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Tidy Plates: Simple

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.3
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  • Updated 01/30/2016
  • Created 11/07/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
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About Tidy Plates: Simple

Note: You need Tidy Plates to use this addon.

A TidyPlates theme based on a combination of features from caelNameplates, Headline and Simbar.

They include a cast bar/icon, unit level indicator (colored) and unit name.

Handy Note for Healers: if you turn on friendly nameplates, you will only see the names/bars for friendly units that are not full health. This should make your lives easier when casting or positioning AoE heals that require some sort of physical location/indication (think Light of Dawn, Healing Rain, Efflorescence, etc.)

Nameplate Colors:

  • Enemies = Dark Red
  • Neutral = Dark Yellow
  • Friendly NPC = Dark Green
  • Friendly Player = Dark Blue
  • Threat = Bright Red

Now shows proper class colors in Ashran and other world PvP areas.


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  • #15
    All you're seeing there really is Pitbull for raidframes and Bartender for the action buttons. I use Skinner's ViewPort to adjust the position of the screen (which gives the bar at the bottom.
  • #12
    Nice addon. I wish there was some kind of profile or defaults option so I could set it up once and have it the same on all my toons.
  • #11
    I love this addon on my druid when i am healing. I have just one question.

    Is it possible to make it so the health bar changes color as the units percent gets lower?
  • #9
    I really love how your bars only show up for friendly players who are missing health. Is there a way to apply that functionality to the regular Neon Tidy Plate bars? Or is there a way to make your bars look like the Neon ones that i'm used to?
  • #8
    No it doesn't
  • #7
    I don't se anything in the description, does it do class colored nameplates in pvp?
  • #6
    To change the font you can do 1 of two things:
    1- Get whichever font you like and rename it to / replace the neuropol x cd rg.ttf file in the Media folder.
    2- Or you can get the font you like, copy to the Media folder and edit all the .lua files replacing "neuropol x cd rg.ttf" with "yourfontname.ttf" wherever you find it.
  • #10
    Awesome thank you
  • #5
    Love this addon with the exception of teh font. Is there anyway to change it?
  • #4
    There aren't any interface options other than the regular TidyPlates, just make sure Simple is your theme for both settings.

    Not sure what could cause the level text issue, i don't specifically turn that off anywhere. One thing to check is if u have any other themes installed that could conflict with this one. I had some trouble running with Simbar on my system, but the default ones worked ok.
  • #1
    Looks great! Especially love the seeing only non full-health friendlies.

    Also, which exp bar is that at the bottom? (in titan panel?)
  • #2
    It's the regular Blizzard bar, I just moved it to the bottom using Bartender and stuck it behind the Titan Panel frame.
  • #3
    Doh, to used to Dominos I guess forgot what the regular bar looked like.

    Just realized though I'm not getting the levels beside the bars, and didn't see any Simple options under Addons for it. Just tried fresh installing and same, what am I missing?
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