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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 219,343 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/02/2014
  • Created 02/22/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 2.22-2

About TradeForwarder

The trade channel version of LFGForwarder, which will let you see trade channel wherever you are.

The command is /tfw instead of /lfw

The LFGForwarder is here : LFGForwarder@Curse

r57 | carolo | 2014-11-02 18:26:24 +0000 (SAT, 18 Oct 2014)| 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/TradeForwarder.lua
   M /trunk/TradeForwarder.toc

Fix on Server with blank space (like Aerie Peak)


r56 | carolo | 2014-10-18 13:40:51 +0000 (SAT, 18 Oct 2014)| 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/TradeForwarder.lua

fix get channel ID on load

r53 | syllibear | 2014-03-04 06:09:44 +0000 (Tue, 04 Mar 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/2.21 (from /trunk:52)

tagging as 2.21
r52 | syllibear | 2014-03-04 06:08:48 +0000 (Tue, 04 Mar 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/TradeForwarder.lua

Fix version number.
r51 | syllibear | 2014-03-04 06:05:34 +0000 (Tue, 04 Mar 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/TradeForwarder.lua

Added chat message and changed channel to what others have been using as a stopgap measure.
r47 | syllibear | 2014-03-04 02:01:06 +0000 (Tue, 04 Mar 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/TradeForwarder.lua
   M /trunk/TradeForwarder.toc

-Fix bug introduced when realm names were added to sender's name.
-Update toc to 50400
r46 | funkydude | 2013-02-08 14:37:14 +0000 (Fri, 08 Feb 2013) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/TradeForwarder.lua

Stop passing an invalid channelId which breaks other addons that expect it. All custom CHAT_MSG_CHANNEL channels have an id of 0, official channels have their own id. (1 for General, 2 for Trade, 22 for LocalDefense, 23 for WorldDefense and 26 for LFG)


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  • #120

    I love this addon and i used it since....God knows how long.

    but it use so much resourses and make so much lag.

    Do u have any plan to fix it? or any alterntive addons?

  • #121

    finally found out what cause the problem.

    it's oqueue (

    oqueue does whisper b-tag friends a lot (every .5sec) and it cause masive traffic to tradeforwarder.

    i think it can be fix by limiting data gathering from channel:TCForwarder2IIll only.

  • #119

    this addon has been causing my game to window. a few of my guildies that used that addon had the same problem. had to completely remove it to stop the problem.

    shame realy since it is a nice addon


    hope someone updates it

  • #118

    Will this be getting an update for 5.2 Soon?

  • #116

    Message: ...rface\AddOns\Blizzard_TalentUI\Blizzard_TalentUI.lua:706: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'id' (a nil value)
    Time: 02/01/13 19:29:35
    Count: 1
    Stack: ...rface\AddOns\Blizzard_TalentUI\Blizzard_TalentUI.lua:706: in function `PlayerTalentFrame_SelectTalent'
    ...rface\AddOns\Blizzard_TalentUI\Blizzard_TalentUI.lua:40: in function `OnAccept'
    Interface\FrameXML\StaticPopup.lua:3897: in function `StaticPopup_OnClick'
    [string "*:OnClick"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>

    Locals: id = nil
    (*temporary) = <function> defined =[C]:-1
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = "attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'id' (a nil value)"

  • #115
    I really hope someone updates this addon it is great
  • #114

    It doesn't play well with other addons currently, needs update or something, D/C me during loading screens, had to disable. I love this addon, please update! 

  • #113

    I want to change the Channelname from [LFW] to [2], I had tryed something but it doesn't work. Can anybody help me?

  • #111

    5.0.4 version works fine for me in 5.1

  • #110

    time to update this awesome addon plx



  • #109

    Update, please of 5.1

  • #107

    Not working for me, it asks me for a password.

  • #108

    Apparently on Moonguard someone has set a password for that channel, rendering all of us other users unable to join.  Is there anyway to render the "set password" option useless? 


  • #106

    I'd like to see a little config screen where I can edit the ability to turn off who's sending the messages.

    Last edited by danbopes on 11/23/2012 4:22:34 PM
  • #105

    Any way to remove the name of the person that's forwarding? It's in chinese or something which makes it next to impossible to edit the lua

    Quote from fratzi »



    "["..L["LFW"]..(forwarder and ":"..forwarder or "").."] "..

    in line 126, for better visibillity.


    ok this is what I was looking for, works great

    Last edited by Dizzle_ on 11/12/2012 4:25:30 PM
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