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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.2
  • 19,585 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/09/2011
  • Created 09/01/2008
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: TradeTrak 1.09

About TradeTrak

Now updated for Patch 4.0.3 + Cataclysm Recipes! TradeTrak is a complete in-game database of every tradeskill recipe available, presented in a simple-to-navigate table. You can browse by profession, search by name, and filter by skill level, type, slot, and recipe source. Filters may also be combined for precise control. TradeTrak grew out of the popularity of my Crafter's Tome reference web site, which provides more extensive web-based recipe lists and filtering options. This addon was designed and developed by Kaliope and Mikros of Crafter's Tome. If you need assistance with TradeTrak please visit our official website and send us an email, this support forum is NOT monitored for help requests.

Updated for Patch 4.2 including new recipes from Mount Hyjal dailies and recipe drops in the Firelands.  Also includes some stealth changes to "classic" recipes that were undocumented.

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  • #10

    This addon is interfering with Pawn.  Pawn will not work at all when this is loaded.  Not sure why, but I've removed TradeTrak for now.

  • #11

    I've tried duplicating your situation but I'm not having the same trouble you are. I don't use Pawn but I did install it to test with Tradetrak. Both add-ons seem to load for me. I'm not familiar with Pawn's functionality, but I was able to click all the tabs and load individual screens.

    If you have any more specifics you'd like to provide, I'd be happy to try something else. But at this point I'm not able to duplicate your problem. Turning off Tradetrak is a valid option :)

  • #7
    I don't know if you're even keeping an eye on this anymore, but there is something that I wouldn't think would be too hard to do that would make this addon better. It would be great if you could link an entire profession with everything you have in the database. Since you can now link your own professions like that I'd think it could be easily done, however maybe the programming is actually a lot more complicated than I imagine.
  • #8
    Psilocybe: It would probably be difficult for us to add that functionality because our addon doesn't actually store your personal recipe data. What it does is display the full recipe lists for each profession, including recipes you don't have. Since we aren't keeping track of the recipes your characters know, we have no way to display that information. In order to add it we'd have to create a whole new set of features to collect your personal recipe data, store it, and compile it for you in the link.

    On the other hand, Blizzard allows you to link your recipe book with the chat bubble icon in the upper right of your recipe window. The functionality is already available with no addons required :)
  • #9
    I think he meant that it would be nice to be able to link a *complete* skillset for a whole profession, i.e. not your own subset, or even your own profession.
    Perhaps ProfessionsVault can?
    It says "Comes pre-loaded with links to fully-stocked professions".
    Also it seems to lack where to get recipes, so a good match to this one?
  • #6
    Sica: There are no menus or options for this mod to change it's appearance. What you see if what you get, sorry if that's a problem. We felt this was a pretty simple add-on and didn't require a fancy menu system, so we didn't build one. We have no plans to integrate it with other mods. Since the green button can moved anywhere on-screen, we decided that was a reasonable level of flexibility for the user interface.
  • #3
    Are there options buried anywhere? I'd rather not have a floating icon all the time.. can it be hidden or moved to a FuBar/Titanpanel/etc addon?
  • #1
    This was great in pre-WoW 3.0. Unfortunately, v1.02 has a critical flaw.

    USEng client/server, WoW 3.0.3 live. After logging on, click the green TradeTrak button to open its frame. Doing so, WoW locks up for up to 2 minutes. Screen freezes, nothing can be done. It comes very close to the auto-logout time that WoW forces when you haven't moved/done anything.

    The frame opens to Leatherworking after the WoW freeze. So next, select Tailoring from the dropdown menu. Again, another 2 minute WoW freeze while the tailoring recipes load. I disabled it after that.

    The computer being tested on is not the fastest. But this is a unique situation; the only other time I've encountered a similar WoW freeze problem is with mods that didn't handle mailbox updating properly (after opening the mailbox).

    v1.02 has some sort of issue loading its databases. Hope to try this again when it works better; it was great in v1.01 & prior.
  • #2
    Hi Zid - sorry we haven't checked here in awhile. The "freeze" you mention is actually TradeTrak querying your WoW server for the items in that list. We don't maintain a full database of the items in TradeTrak, what we actually do is create a link to the actual data on the Live server. That's why it's freezing, it's trying to grab all those items. I believe it only does this the very first time you load TradeTrak (new version or patch day), once it has all the data it's happy again.

    On my system this freeze takes 10-15 seconds, but I have a fast computer. I'm guessing your computer is much slower than this if it's taking 2 minutes per tradeskill. The issue may be related to any server lag going on at the time, you might try an off-peak period to do your initial TradeTrak queries after you install a new version and/or load it on patch day :)
  • #4
    Thanks for the reply (finally) ;).

    No, its completely unrelated to "any server lag going on at the time". And it doesn't look like the lag issue will disappear once the user's itemcache.wdb is filled a couple weeks after a WoW patch. TradeTrak maintains no items in its saved variables either.

    Instead of querying the server automatically for every recipe item in its database (this is the only mod I've ever seen that does that), you may instead want to query only when a user accesses the recipe and/or recipe components. That way, you don't need to be lagging people out querying every recipe component when they are only accessing one or two recipes.

    This is what the better-designed TradeskillInfo ( does. It doesn't query the server for recipe components every time you open the mod. After a WoW patch you may see "???" in the icon links to the components instead of the actual icon. This indicates it need to query the server in order to link/update the components. The user can then just click the icons to update them if they need the component links. And if they don't, it won't happen. The recipes (that it has a continually updated database of) can be linked even after a patch without issue.

    You may want to consider doing things that way.
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