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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.3
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  • Updated 11/19/2015
  • Created 04/02/2005
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About Titan Panel


Titan Panel adds one or two information bars on the top and/or bottom of the screen and allows a framework for extensive plugin support.

Details about the Titan Development Team can be found at the About subpage at their portal site.


  • The ability to have 1 or 2 bars at the top and/or the bottom of your screen.
  • Many builtin plugins that provide a great core set of features.
  • Easy to use menus and options to change features on the fly.
  • Fully supported plugin system. All plugins on the bar are plug-n-play.
  • Ability to utilize Data Broker plugins.

Bug Reports

Direct all issues and feature requests to the SourceForge Titan Development Team page.

Special Instructions

  1. Please read the included TitanPanelSetup-READ_ME_FIRST.txt file for any special instructions needed to use this version of Titan Panel.

Problem Escalation

  1. Please check the Titan Panel Portal for a list of any recent issues. These will appear on the main page.
  2. If you are still having issues, please follow the instructions under ''Bug Reports'' above.


TitanAutoHide & TitanAuxAutoHide
TitanPanel & supporting modules


A few very dedicated people have maintained Titan Panel over the years. They are in order of chronological responsibility: TitanMod, Dark Imakuni and Adsertor.

The Titan Panel change history is available at the Titan Panel Portal site.

You may also find the most recent release notes on our SourceForge Titan Panel Version History wiki page.


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  • #1422
    my problem was: "Show Plugin" (all Plugins!) in the "Titan Panel-Settings" was unchecked (why?). After checked - Titan works fine ...

    With "Load Out of Date Addons" checked
  • #1421
    Tested TitanPanel 4.3.8 tonight on the live server (4.0.1). With "Load Out of Date Addons" checked, Titan and all the included plugins supported by the Titan Development Team work. Many 3rd party plugins do not work yet, including Mail, Factions, Guild, Quests, Gathered, and TradeCooldown. The latest versions of ItemizedDeductions and BankItems do work, as does the out-of-date Friends.
  • #1419
    Titan Panel does work, however other addons have had (and still do for most of you reading) a large impact on whether it displays or not. I have had updates for both the ACE libraries and XPerl frame make and break TP several times the past few days. So make sure you just keep grabbing the newest updates for the other addons as they come out and things will start to smooth out with all your other addons.
  • #1418
    I've been looking at my own addons and I've found that the Rest+, Raid-IDs & DualSpec Titan Panel addons cause errors. All 3 I believe are 3rd party and not maintained by the actual Titan Panel team.
  • #1420
    Also TradeCooldown also not working but doesn't seem to screw up Titan Panel. Well its not working completely transmutes work but elunes latern doesnt.
  • #1416
    1. Internal testing by the Titan Development Team on the PTR showed that the current version works with 4.0.1, provided Load Out of Date Addons is checked.

    2. There's a link under Bug Reports in the About Titan Panel section above to report errors. Since the release of 4.0.1, the team has received exactly ONE bug report.

    3. Thanks to Kaid99, jaghine, Kanegasi, mystery8, and Acano for understanding how much of their own time the developers put into maintaining and updating this addon.
  • #1415
    I've used this addon since I even started playing WoW. And I honestly can't tell if its truly broken. It shows fine on two of my toons, but on my main it won't display at all. The list of active addons is the same accross the board for all with the exception of totemtimers. I've tried turning it off with no luck in difference.

    I understand these things take time - I just ask that we may at least hear from the Dev so we know something is in the works. Even if it takes a while, just knowing can keep us going i think.
  • #1411
    I love this addon and can't wait for it to be fixed.
  • #1410
    Firstly I would like to say thank you to all the Developers/Authors, for making such a great add-on. I really have enjoyed using it. I am sure you will fix it in due time. However I do apologize for the poor behavior of some of the ill mannered user base. They are only a small minority and do not reflect the opinion of the wow community. It is indeed free and I am sure takes up a lot of your time and you could pull the plug on it at any time. Which is something the user base should keep in mind when posting pugnacious statements.
  • #1409
    Would it surprise people (the whingers, mainly) that some of this mod. code is written by people who don't sit on WoW 24/7 (esp. the PTR) so mod. code writing is a hobby for them...?

    Like most (supporters) have said - be thankful they take their time to make your (whingers) life/game easier... I'm very happy for what add-ons I get when I get them & whether they work at the right time or not -- the game was 'meant' to be played without them, so having them IS a bonus.

    FTR - I use the Premium service to eliminate the annoying adverts (sorry, Curse - I know the ad's pay the bills under normal circumstances) as well as being able to mass update.
  • #1412
    Are you really only a premium member to support curse and if so, why? I joined the premium to support the addon authors because they do indeed do most of their work for free. If they aren't getting any of the money, then I would just use wowmatrix. When I said I am owed something, I meant it. The addon developers could at least give us the courtesy of saying "hey, we're working on this mod" or "hey, we're not working on this mod". That's the kind of thing I believed that I am owed. I would never give money to curse to eliminate adds or get faster downloads or to be able to download all your updates at once. That's ignorance, in my opinion, to pay for a service which you yourself has already described as free.
  • #1428
    In facts, all the concept of premium is against the rules that Blizzard placed to let addons exist (yes, addons are not hacks, Blizzard aproves them, with conditions). One of these rules, the most important, resumes by FREE. Blizzard says that addons should not be used to make money, by anyway linked to them. With curse premium, the curse dev team pushes to the limits. And now, have a little bit imagination and think to what is going to happen when they'll push the limit too far...
    Do you still want addons in wow? Just try a thing next time you play, disable all your addons...bearable?
  • #1401
    Just like frankz said, stop whining about a free service not being available on your terms. Also, I think I can help with more than half of all your problems by telling you to check the box on your login screen labeled LOAD OUT OF DATE ADDONS since Titan Panel works just fine for the time being...
  • #1403
    It's not working just well for me actually. The big problem is sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn't. It shows up sometimes with none of the plugins shown (even the built-ins) as though something is resetting the addon. It has moved my map and my buffs to strange places on my screen. A free service...perhaps, but what about the premium users?
  • #1404
    Premium users are just paying Curse for services (downloading faster, no ads, etc.). Addon authors never see any of that money. They owe you nothing.
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