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Gear Grinder

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 345 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 42,814 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/14/2014
  • Created 08/30/2011
  • 37 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: v5.4.34

About Gear Grinder


With the release of Patch 5.2 the addon was renamed to Gear Grinder (formerly known as Valor Point Cap Progress)


Keep track of your characters gearing progression by tracking the following in a light weight / compact tooltip.

  • Valor Points
  • Valor Point weekly cap progress
  • Justice Points
  • Lesser Charms
  • Elder Charms
  • Mogu Runes
  • World Boss kills (Sha, Galleon, Nalak, Oondasta)
  • LFR completion and boss kills

Optionally, adds your VP/JP/Progress details to your character stats sheet. No longer need to switch to the Currency sheet to see VP/JP.


  • Minimap Icon - Mouse over to display the tooltip
  • Displays the estimated time to go before the weekly valor point cap resets (along with the estimated date/time)
  • Character Names (class color coded)
  • Color coded cap progress. Green -> Yellow -> Orange -> Red (when at the hard cap).
  • LDB support
  • Displays your VP/JP/Cap Progress on your character's stats sheet (in the general section).
  • Shows your character's current overall Item Level for quick reference.
  • Shows your character's Lesser and Elder Charm totals.
  • Displays your characters kill progress for the MoP world bosses (ie. Sha of Anger/Galleon/Nalak/Oondasta)
  • Ability to change the sort order of the values in the tooltip.
  • Tracks your LFR completions and the number of bosses looted on your characters.
  • Filters your characters to only show the characters you are interested in.


  • Fix for iLvl when character is being logged off.


  • Fix for the iLvl being set to a random low value.


  • Added Flex raid tracking
  • Made Ordos grey if the Legendary quest [A Pandaren Legend] has not been completed
  • Added Conquest Point Cap to the character details


  • Fixed various bugs


  • Fixed a bug in the VP Cap numbers
  • Please note that Flex raids is not tracking yet.


  • Changed the configuration screen to be more flexible
  • Added the ability to turn on/off each piece of information in the tooltip
  • Added tracking for PvP currencies, namely Honor and Conquest Points
  • Added support for patch 5.4:
    • New Daily/Weekly quests and activities
    • New World Bosses
    • New Raid (SoO) - Flex mode still to come
    • New Currencies


  • Added a tracking of the MoP Profession cooldowns (with options to hide/show each cooldown individually).
  • Added tracking of the Sunsong Ranch Farming activity
    • Yellow = Quantity available for planting seeds
    • Red = Quantity completed for the day (number planted)
    • Green = Quantity ready for harvest (after daily reset)
  • Added option to turn off the non-LFR Raid saves.


  • Amalgamated the Weekly/Daily columns into an Activities column.
  • Added options to customise the activities shown
  • Added the number of bosses saved to in non-LFR raids.
    • Green: When not completed or not all bosses have been defeated.
    • Red: When all bosses have been defeated.
  • Renamed the heading for LFR to Raids
  • Activity indicator CoTK changed to CTK


  • Added an option to show the completion progress of specific Daily activities
  • Added an option to show the completion of specific Weekly quests.
  • New Daily column shows:
    • S - 1st Random Scenario
    • HS - 1st Random Heroic Scenario
    • H - 1st Random Heroic Dungeon
    • C - Daily Challenge Mode quest
  • New Weekly column shows:
    • CoTK - Champion of the Thunder King quest
    • BB - Battlefield: Barrens quest
  • New column values change color as follows:
    • Grey - Not available
    • Green - Available and not completed
    • Red - Completed


  • Added support for patch 5.3
  • Fixed Oondasta kill to use the standard methods


  • Minor bug fix


  • Minor bug fix


  • Minor bug fix


  • Added quest tracking for weekly completion of "Mogu Rune of Fate". The Mogu number will go red if complete
  • Added tracking for the weekly looting of a [Key to the Palace of Lei Shen]. The Elder charm number will go red if complete.
  • Improved performance for when the data is saved.
  • Added a new method for tracking Oondasta kills


  • Minor bug fix


  • Minor bug fix


  • Changed the options to show different values on the LDB button text.
  • Option to disable the tooltip if you are in combat
  • Left-click on the LDB Button to toggle to a different LDB button text
  • Option to prevent the LDB button text from changing when left-clicked
  • Fixed a bug with the World boss kills
  • Added character filtering to prevent specific characters from appearing in the tooltip.
  • Added an option to change the tooltip UI Scale.


  • Fixed the LFR from showing the characters that can not do the first LFR
  • Reduced the number of entries in the World Bosses section to only include the characters that can do LFR or those that have killed a boss for the week
  • Fixed the addon from causing errors with other addons
  • Changed the Addon Folder to GearGrinder from TitanVPCap
  • Changed the saved Variables from TitanVPCap_Setting to GG_Settings. This will require your characters data to be reloaded.


  • Addon name change to GearGrinder
  • Added 5.2 support
  • Added the detection for Nalak and Oondasta kills
  • Added the New LFR ToTK raid to the LFR section
  • Added the Mogu Charm.


  • Added a new section to keep track of your LFR completions and the number of bosses looted.


  • Added options to change the background/border texture/color of the tooltip


  • Changed the display of the tooltip
  • Added saving of the world boss kill data so it can be seen for all your characters
  • Added icons for the different currencies
  • Added an option to disable the icons
  • Added more sorting options
  • Added support for 5.2 world bosses (Nalak and Oondasta)
  • Fixed a sorting bug


  • Fixed the timezone issues with the reset time calculation


  • Added a section that report if you have killed the world bosses in MoP
  • Added sort ordering of the information.
  • Added an option to disable the World boss kill status display


  • Added support for showing Lesser/Elder Charms
  • Added showing the iLevel of the characters
  • Added Options to disable showing the Charms / iLevel


  • Added option to disable the colorizing of the LDB text
  • Improved the resolution of the Valor Icon.


  • 5.1 support


  • Added the coloring for Monks
  • Fixed the display of VP
  • Fixed the refresh of when the LDB text is refreshed.


  • Fixed the addon block error when adding glyphs
  • Changed the order of the option menu settings
  • Added "/vpcap options"
  • Debug mode is now only available from the command line "/vpcap debug"
  • Fixed the name of the addon within the addon.


  • Re-write of the addon.
    • Added minimap icon
    • Removed dependency on Titan Panel
    • Added LDB support
    • Added Character sheet information values
    • Added tracking of cap limits of JP's and VP's
    • Added JP values to the tooltip
    • Added Options.


  • Fixed the reset time calculation


  • Updated for v4.3


  • Fixed the bug that miscalculated the reset time on the day of reset.


  • Addon created


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  • #103

    why when i login to wow after the reset some of my chars already killed world bosses? did i need to login to every character after the reset ?
    i delete lua frrom WTF folder but now GG show me that reset of realm will be in 6 days but reset is tonight? something is wrong can some1 help

    Last edited by zlatoljub on 10/14/2014 11:36:37 AM
  • #104

    you must in settings the reset day change

  • #101

    Any way to get it to see characters on other servers?

    Last edited by Denmcc on 7/21/2014 6:18:46 PM
  • #102

    There is a bandaid fix i did so i could see all my toons across servers. It requires removing your GearGrinder config file in the WTF folder and changing a few lines of code.

    Make the following changes in GearGrinder.lua:

    Line 561 + 562 - From:
    GG.currentPlayer = UnitName('player') -- name of the logged-in character.
    GG.currentRealm = GetRealmName() -- current Realm we're on.
    GG.currentPlayer = UnitName('player').."-"..GetRealmName()
    GG.currentRealm = "BandAidFixRealm" -- current Realm we're on.

    Line 3023 - From:
    local label = UnitName('player')
    local label = UnitName('player').."-"..GetRealmName()


  • #100

    This is a great addon and I have a suggestion. How about coloring the background of each line by the class color of the character it's connected with. Sometimes it's hard to tell which line belong to which character if you have a lot of characters.


    Thank you for making this. It's my favorite new addon.

    Last edited by BlindMaphisto on 7/20/2014 12:55:48 PM
  • #99
    Re: Addon Issues


    I been experiencing a common problem for a little while now... On the profession cooldown section I'm having a recurring issue with professions being listed on toons that dont have, and never had such professions.

    I've tried purging the data from time to time, but its only a temporary fix.  Is there something wrong with my version?

  • #98

    This is the perfect addon for a person with 15x90 characters. Thank you.

    Any plans to add legendary cloak questline progress? Like display which quest each character is on, like Sigils, Valor, Secrets or Runestones etc. Otherwise I might try add it myself and use it for personal use if that is okay. Also get it to work cross-realm?

    Last edited by mackn on 6/24/2014 10:41:05 PM
  • #97

    I have experienced several of the issues that others have mentioned. But I have 1 character that no longer appears in the Gera Grinder listings. 3 other level 90s are fine as are all of my lower characters. My DK does not show up. I tried moving the gear grinder lua file and it fails altogether, so I put it back.

  • #96

    Like most, I've had the ilvl issue at times. All I have to do is log the toon and move something in my inventory and then log out and the correct details are saved.

    My issue is N/H SoO counter doesn't show bosses killed when you have a Heroic lock.

    eg: My druid cleared 14/14N and has [14] (red) next to its name. But my DK cleared 4/14H and then the rest on Normal so i expected to see [14], but it still says [0]

  • #95

    The ilvl bug doesn't seem to be fixed after all.  I have 5.4.33, but I'm starting to see the bug again, after that update fixed it for a couple weeks.  I also see wrong profession CDs listed.  (e.g. Bl on a toon that isn't a blacksmith).  These extra professions GG thinks my toons have never seem to go away, they just accumulate.

     I haven't tested to see if DCs or other abnormal logouts are what trigger whatever bug is still around, but it did seem ok for a while after getting 5.4.33 and I think clearing saved data, then logging around to all my toons.

     edit: tested clearing all saved data again, ilvl bug showed up right away for at least one toon.


    Last edited by Karsteck on 1/12/2014 1:04:52 PM
  • #94

    Swatter caught a bug when I first installed it, something related to ilvl was nil when it shouldn't have been. No data showed in the tooltip, just labels.

    However, after I logged in on two characters, then it started displaying data in the tooltip and seems to work correctly.

    Last edited by bthomson23 on 12/30/2013 6:57:59 AM
  • #91
    Re: Gear Grinder Sorting issues

    EDIT: Thanks for the quick fix, I had to cycle through my characters 2 times before it got the iLevel sort order straight, but it seems to be working well enough now. This is one of those must-have addons that  really throws me off if it isnt there. Thanks for the good work!

    I'm not sure if it is just me, but since the 5.4.2 patch, some of the sorts aren't working.

    Alphebetical, Class, Justice and VP Cap Progress seem OK.  

    iLevel is sorting is off, as it seems to not be able to remember the max iLevel when I switch characters. It shows my alts with correct equipped iLevels, but very random max iLevels, and seems to be sorting by these.

    Valor Point sorting causes the tooltip window to never show when I mouse over the minimap button.

    Charms seems to be sorting by Lesser charms, even if I only have warforged seals selected.

    I really use the iLevel sort, as that keeps my 'mains' on the top of the list.

    I did reinstall GearGrinder, deleting the GearGrinder.lua and .bak  files in my Saved Variables folder, and still get the same issues. I tried it on an alt with no other addons running, and had the same problem.

    Thanks for any input you may have.

    Last edited by Meltar42 on 12/12/2013 6:33:23 PM
  • #92

    The problem here is when you log out.  The command used to get the iLvl used to return 0 on logout.  Now it's returning some dodgy value.

    I've put in a dodgy fix.  See how it goes.

  • #90

    Ive been experiencing issues with Gear Grinder lately with professions showing up on other toons that don't have that profession. 

    The only way to fix it that I know of is to delete the data and reload on every toon.

    Is there a fix going on regarding this?

  • #89
    Re: Gear Grinder Remove Characters

    I have many toons now. Some get shifted off to other realms, some might come back at a later time, sometimes I just delete em from time to time and create new ones.

    I'd love to be able to remove an entry for a toon, rather than having to edit the .lua file manually each time.

    Any chance you could add this, or am I just missing that option?

    Awesome addon! Keep up the great work, it's very appreciated.


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