glow = {
    AlertSound = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreatCore.lua:64
    SetMoveable = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreatCore.lua:239
    CounterThreat = {
    Border = {
    SetVisible = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreatCore.lua:253
    SetThreatPopup = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreatCore.lua:204
    SetDetailText = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreatCore.lua:227
    SetThreatBars = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreatCore.lua:188
    PlayerThreat = {
    OnUpdate = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreatCore.lua:262
    DetailWindow = {
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = "attempt to compare number with table"
    PlayerWarned = false
    Threat_Warning_Sound = "Sound\Interface\PVPFlagTakenHordeMono.wav"
  • #15
    I can't help but notice it says ".wav" at the end.
    Wan't .wav support dropped for .ogg though?
    The error you have prolly has to do with that.
  • #9
    I get an error message on only one of my characters stating:

    Message: Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreat.lua:409: Usage: :SetPoint("point" [, region or nil] [, "relativePoint"] [, offsetX, offsetY])
    Time: 07/30/10 10:24:51
    Count: 1
    Stack: [C]: in function `SetPoint'
    Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreat.lua:409: in function

    Locals: (*temporary) = {
    0 =
    Glow = {
    Startup = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreat.lua:303
    Border = {
    SetVisible = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreat.lua:184
    OnUpdate = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreat.lua:275
    ApplyOptions = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\Options.lua:103
    SetMoveable = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreat.lua:161
    SetThreatPopup = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreat.lua:127
    PlayerWarned = false
    PlayerThreat = {
    AlertSound = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreat.lua:173
    SetDetailText = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreat.lua:150
    SetThreatBars = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreat.lua:111
    DetailWindow = {
    CounterThreat = {
    OnEvent = defined @Interface\AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreat.lua:401
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil

    however i log onto anyone else and it works fine i have tried to reinstall it and nothing
  • #8
    Error message:
    \AddOns\TidyThreat\TidyThreat.lua line 409:
    Usage: :SetPoint("point" [, region or nil] [, "relativePoint"] [, offsetX, offsetY]
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