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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.3
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  • Updated 02/01/2016
  • Created 10/29/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 2.2.2

About TinyMeleeStats


TinyMeleeStats is a tiny mod which displays your current melee stats (attack power, crit chance, main- and offhand weapon speed, multistrike).


- Grab and drag around your screen to preferred position (frame can be freeze)
- Choose up to four different stats (AP, Crit, WeaponSpeed, Multistrike.)
- To configure TMS type "/tms" or go Menu -> Interface -> Addons -> TinyMeleeStats
- If you can't see TMS click "Reset frame".


Pleas help me to translate this addon! You can do this at this page: Localization at
I'm trying to test all functions! If there is a bug pleas report this bug to me per EMail (TheVaan[at]gmail[dot]com), leave a comment or write a ticket :)

I released a Version for Hunters (range DDs). It is available at Curse: TinyHunterStats on

LDB support

LDB support is added in TMS v1.0.7!
Feel free to release a FuBar-Addon!
You can hide the Text Frame to show Stats only in Broker text field.

Updates / Change log

v2.2.0beta: Updated TOC; Fixed bugs; Added Multistrike; Removed hidden debug mode; Fixed localization bug; Removed nolib packaging.

Older versions:
v2.1.0: Clear Code.
v2.0.0: Ready for MoP.
v1.5.4: Add Option to hide Textfield
v1.5.0: fixed Hit stat, Reords specific for Spec
v1.3.4: tried to fix SetFont()-Lua error; small bugfixes
v1.3.2: removed Armor Penetration
v1.3.1: updated toc-version for WoW 4.0
v1.3.0: same like v1.3.0beta; Flaged as Cataclysm compatinble
v1.3.0beta: Added experimental optional sound alert for records (more sounds will follow)
v1.2.0: Add options to customize the color
v1.1.1: Add an option for vertical alignment of stats; records are now either all on or all off; added an option to enable labels for the stats
v1.1.0: added Armor Penetration
v1.0.9: several changes of localization; changed author information; fixed weapon speed bug error message
v1.0.8: Fixed number comparison. Bumped ToC file
v1.0.7: LDB support added!
v1.06b: wrong version infos in ToC-File
v1.06: Changed ToC-File for patch 3.2.0
v1.0.5: added Spanish and Mexican localization
v1.0.4: added Russian localization
v1.0.3: fixed bug in the localization files
v1.0.2: fixed bug, that fastest mainhand speed was set to "0" on disarming; modified configmenu
v1.0.1: fixed localization problem for ruRU
v1.0.0: deleted scroll function - player can choose in configure menu in which stats he is interested in (ap, crit, hit, weapon speed, max ap, max crit, max hit, fastest weapon speed); modified config-ui
v0.9.1: integrate Ace-Libs; added a Config-UI; added some functions (change font, font effect, font size)

Older Non-Ace-Versions:
v0.2.7: added slash command /tms reset
v0.2.6: fixed: frame moved automatically on reload ui; added untranslated localization files
v0.2.5: fixed: error on move frame if it is locked; added English localization
v0.2.4: renew the way of moving the frame; added a slash command (/tms vis [percents])
v0.2.3: text frame changes visibility to 30% if character is out of combat
v0.2.2: text frame not longer in foreground - stable version (recommend to use this version!)
v0.2.1 beta: Bug: error when no off hand is equiped - fixed
v0.2.0 beta: Fix text with slash commands
v0.1.1: Bug: TMS is not displayed on joining game - fixed!
v0.1.0: Initial release

r89 | thevaan | 2016-02-01 15:51:23 +0000 (Mon, 01 Feb 2016) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/2.2.2 (from /trunk:88)

Tagging as 2.2.2
r88 | thevaan | 2016-02-01 15:35:46 +0000 (Mon, 01 Feb 2016) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/TinyMeleeStats.lua

* fixed labels
r86 | thevaan | 2016-01-30 22:46:10 +0000 (Sat, 30 Jan 2016) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Options.lua
   M /trunk/TinyMeleeStats.lua
   M /trunk/TinyMeleeStats.toc
   M /trunk/embeds.xml

* added AceTimer
* cleaned LibStub calls
r85 | thevaan | 2016-01-30 21:26:34 +0000 (Sat, 30 Jan 2016) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/embeds.xml

* removed no-lib creation
r84 | thevaan | 2016-01-30 17:26:01 +0000 (Sat, 30 Jan 2016) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Localization/deDE.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/esES.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/esMX.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/frFR.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/koKR.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/ruRU.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/zhCN.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/zhTW.lua

* updated localization files
r82 | thevaan | 2016-01-20 22:34:44 +0000 (Wed, 20 Jan 2016) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/.pkgmeta
   M /trunk/Options.lua
   M /trunk/TinyMeleeStats.lua

* removed nolib creation
* removed hidden debug mode activation
r80 | thevaan | 2016-01-20 22:11:39 +0000 (Wed, 20 Jan 2016) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Options.lua
   M /trunk/TinyMeleeStats.lua

* removed hit
* added multistrike
* fixed a bug
r79 | thevaan | 2016-01-20 20:47:15 +0000 (Wed, 20 Jan 2016) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Options.lua
   M /trunk/TinyMeleeStats.lua
   M /trunk/TinyMeleeStats.toc

fixed information bug
r78 | thevaan | 2016-01-20 20:20:19 +0000 (Wed, 20 Jan 2016) | 4 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/.pkgmeta
   M /trunk/Libs/LibDataBroker-1.1/LibDataBroker-1.1.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/deDE.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/enUS.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/esES.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/esMX.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/frFR.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/koKR.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/ruRU.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/zhCN.lua
   M /trunk/Localization/zhTW.lua
   M /trunk/Options.lua
   M /trunk/TinyMeleeStats.lua
   M /trunk/TinyMeleeStats.toc
   M /trunk/embeds.xml

* fixed several bugs
* renewed lib linking
* removed crap
* updated toc file


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  • #85

    Can I get Melee Damage statistic?

  • #79

    If this stupid addon's setting for "hide message" for TinyXStats doesn't stop resetting ... i'm going to find you, and hurt you.

  • #82

    Did you saw that you wrote the comment under the TinyMeleeStats addon and not under the TinyXStats addon?

  • #77

    you need to add a way to hide it, so people using things like Titanbar/ etc etc can just hide it, and put it on Titanbar. unless there is a way and im missing it

  • #78

    Thanks for your reply! We are looking forward to add this function. Meanwhile you may could set alpha of the text to 100% so it should not displayed...

  • #74

    it needs to have DPS and the dammage per hit numbers because i love the addon so far thats just all that buggs me about it.

  • #75

    TinyMeleeStats hasn't to show dps and damange per hit cause TinyMeleeStats is an addon that shows character stats.

    dps and damge per hit are player stats,depending on the skill and ratio from the player. showing dps wouldn't match our aim to make a tiny app that doesn't use much space and useses less cpu while showing charcters stats.

    please use a dps addon to controle your dps. sorry that we can't follow your wish but i hope you understand why dps hasn't anything to do wit our addon.

  • #86

    How about flat white DPS calculated from current stats (weapon damage, weapon swing, buffs, AP, haste, etc...) and not actual real dps like Recount/Skada? Nothing to do with real dps from skills and abilities.

    Last edited by frag971 on 10/31/2013 7:17:47 PM
  • #72

    hi i've just update the addon and got this error :

     1x TinyMeleeStats\TinyMeleeStats-1.5.0.lua:249: attempt to index global "TinyCasterStats" (a nil value)

    TinyMeleeStats\TinyMeleeStats-1.5.0.lua:249: in function <TinyMeleeStats\TinyMeleeStats.lua:248>
    TinyMeleeStats\TinyMeleeStats-1.5.0.lua:303: in function "Stats"
    TinyMeleeStats\TinyMeleeStats-1.5.0.lua:175: in function "InitializeFrame"
    TinyMeleeStats\TinyMeleeStats-1.5.0.lua:200: in function <TinyMeleeStats\TinyMeleeStats.lua:198>
    (tail call): ?
    <in C code>
    <string>:"safecall Dispatcher[1]":9: in function <string>:"safecall Dispatcher[1]":5
    (tail call): ?
    Ace3-Release-r1041\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0-11.lua:543: in function "EnableAddon"
    Ace3-Release-r1041\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0-11.lua:636: in function <Ace3\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:621>
    <in C code>
    FrameXML\UIParent.lua:274: in function "UIParentLoadAddOn"
    FrameXML\UIParent.lua:348: in function "TimeManager_LoadUI"
    FrameXML\UIParent.lua:614: in function <FrameXML\UIParent.lua:582>


    Last edited by Lounaaa on 3/23/2012 1:47:56 PM
  • #73

    is fixed in v1.5.1

  • #70

    I like this addon and the caster one. Was thinking it would also be nice to have one for my heals and tanks. just a suggestion. of course if u did all that the next one would be to make it just one addon lol. Thanks alot GOOD ADDON!

  • #76

    an all-in-one version (melee, caster, tank, healer)is now avalible - please search for "TinyXStats".

  • #71

    I planed to make all in one addon but then I stoped playing WoW. Sorry!

  • #69
    idk if just me but for some reason my hit is showing incorrectly
  • #68
    I can't for the life of me move this thing!! I read that you said the click and move point was in the middle of the first line, but it doesn't work. :( I've reset the position, toggled the locked position on and off and relogged, still can't move it, and I definitely can't use it when it's in the middle of my screen, it'll drive me crazy!
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