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Total RP 2

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  • Supports: 6.2.0
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  • Updated 06/24/2015
  • Created 12/05/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
  • Newest File: Total RP 2 : 1.034
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About Total RP 2

There will be no more updates as we are focusing our effort on Total RP 3.
There will be no bug fixes and no new features.
The current version is stable enough to be used until Total RP 3 gets all its missing features
and everyone makes the switch.

You love reading the books that are available in the game?
Take a look at Total RP 2 Bookworm, a new module for copying books into Total RP 2

Here are awesome videos made by MrRamziaB.
Great explanations of the main features of the add-on. Check it out !

Your Total RP 2's creations are important !
Make a regular backup so you don't loose them !
Follow this quick tutorial to know how to backup your addon's preferences.

Total RP 2 is the sequel of Total RP, well known on roleplay realms.

Total RP 2 is based on exchanging information with other players via an in-game channel, automatically joined by the player when he logs in. This channel will be used to receive information from other players (character's description, story, items, location) and send your own information. You can make up a story for your character, deeply describe it and its personality and discover other characters.

You can also create custom items (food, tools, letters, books) and auras (appearance, magic, behavior) to use during role-playing sessions. Advanced options also allows you to create a quest-like system, to share with other, to interact with the environment and in-game characters.

This addon adds a great amount of roleplay features such as :

  • Characters, pets and mounts informations (names, titles, story, description, temper ...)
  • Item creation and inventory management
  • Document creation (Books, contracts, letters...)
  • Buff/debuff creation (called states)
  • Quest creation
  • Locate other role-players on the world map
  • Use custom languages (Draconic, Eredar)
  • And many more !

Total RP 2 est la suite du désormais connu Total RP.

Total RP 2 se base sur l'utilisation d'un canal d'échange d'informations dans le jeu. Lorsque le joueur se connecte, il rejoint automatiquement ce canal, qui servira à recevoir les informations (description du personnage, histoire, objets créés, localisation) des autres joueurs et à envoyer ses propres informations. Les joueurs peuvent ainsi se créer une histoire, approfondir l'apparence de leur personnage, décrire avec précision sa personnalité, et découvrir celles des autres.

Il est également possible de créer des objets (nourriture, gadget, cosmétiques, lettres, livres) et des auras (apparence, magie, comportement) à utiliser lors de sessions de jeu de rôle. Des options avancées permettent également de créer un système de quête, à partager avec les autres joueurs, permettant d'interagir avec l'environnement et les personnages du jeu.

L'addon ajoute un nombre incroyable de fonctionnalité RP comme :

  • Informations des personnages, montures et familiers (Nom, histoire, titres, personnalité, description ...)
  • Création et échange d'objet, gestion d'inventaires RP
  • Création de documents (livres, lettres, contrats...)
  • Création de buffs/debuffs RP (appelés états)
  • Création de quêtes
  • Localiser les autres rôlistes sur la carte du monde
  • Langues personnalisée (Draconique, Eredar)
  • Et plein d'autres choses !

Total RP's icon was made by Lady Kara

Total RP 2 version 1.034

  • Updated TOC for patch 6.2
  • Updated icons for patch 6.2.


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  • #283

    Since 6.1 with german client this error pop up 15sec after login:

    Message: SendChatMessage(): Chat message must be UTF-8 text
    Time: 02/25/15 11:45:26
    Count: 2
    Stack: [C]: ?
    [C]: in function `SendChatMessage'
    ...ddOns\DataStore\libs\AceComm-3.0\ChatThrottleLib.lua:428: in function `SendChatMessage'
    Interface\AddOns\totalRP2\totalRP2_Communication.lua:79: in function `TRP2_SendContentToChannel'
    ...Ons\totalRP2_PlayerInfo\totalRP2_PlayerInfo_Main.lua:19: in function `TRP2_SePresenterSurLeChan'
    Interface\AddOns\totalRP2\totalRP2.lua:109: in function <Interface\AddOns\totalRP2\totalRP2.lua:69>

    Locals: (*temporary) = "TRP2.1HELLO1031"
    (*temporary) = "CHANNEL"
    (*temporary) = 7
    (*temporary) = 2

  • #285

    For me, i can't update it.

    Neither via Curse-client, nor the old fashion way via win.rar.

  • #287

    If you hit the download button on the Curse page it does download version 1.032. However, Curse's back-end is having an issue and it doesn't sync the update to the Curse Client. I've poked Curse about this and they told me everything is normal and it can take some time.

    Ellypse, Developer for Storyline and Total RP 2 & 3

  • #284

    Please update to latest version (1.032)

    Ellypse, Developer for Storyline and Total RP 2 & 3

  • #281

    I've now got the latest version of TRP2, v1031.

    I'm using it because I prefer the way it displays the character tag/information on those who do not have the addon, unlike the one TRP3 uses... Which is the original display. I hate that.

    Anyway, the TRP2 v1031 doesn't update fast enough or automatically. In order for me to see whether or not a player uses an RP addon or indeed has a character sheet/description, I must first add them to the dictionary. This still does not display the information when I hover over the character. Only when I manually click to inspect their sheet, does it update and show their character sheet on hovering over them.

    Is there a way to set it up to display automatically, update quicker or is this a bug?

  • #282

    Hello (Sorry for the delay, I don't come here as often as before).

    You are the first person contacting me with this issue. Nothing change in the communication protocol between version 1.030 and version 1.031. Does your issue happen with everyone or only people using a different roleplaying add-on (like MyRolePlay, XRP, or even Total RP 3 which count as a different add-on)? In Total RP 2, the Mary Sue Protocol used for inter-communication between other roleplaying add-ons has a cool-down to prevent spamming people. This protection result in a delay appearing sometimes when discovering a new profile, but it should eventually send a request to that person.


    Ellypse, Developer for Storyline and Total RP 2 & 3

  • #277

    Ever since I downloaded the new TRP2, whenever I try to edit my character description, it doesn't show any spaces between sentences. 
    So, in the editing description it says this for example: 



    But shown is: 

    "SentencesentencesentenceSentencesentencesentenceSentencesentencesentenceSentencesentencesentenceSentencesentencesentence. SentencesentencesentenceSentencesentencesentenceSentencesentencesentence."


  • #278


    Thank you for reporting this issue. I haven't touch this part of the add-on in the last update, so it might be an issue with some changes from patch 6.0.2. I'll have to check it out.

    Last edited by EllypseCelweBelore on 1/30/2015 7:03:05 PM

    Ellypse, Developer for Storyline and Total RP 2 & 3

  • #279

    Maybe it was a bug. I checked it out today, but it is working again fine now. 



  • #274
    Whisper Windows

    I couldn't find this answer anywhere else, hoping someone here can help.

    TRP3 and TRP2 both disable the blinking notification of my Whisper Window. I have whispers in another tab and I can't figure out how to get that tab to blink again. :/ Works fine for BNet whispers, just not character whispers.

    Is there a way I can turn this blinking functionality back on?

  • #275


    Total RP 2 was always bad with chat frame tabs. It overrides some part of Blizzard's API to display its stuff in the chat frame, which means the default behavior of the chat frame is not preserved (like you say, the blinking features, also all whispers are displayed in all tabs, not just the tab they are bound to).

    Fixing this in Total RP 2 will require a major re-work on the addon, so this behavior will not be fixed in Total RP 2. However, I'm taking note of your feedback and will look into getting this fixed for Total RP 3. We are using a complete different system for Total RP 3's chat system, which is supposed to play nicer with the chat frame (but relies on other addons not acting like Total RP 2 ^^).

    Ellypse, developer for Total RP 2 & 3

    Ellypse, Developer for Storyline and Total RP 2 & 3

  • #276

    Awesome! I'm actually currently using TRP3 xD I already left some feedback on y our forums for that as well. I LOVE it, this is probably the little bug that annoys me the most. xD

    Thanks so much for the fast response and all of your hard work, too. :) Love the addon, don't know what I would do without it!

  • #272

    Kudos to this addon not keep reseting itself after this recent patch like MRP and XRP keeps doing for some reasons >_< 

  • #273

    Thank you for letting me know about this. I saw the issue with MRP and XRP and I'm glad Total RP 2 is not affected by it :)

    Ellypse, developer for Total RP 2 & 3

    Ellypse, Developer for Storyline and Total RP 2 & 3

  • #268

    Hey everyone!  My guild leader and I just made a short video on the basic funtionality of TRP2

    On the same channel is going to be many more videos about the more advanced things you can do with TRP2

    EllypseCelweBelore I would like to speak (skype or g-hangout) with you about some of the more advanced aspects of the addon, so I can make the videos better. :)


    Thank you.


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