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Toggle Hotkeys

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.0.3a
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  • Updated 10/29/2012
  • Created 02/26/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: original author
  • Newest File: Toggle Hotkeys v1.02

About Toggle Hotkeys

Hey guys,
this is a little addon to manage hotykeys. I use it, because i need different hotkeys in pve then pvp. (Bartender_Dualspec just switch the profile not bindings)
It can switch hotkeys when u activate a specc automatically.

Call it /th
or through blizz interface / addons / .. -> configure button

There u can manage hotkey presets. U can manually save, load and delete.
The save button use the input box right of it.
The load and delete button use the dropdown-box.

Through Interface / Addons / Togglehotkeys, u can manage if hotkey switch with spec automatically!

This is my first populated addon, so offer criticism and suggestions are welcome :)


1.02 Update: Fixed DropDown Box Issue
Caused in Blizz Patch Changes: UIDropDownMenu_Initialize()

1.01 Update: Add new option: ClearBeforeLoad. It clears all Bindings (hotkeys) before it loads.
Without this option if u set a hotkey A and load a preset which doesnt contains a hotkey A, A stay as hotkey. Load preset just add hotkeys.
Takes a longer preset load time.

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  • #14

    Hey, I implemented the "fix" outlined in comments below. The addon is functional for me and there are no problems on that end, my issue is with changing zones.

    Whenever I switch over to some new zones (doesn't seem to happen each time, just the majority of the time) the game will "freeze" up for ~10 seconds.

    It happens when the "[Name of Hotkey profile] Loaded!" message appears in chat (it appears multiple times for me, not sure if that is normal).

    Anyone else having trouble with the profiles loading, particularly during zone changes.

    Last edited by glowang on 9/16/2012 8:27:41 PM
  • #15

    hi. this addon is catching the event "switching specc" - the problem is WoW fires this not only if u activate a different specc.. fx it fires it if you are switching zones

    does the message "[Name of Hotkey profile] Loaded!" appears multiple for 1 switch of zone? that wouldnt be normal no

    u can shorten the freeze time extremly by disable the option "ClearBeforeLoad" in this addon settings. or u could completly disable the automatic load of hotkeys (settings: "enabled") - then u have to load hotkeys manually if u switch your specc through /th

    i dont have this problem - i think its because of "ClearBeforeLoad" - is this option understandable? do u really need it?

    Last edited by ToshiUmezawa on 10/6/2012 3:06:40 PM
  • #16

    THANK YOU!!!!

    I'm fine with doing it manually so I'm just going to disable the automatic load. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

    And yes, when I change over to a new zone, there are sometimes up to 6 lines of the "Profile X Loaded!" message.

  • #12

    It can be easily fixed for 5.0.4

    Find in the file "Core.lua" calls to the function GetActiveTalentGroup, and rename it to the GetActiveSpecGroup

  • #13

    cool :) i will be back soon with MoP and upload new version

    edit: there is no error for me.. is this any special situation when it occurs?

    edit: ok got it, changed and uploaded ;)

    Last edited by ToshiUmezawa on 10/29/2012 6:27:47 AM
  • #10
    Hi, this is a great addon, and I cannot understand people who want to move their spells around instead of moving the hotkeys.

    However, after the 4.2 update, it does not seem to be compatible with grid2, any idea why ?

    Thanks for the hard work !
  • #11
    hey, thanks, but i do not play WoW anymore.. so i cant look up the problem, sry.
    when i'll start to play WoW again i'll update it, so long ..
  • #8
    I've been looking for something like this :) Would it be possible to change keybinding per stance? like different binds for Warriors in Berserker / Defensive stance, or Druids Bear form / Cat form / Prowl etc.
  • #9
    unfortunately your idea isnt compatible with the current concept of this project. im loading all possible hotkeys (~100 ? dunno ^^) - and this takes a while - so if you r infight u dont want do lagg ~ 1-2sec.
    so its needed to just load some extra selected hotkeys.
    if i got too much time bored, maybe i will work it out, but i cant promise u ;)
  • #6
    Great addon!
    Can i use this with macro?
    ex) /th load CHAR_1
    /th load CHAR_2
  • #7
    not yet, but i think i can implement it in the next update
  • #3
    This is an awesome addon, and only one of its kind.

    Sadly, does not work for me, i have the auto spec switching enabled and configured, but it does not work.

    Any chance you could fix it, or i can help you by providing any information?
  • #4
    first thank u ^^
    i still use it, so it works with newest version. Which part doesnt work?
    -If u manually Load the Presets, does it work?
    -If u switch your specc (and auto load is acitvated) is a message printed "_name_ specc activated!" ?

    one speciality is, that it doesnt clear hotkeys before it loads. That means, if u set key A in a preset, and load another where A isnt set at all, A stay as its hotkey, but he adds all other hotkeys from preset which is loaded anyway. It can be u can't see all hotkeys set through blizz config because u can just see 2x but there can be infinite keys per hotkey function.

  • #5
    added option to clear all hotkeys before load. solve the speciality i mentioned
  • #2
    Brilliant idea!
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