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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 03/11/2015
  • Created 04/02/2005
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About Titan Panel


Titan Panel adds one or two information bars on the top and/or bottom of the screen and allows a framework for extensive plugin support.

Details about the Titan Development Team can be found at the About subpage at their portal site.


  • The ability to have 1 or 2 bars at the top and/or the bottom of your screen.
  • Many builtin plugins that provide a great core set of features.
  • Easy to use menus and options to change features on the fly.
  • Fully supported plugin system. All plugins on the bar are plug-n-play.
  • Ability to utilize Data Broker plugins.

Bug Reports

Direct all issues and feature requests to the Google Code Titan development page.

Special Instructions

  1. Please read the included TitanPanelSetup-READ_ME_FIRST.txt file for any special instructions needed to use this version of Titan Panel.

Problem Escalation

  1. Please check the Titan Panel Portal for a list of any recent issues. These will appear on the main page.
  2. If you are still having issues, please follow the instructions under ''Bug Reports'' above.


TitanAutoHide & TitanAuxAutoHide
TitanPanel & supporting modules


A few very dedicated people have maintained Titan Panel over the years. They are in order of chronological responsibility: TitanMod, Dark Imakuni and Adsertor.

The Titan Panel change history is available at the Titan Panel Portal site.

You may also find the most recent release notes, on our Google code page, Titan Panel Version History wiki page.


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  • #2136

    OK went back to 32-bit in case it was the 64-bit client acting up, but it was still the same, then I saw it enabled DirectX11, I turned it back to 9 and it is working normally again.

    I run on 1440x900 wide screen, so can it be the DX11 that acts up on this size of the screen?

  • #2134

    Seems to be working fine again.

  • #2133

    Is there any way to change position and width or height of bars? I would like that feature, thanks!

  • #2131

    Hey everyone I found a working one of Titan Version: at

  • #2132 is also here on =)

  • #2130

    I solved my problem of the Titan v 5.0.11 bug by copying the entire contents of the Titan.lua.bak into the Titan.lua file. Open each up with Notebook, wordpad, etc but uncheck the "always use this program". The Titan files are within the WTF/Account/"AccountName"/SavedVariables folder. All issues were resolved for me. Remember to save the Titan.lua file.

  • #2129 Functions normally while has some issues. I would say to hide the current release and make the current latest. Until issues with can be looked at and resolved.

  • #2128
    Quote from HonorGoG »

    For those of you who sent in reports regarding our current problems, thank you.  I apologize for not replying yet as my primary work machine decided it would be a good time to stop functioning.  It went all "OVERTEMP" and "CHECKSTOP" on me.  Red LEDs screaming at me on the motherboard is never a good sign.  It's in the shop at the moment so my activity on these boards as well as through e-mail will be subdued until this is resolved.

    This is for those of you visiting this page to report errors. Titan Panel will be looked at soon.

  • #2127

    Same as other users invisible bars, errors, wow freezing .. once i remove titan it goes back to normal. Can the devs please fix this largely annoying issue ASAP thanks. I even reinstalled and deleted the old save files. And this still happens so its something with the code.

  • #2126

    I do no not see Titan.lua in that path because it was deleted once I deleted the first download. Installing this new version should reinstall that shouldn't it?  I don't know. Wish this would work.

  • #2125

    Current Version of titan panel isn't buggy. I solved my problems with revision of the Titan.lua file within the WTF/Account/"AccountName"/SavedVariables. I read the backup-file Titan.lua.bak out and copy this fully information into Titan.lua in the same path and now it works perfect.


    It exists problems with the creating and saving from the global informations of titan panel and if anyone "reset" this file, titan panel will works perfectly!

  • #2124

    I just formated my comp the other day. installed titanpanel again and as lots of other users have commented. my titanpanel won't show up. i've tried going through the interface to check it on. but it seems my mouse doesnt affect it at all. also if i type /titan reset. i cannot press accept. just to let you know that this problem still persists

  • #2123

    I tried what killerClownz suggested.. .. Some issues for me.. oh well.

  • #2122

    Titan panel as of today is not working for me.. bars come up transparent dont show and when i go into titan panel options i cannot click on anything to enable or disable anything.


    UPDATE: i reverted back to the 5.010 relase of titan panel and it works again!

    Current version is bugged.

    Last edited by Critizin on 1/15/2012 8:19:05 PM
  • #2121
    for ppl still having the issue

    get rid of ur current verson of the addon then go to this link and download the 5.09-5.10 verson up to you they both work and then after the file is downloaded open the zip folder and go into ur C drive under my comp and then into your program files and then find ur wow folder then into interface and again into the addons folder there are all ur listed addons copy all the files inside the zip folder and paste them into ur addons folder then close out restart ur wow client or just open it if it was closed already and it should b good to go just make sure u load out of date addons on ur toon select screen untill the manager gets back to fix this issue u can continue to use this =D 

    hope this helps

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