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  • World of Warcraft
  • 4,369 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.2
  • 342,484 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/11/2015
  • Created 03/13/2008
  • 289 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: tongues 1.6.5A
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About Tongues

The Tongues AddOn

From Skrull "A while ago I started using Lore. As I started working with it, I started to see some of the limitations. I decided to re-write my own version of it, and try to remove some of those limitations. Currently, Tongues doesn't do localization. In a conversation with Rufftran I learned that he may be retiring Lore since Tongues is doing well. I still need to talk to him about merging projects."

  • NOTE: Please PM non English translations of Languages and/or pet names to Aurorablade thankyou REMEMBER TO ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR CUSTOM FOLDER!

What it does:

  • It allows languages, dialects, affects on outgoing messages.
  • It allows filters on incoming and outgoing messages.
  • It has Lore-style Interpreters.
  • It provides the ability to Mass Translate for: targetted player, translators (people added to the user's translator list),party,guild, raid, officer, battleground, raid warning/alert.
  • Auto-translation of other Tongues users' say, yell, party, guild, officer, raid, battleground and raid warning/alert messages.
  • Uses Blizzard languages when it can (ie Orcs speaking Gutterspeak will not be understood by Undead unless the listener has Tongues, Undead speaking Gutterspeak will be understood if both they listener have Tongues.)
  • Provide a quick select for picking which language to speak. (So you don't have to open up the menu every time.)
  • Automatic Language learning (different languages have different difficulties for difficult factions, races, and classes.)
  • Allows you to speak for controlable pets with /petspeak or /ps

What it doesn't do:

  • It won't ever translate cross-faction.

Why not? Aside from the EULA, which prohibits this,the other reason for this is because of the method that Blizzard uses to generate its languages. For instance, a Human speaking Common being heard by the Horde may see a word like "hir" this could mean "the" or it could be "toc" - table of contents - it depends on the context, which you don't know because all the words are encrypted. The algorithm to figure this out would have to be extraordinarily complex.

  • It won't ever translate languages from or to users not using this AddOn.

What it will do:

  • Provide an option for dynamic Dialect drifting.
  • Miscellanious code streamlining.

List of Commands

  • /tongues
  • /tongues <language>
    • Swap to a new language
  • /tongues opt

open options window

  • /dialect
    • swap dialects
  • /ps <what to say>
  • allows petspeech

LibDataBroker Support

If you have a libdatabroker compatible display addon it will make a display that will mimic the minimenu or 'big red button".

  • Left Click to cycle languages
  • Right Click to open options
  • Alt - left click to open menu of languages you know

List of Languages

Sub languages are alias of a language who use the same word set to a point, these names can be used when adding a language

  • Common
  • Orcish
  • Troll
    • Sub Languages: Zandali,Amani,Gurubashi,Drakkari,
  • Dwarvish
  • Gnomish
  • Darnassian
  • Forsaken
    • Sub Languages: Gutterspeak
  • Taurahe
  • Draenei
  • Thalassian
    • Sub Language: Sindassi
  • Wolf
    • Sub Languages: Hyena,Core Hound
  • Bear
  • Bat
    • Sub Languages: Sporebat
  • Boar
  • Serpent
    • SubLanguages: Nether (used for warpstalkers), Raptor, Chimaera,Crocolisk,Devilsaur
  • Ursine
  • Cat
  • Seal
  • Bird
  • Ravenspeech
  • Moonkin
  • Trentish
    • Sub Languages: Turtle (it worked in my head)
  • Dark Iron
  • Kalimag (language of elementals)
    • Sub: Elemental
  • Demonic
    • Sub Languages: Eredun
  • Titan
  • Draconic
  • Nerubian
    • Sub Languages: Qiraji,Silithid,Wasp,Ravager,Scorpid,Spider
  • Nerglish (MURLOC SPEECH!)
  • Nazja (Naga Language)
  • Undead (a take on zombie language)
  • Pandaran
  • Gilnean-CodeSpeak (Cockny rhyme gibberish)
    • Sub Gilnean
  • Stag
  • Orca

How to add a language

Go into your options, click the understand tab. Enter language to learn in the box Hit enter Adjust the slider to desired fluancy Hit Set

You can change your fluancy later (if passive learning isn't doing it for you) in the same method.

How to remove a language

  • To remove one language: In the understand tab: Enter your language to remove into the box, Click Clear
  • To remove All Languages: in the understand tab: Click clear

Click list at any to see the languages you know and thier fluencys.

Known Bugs:

  • None known at this time.

Aurorablade: ATTENTION! if you downloaded before 11:35 pm est on the 11th redownload

  • fixes MRP, Travel form
  • Fixes the addon maintainers inability to remove a library declaration....
  • ever foget how you were actually version numbering you addon?: Fixed prat compatiblity
  • Current bugs with ELVUI still trying to figure out, bug with using target shorthand in custom text. Drunken dwarvs in guild do not sound drunk enough...
  • 2a: Dialect Tweeks.
  • 6.0.1: Umlauts will translate, ! won't. Fixed /dialect command. people on a translate list will NOT get translates on EMOTEs or if you are speaking in say in Common/Orcish. This does not affect Translate to Targetted. I DID NOT GET AROUND TO ADDING IN NEW PET TYPES...I PROMISE I WILL.
  • Dr Dolittle Fixes: You can now talk as an animal easier hopeully now, Fixed various issues invovling settings not being respected.
  • 6.0:WoD Release should be pretty much working. Still at my war with the mage glyph.
  • 5.6A:...woopps Fixed a locale error..NOTHING TO SEE HERE MOVE ALONG! 7/13/2014:Marking as Release
  • 5.6:Releasing as Beta. Tweek with arcane languages glyph. Inform me if it breaks EVERYTHING. Try to make it so you don't get a skill up in channels where gaining a skillup would be silly as all heck.
  • 5.5: Toned down the standard dwarf dialect based on user feedback, Dwarf heavy remains, use with cuation. Removed growl off the Dreanei Very light dialect.
  • 5.4 A:Updated AceComm Lib.
  • 5.4:Smaill tweeks, TROLL PLAYERS: Zandali is now set properly as a may need to reset MY BAD! DON'T HEX ME!
  • 5.3: Thanks to I have hopefully fixed issues with the whole Compact raid frame taint. THIS WILL NOT FIX THE "IsDisabledByParentalControls()' TAINT!!! That is on Blizzards end, its not even tongues! BUT it is going to be fixed in the patch on the current PTR so just hang tight. Other things: Removed and tweeked some things with the Darnassian dialect and language (Cuase useing the sin'dorei stuff for substitutions made me feel dirty). Changed stuff for the "Stag" druid shapeshfit langauge it now also has the alias of "Deer" for you non druids. MEEEeerrrRRREEErrrr
  • 5.2a:Commenting/removing some uncommented Debug code...Sorry.
  • 5.2:Actually may have fixed the issue with arcane language glyphs, may have fixed an issue with shapeshifted languages on and not speaking common. MORE THEN LIKELY BROKE THE ADDON, please test on the PTR, leave a comment on the CURSE PAGE if you find anything, otherwise it will go release build when 5.4 goes live. Update: Set to release for 5.4, Error reporting still stnads.
  • e8:Actually updating the toc for 5.3
  • 1.5.1e6 finally may have the languge glitch ended. Please excuse some language lag i am still unsure the exact cuase of it.
  • 1.5.1e5 Trying to fix gnomes this time
  • 1.5.1e4 Forsaken and custom language issue
  • 1.5.1e3 Fixing and error in e2 hopefully also fixes instance chat issues.
  • 1.5.1e 5.1 update.
  • 1.5.1d2 FINALLY may have fixed the annoying 'not switching to common/orcish on custom language' problem..I HOPE...
  • 1.5.1d Pandas Be Trolling: Fixed an issue where custom languages were being sent across in racial language instead of common/orcish for trolls and Pandas.
  • FIXED:VEry massive bug..Sorry it took me so long to fix it guys!
  • Added:Draenei VERY light dialect
  • Added:Languages alias based on feedback, see list in description


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  • #942

    Hi I really do love this add on an have alot of fun with it but I have some sujestions. One would be to add in a list of all avalible languages in game to learn, some people don't really want to take the time to go on wowhead or whatever to search up how to spell the language and everything. The other would have to be a request, I'm a huge fan of Skyrim and would love to be able to speak Dovahzul in wow with ease, I beleive it would be asy to impliment this into an add on or into Tongues because it's actually a set language and you can find all the grammer rulles and tranzlations at thank you for taking a look at my poste :)

  • #940

    LUA Errors, as well as other important information. If you need any other information, please feel free to Email me ([email protected]). The issue is a bit of a pain, and I have both cleared WTF of the LUA files. Reinstalled from scratch, loaded and attempted with only Tongues active (which made the problem worse). Etc.

    -------------------------Attempt With ONLY Tongues Active--------------------------------------

    Error 1: Message: ...ns\Tongues\libs\LibBabble-Race-3.0\LibBabble-3.0.lua:51: LibBabble-CreatureType-3.0: Translation "Clefthoof" not found.
    Time: 11/17/15 20:15:23
    Count: 1
    Stack: ...ns\Tongues\libs\LibBabble-Race-3.0\LibBabble-3.0.lua:51: in function <...ns\Tongues\libs\LibBabble-Race-3.0\LibBabble-3.0.lua:28>
    Interface\AddOns\Tongues\Core\pets.lua:119: in main chunk

    Locals: <none>

    Error 2 (On Speaking): Message: Interface\AddOns\Tongues\Core\libs.lua:283: attempt to index global 'log' (a function value)
    Time: 11/17/15 20:15:47
    Count: 1
    Stack: Interface\AddOns\Tongues\Core\libs.lua:283: in function `GetCharacterWho'
    Interface\AddOns\Tongues\comm.lua:120: in function `TonguesReceiveMessage'
    Interface\AddOns\Tongues\comm.lua:22: in function `TonguesRecieveRawMessage'
    Interface\AddOns\Tongues\comm.lua:7: in function <Interface\AddOns\Tongues\comm.lua:7>
    [string "safecall Dispatcher[4]"]:4: in function <[string "safecall Dispatcher[4]"]:4>
    [C]: ?
    [string "safecall Dispatcher[4]"]:13: in function `?'
    ...ues\Core\CallBackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:92: in function `Fire'
    ...face\AddOns\Tongues\libs\AceComm-3.0\AceComm-3.0.lua:261: in function <...face\AddOns\Tongues\libs\AceComm-3.0\AceComm-3.0.lua:243>

    Locals: <none>

    ((Both with Tongues being the only addon in use. Words DO NOT appear in Chat, translated or otherwise.))


    --------------------Attempt With Other Addons Active Alongside Tongues------------------------

    Error 1: Message: ...dOns\MogIt\Libs\LibBabble-Boss-3.0\LibBabble-3.0.lua:51: LibBabble-CreatureType-3.0: Translation "Clefthoof" not found.
    Time: 11/17/15 20:18:12
    Count: 1
    Stack: ...dOns\MogIt\Libs\LibBabble-Boss-3.0\LibBabble-3.0.lua:51: in function <...dOns\MogIt\Libs\LibBabble-Boss-3.0\LibBabble-3.0.lua:28>
    Interface\AddOns\Tongues\Core\pets.lua:119: in main chunk

    Locals: <none>

    ((With All other addons I use enabled. PRat, TRP, Tongues, ElvUI(Chat Module Disabled), DBM, Load as needed PvP Addons, etc.)) ((Would note that with Chat Addons enabled, my words will appear in the chat log. However, they appear untranslated and semi-delayed. Tested with Thalassian and Darnassian as a Human Race.))


  • #941

    To add onto the issue, I have verified with several others who had encountered this same issue.  Both with and without other addons being enabled alongside Tongues. Each with the exact same problem arising, even when Tongues is the only active Addon.

  • #945
    Quote from cethlennmiles »
    Quote from Dehvi »

    To add onto the issue, I have verified with several others who had encountered this same issue.  Both with and without other addons being enabled alongside Tongues. Each with the exact same problem arising, even when Tongues is the only active Addon.

    I am having the same issue with Tongues, with and without other addons enabled.

    Yeah, seems to be a big issue for a lot of players. Every Tongues user in both my Guilds are suffering it. Sucks too, since I RP as a Quel'dorei and so, Thalassian is an important language to have. Haha.

  • #943
    Quote from Dehvi »

    To add onto the issue, I have verified with several others who had encountered this same issue.  Both with and without other addons being enabled alongside Tongues. Each with the exact same problem arising, even when Tongues is the only active Addon.

    I am having the same issue with Tongues, with and without other addons enabled.

  • #937

    I don't really know what I have done or how to even do it in the first place. But I have put in Darnassian on 100% fluency and I can speak it.. But I still can't understand when others speak it.. Like.. It does not Translate for me. It does not matter what language I have choosen.. I have Common on.. Can't understand Darnassian.... I have Darnassian on... Can't understand Darnassian.. What am I doing wrong? 

  • #938

    it can only translate it if the other user also has the addon

  • #935

    Hi, I'd like to report a bug. My druid in bat form is speaking stag and in treant form is speaking bat. I just got flying in draenor and for whatever reason travel form is always speaking stag. I can give other info if you need, but I'm not sure what I should be giving you.

    Love the addon by the way! Favorite addon I have downloaded.

  • #936

    .....odd...i will try to look at that when i can....

    also its kinda funny....

  • #939

    Good news and bad news: Good news, the shapeshift bug has been (mostly) fixed. Bats now speak bat after a second or two of being in bat form, before that they speak stag. Treants, however, don't seem to be affected by the shapeshift language option, as they now prefer to speak whatever language my char used before shapeshifting, and now requires Trentish to be toggled.

    Bad news, text now not normally appears in the chat box when using a shapeshifted language. You can test this by going into any form(expect maybe boomkin), enabling translations, and typing out some words. Although translations appear, it would seem that all other shapeshifting text is now gone from the chat box.4

    Is there a setting I've missed or something?

    And thank you for fixing my original bug, its quite an improvement.

    If you need me to provide any information let me know.

  • #933

    So i downloaded the addon, it looks great, and it's functional on my mage who use the glyph! My issue though , i can't understand how Dialects and affects work. No matter which option in what ever language i put i speak normal. Am i doing something wrong?

  • #934

    a dialect is just something that auto puts in an accent/quirk to character speech, example you coming out as 'yer' or the highly controversial draenei dialect that sometimes is barely understandable.

    Affects add things to your character such as growling (r rolling), sluring (fake drunk), etc etc. the intensity of that is controlled by a slider if i recall correctly.

    Back on dialects, some of them are light and some are heavy, some things you might not notice unless you hit a certain word the code looks for to replace. Dialect example Gilnean( oringial in brackets, replacement after the equals): 

    ["whatever"] = "wotevah",
    ["some"] = "sum",

  • #931

    day off tomarrow, assuming i don't have to do anything major IRL..or fall asleep... i will try to work on the MRP thing.

  • #927

    I downloaded this and it said it was not up to date. Not only that but now I can not use anything but common or Orcish. This thing messed up my game and I made sure to do eveything right.

  • #929

    Did you check load out of date addons? What race are you playing? Are you getting any Lua errors (goto the help catagory in interface options to turn those on)

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