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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Updated 08/06/2015
  • Created 04/02/2005
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About Titan Panel


Titan Panel adds one or two information bars on the top and/or bottom of the screen and allows a framework for extensive plugin support.

Details about the Titan Development Team can be found at the About subpage at their portal site.


  • The ability to have 1 or 2 bars at the top and/or the bottom of your screen.
  • Many builtin plugins that provide a great core set of features.
  • Easy to use menus and options to change features on the fly.
  • Fully supported plugin system. All plugins on the bar are plug-n-play.
  • Ability to utilize Data Broker plugins.

Bug Reports

Direct all issues and feature requests to the SourceForge Titan Development Team page.

Special Instructions

  1. Please read the included TitanPanelSetup-READ_ME_FIRST.txt file for any special instructions needed to use this version of Titan Panel.

Problem Escalation

  1. Please check the Titan Panel Portal for a list of any recent issues. These will appear on the main page.
  2. If you are still having issues, please follow the instructions under ''Bug Reports'' above.


TitanAutoHide & TitanAuxAutoHide
TitanPanel & supporting modules


A few very dedicated people have maintained Titan Panel over the years. They are in order of chronological responsibility: TitanMod, Dark Imakuni and Adsertor.

The Titan Panel change history is available at the Titan Panel Portal site.

You may also find the most recent release notes on our SourceForge Titan Panel Version History wiki page.


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  • #2292

    Having an issue with the XP plugin.

    Will not let me uncheck "kills to levels" or "xp gains to level"

    I don't want to see that information, only want to see the percentage.

  • #2291

    Titan: Error: Titan could not initialize!!!! Cleaning up...
    Titan: Error: --Interface\AddOns\Titan\TitanPanel.lua:384: attempt to call global 'TitanUpdateConfig' (a nil value)
    Titan: Warning: -- Hiding Titan bars...

    This is message i see after logging into game. And titan panel is not showing at all.

  • #2295
    I love this addon and am lost without it. I am also having this same issue as this poster. Only started happening to me today (NZ time 15th October)

    I have tried deletion and re-install and the same issue occurs.

    Some times if I change location in WoW the panel will appear BUT continues to disappear and give the error message as the quoted poster every time I log in to game.


    Quote from Vesrand »

    Titan: Error: Titan could not initialize!!!! Cleaning up...
    Titan: Error: --Interface\AddOns\Titan\TitanPanel.lua:384: attempt to call global 'TitanUpdateConfig' (a nil value)
    Titan: Warning: -- Hiding Titan bars...

    This is message i see after logging into game. And titan panel is not showing at all.


  • #2290

    is it me or is the /artwork folder deleted every time there's an upgrade? good thing i had backups of my custom skins...

  • #2285

    Since last update the "Show player gold only" is not working.. it shows realm/server gold only.

    Last edited by eSkiSo on 9/29/2012 9:40:28 PM
  • #2289

    I came to remark on the same issue. Titan is only showing realm/server gold dispite being marked to show player gold only.

  • #2286

    I've been having this issue as well.

  • #2287

    me too

  • #2283

    @HonorGoG: At the risk of sounding like a fawning fanboy, I'm really impressed by the frequency and directness of your responses to comments here.  I came to talk about the gold, and didn't have to look past the first comment to find what I wanted to know.  Thanks.

  • #2282

    mrkurtz: We don't maintain TitanGuild.  Please contact the author of that plugin.

    matt0717: We didn't change anything in 5.1.6 that would affect TitanPanelMicrobuttons.  See if the author can make a quick update.

    Kokiron: At this point, Titan Panel should be disappearing when the pet battle is underway.  I haven't played with pet battles myself so I'll have to check this out.

    obsidian96: This is resolved in our new build which will be released on Sunday.  Yes, all LDB plugins should work as long as they followed the API defined by Tekkub.  If they deviate from the standard API, results can be strange.

    cheebc: This is resolved in our new build which will be released on Sunday.

  • #2288

    Thanks very much for the info, I have posted the request on their page.  Cheers!

  • #2284

    thanks, didn't realize it was separate.

  • #2281

    monk issue? didn't see this particular error listed in the past few pages, if this is a dupe, just ignore.

    so, i think i've narrowed it down to only happening when we have a monk online in guild.

    when a monk is online, hovering over the guild module of titanpanel lists the following under the header "Guild Info"

    Interface\AddOns\TitanGuild.lua:405: attempt to concatenate field '?' (a nil value)

    you don't have to log in or out to see this change. if the monk logs off, the module works like normal (as far as the hover goes). it can be working fine, but if a monk logs on, this happens.

    other functionality works, you can click to pull up the guild roster/news window, etc.

    i do have lua errors at login, but, none directly linked to titan*.

    also, i'm running v

    Last edited by mrkurtz on 9/29/2012 2:08:45 AM
  • #2280

    Note also that the last update broke the compatibility of Titan Panel Microbuttons:

    I know it is an old addon, but it's a really convenient one in that it allows me to shut off that silly micro menu and have all of those options in a simple mouse-over button.

    TPM is an old addon, sure, but it worked 100% perfectly with Titan Panel up until three days ago.  Now when I mouse-over the TPM button on Tital Panel, all I get is weird "lua-error" type text in the tooltip.

  • #2279

    Is there a way to make titan panel auto-hide or at least not show up over the pet battle interface? Thanks.

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