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Total RP 2

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 8,370 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 372,213 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/12/2015
  • Created 12/05/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
  • Newest File: Total RP 2 : 1.031
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About Total RP 2

There will be no more updates as we are focusing our effort on Total RP 3.
There will be no bug fixes and no new features.
The current version is stable enough to be used until Total RP 3 gets all its missing features
and everyone makes the switch.

You love reading the books that are available in the game?
Take a look at Total RP 2 Bookworm, a new module for copying books into Total RP 2

Here are awesome videos made by MrRamziaB.
Great explanations of the main features of the add-on. Check it out !

Your Total RP 2's creations are important !
Make a regular backup so you don't loose them !
Follow this quick tutorial to know how to backup your addon's preferences.

Total RP 2 is the sequel of Total RP, well known on roleplay realms.

Total RP 2 is based on exchanging information with other players via an in-game channel, automatically joined by the player when he logs in. This channel will be used to receive information from other players (character's description, story, items, location) and send your own information. You can make up a story for your character, deeply describe it and its personality and discover other characters.

You can also create custom items (food, tools, letters, books) and auras (appearance, magic, behavior) to use during role-playing sessions. Advanced options also allows you to create a quest-like system, to share with other, to interact with the environment and in-game characters.

This addon adds a great amount of roleplay features such as :

  • Characters, pets and mounts informations (names, titles, story, description, temper ...)
  • Item creation and inventory management
  • Document creation (Books, contracts, letters...)
  • Buff/debuff creation (called states)
  • Quest creation
  • Locate other role-players on the world map
  • Use custom languages (Draconic, Eredar)
  • And many more !

Total RP 2 est la suite du désormais connu Total RP.

Total RP 2 se base sur l'utilisation d'un canal d'échange d'informations dans le jeu. Lorsque le joueur se connecte, il rejoint automatiquement ce canal, qui servira à recevoir les informations (description du personnage, histoire, objets créés, localisation) des autres joueurs et à envoyer ses propres informations. Les joueurs peuvent ainsi se créer une histoire, approfondir l'apparence de leur personnage, décrire avec précision sa personnalité, et découvrir celles des autres.

Il est également possible de créer des objets (nourriture, gadget, cosmétiques, lettres, livres) et des auras (apparence, magie, comportement) à utiliser lors de sessions de jeu de rôle. Des options avancées permettent également de créer un système de quête, à partager avec les autres joueurs, permettant d'interagir avec l'environnement et les personnages du jeu.

L'addon ajoute un nombre incroyable de fonctionnalité RP comme :

  • Informations des personnages, montures et familiers (Nom, histoire, titres, personnalité, description ...)
  • Création et échange d'objet, gestion d'inventaires RP
  • Création de documents (livres, lettres, contrats...)
  • Création de buffs/debuffs RP (appelés états)
  • Création de quêtes
  • Localiser les autres rôlistes sur la carte du monde
  • Langues personnalisée (Draconique, Eredar)
  • Et plein d'autres choses !

Total RP's icon was made by Lady Kara

New stuff

  • New icons : I’ve updated the list of available icons with the latest from Warlords of Draenor. You now have 14 173 icons to choose from !
  • New sounds : I’ve also updated the list of sounds available (unfortunately, due to issues with the new CASC file system, this list is not exhaustive). The new list is HUGE (this is why the add-on has gain in weight). There are now 19 466 more sound files to choose from, for a total of 67 249 files !
  • New maps : That one was long overdue. I’ve added all the missing maps to the location system. You can now use hide stashes, place signposts and choose a house in more zones. This includes the new player zones, the new zones from Cataclysm (yes, Gilneas too!), Pandaria and Draenor ! And all the instances too (dungeons, raids and battlegrounds). And yes, it does work in garrisons ;)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue when checking for ignored characters (when filtering sounds, trades and other stuff).
  • Fixed a Lua error when hovering the cursor over someone not already in the registry.


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  • #44
    Hi there! FANTASTIC addon! I am still learning it. It is very powerful, and as such, quite complex! I have a question about "states". I notice when I fell in the water I "gained Soaked" which is a state I can also apply manually. But I went through the item/state creator and cannot find how TRP2 knows I was wet, and to apply the soaked state! How do I do this for when I "challenging shout" or take damage from a fire.. or other things? How does "soaked" work? Curious and I want to do it! :D
  • #56
    I would like to know how to do this as well! :3 Please, let us know.
  • #43
    To all the people complaining about compatibility with other addons, I have a suggestion:
    Advertise this Addon!

    While I very much prefer TRP to TRP2, I still think this addon is worlds better than any others out there. I find it very demanding to run while using other RP addons as well, but when it's the only one activated it's not that bad.

    It would be optimum if this were to become -the- preferred RP addon. Best way to spread it through a server is to get your guild GMs to try it and make it required for your guild. Many guilds make MRP or GHI required, no reason that can't be done with this one.
  • #42
    I seem to be having a problem with the names showing on mini-pets. Despite inputting information for them, when I hover over the pet I just see the standard interface tooltip.
  • #47
    Also, and this is from a friend, there seems to be an issue with the TRP2 Tooltip popping up when mousing over a name in Healbot.

    The option to turn off Tooltips during combat has been selected, but it seems to happen anyway. Is there a way to fix this?
  • #41
    Just hold down ctrl while you right click on a name. :)
  • #36
    Loving the addon so far, but I'm having an issue. On my warlock, none of my minions are appearing under the Companions section. My mount and my two non-combat pets are there, but not my minions. I've summoned all three of the ones I have, logged on and off, but they still refuse to show up.
  • #37
    Just summon him, target him and clic on the TRP2 target button (which appear by default on the left of the wow target frame)
  • #38
    Aah, I see it now. The state frame and the target buttons are incompatible with Pitbull 4.0. Well, damn. Guess I'll have to turn it off when I go RP. Thanks for the help.
  • #39
    You can choose where these frames appear and to which Wow frame they are anchored. Just go to the TRP2 parameters, in the second tab.
  • #40
    Ahh, okay, MBF, and all the relevant info is there. Awesome, thanks a bunch.
  • #29
    This is probably the best RP add on out there, which is a shame because it's not compatible with flagrsp, IRP, etc, so it's pretty much useless at the moment.
    The other RP addons have a huge userbase, so the decision to make it incompatible with them seems kind of silly, to be honest.
    I'm certainly not complaining about the addon itself, because as I said, it's the best one out at the moment by far. But until it's compatible with what the majority of people are using, it's essentially pointless to have.
  • #30
    Just ask yourself : Why this is "the best" (using your words :) ) RP addon ? Because it was made without the restraints of regular flags-addon like FlagRSP or MRP. Make it incompatible wasn't a "decision" as TRP2 is NOT a regular flags-addon (like TRP1 was).

    For TRP2 I created my own communication system, which was created to be the best for communicate between TRP2 users.
    Create a compatibility for FlagRSP or MRP would have only one outcome : decrease the TRP2 quality.

    TRP2 won't change on that point, never. And that's why you can use both TRP2 and other regular flags-addon anyway.
  • #34
    Personally I still think it is worthwhile opening dialog between other RP addon authors to come up with a solution that works for them all.

    With RSP-based code specifically, I understand the reason for lack of compatibility. Use of the xtensionxtooltip2 channel for mass content delivery is highly inefficient and taxing not only to the server but to people's clients.

    MRP however, uses the same hidden-whisper method TRP2 does (minus certain globalchannel-based features). Surely the two mods could communicate on some level?


    P.S. - Any word on the feature requests I made earlier? Reason I ask, is that anchoring to the GameTooltip while using TipTac doesn't work nicely. Currently having to compromise by anchoring to WorldFrame.
  • #35
    I'll second that. They all need to work together, somehow. It's obnoxious that I can't see half of the profiles on the server because some people use one addon over another. Thankfully, you can use this one with another. Now it's just a matter of getting MRP and Flag's creators to get their addons to communicate with each other.

    (Or just get everyone to stop using MRP and Flag and use this far better one.)
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