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  • Updated 10/17/2010
  • Created 10/17/2010
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  • License: Public Domain

About Triage

An addon to make raid assignments easier to manage. Patterned after the now obsolete Heal Organizer, additional requirements and capabilities have been added based upon my guild's needs and desires to run our raids more efficiently and effectively. Basic, Alpha-level functionality is present, additional features are in progress. Triage gathers and presents a list of players based upon raid role (Healer, DPS, Tank) on separate tabs. If a player has no Blizzard role set, a guess will be made based upon the player's talents if they are within inspection range (excluding Feral Druids). Pure DPS classes will always be designated as such. Assignments for each Role can then be made by dragging each player from the Unassigned group to the various assignment groups. Each role can be reported to a separate channel, either the built in channels such as raid or any chat channel that you are a member of. Whispers of each assignment are sent to the players as well. Assignment groups can be edited to be more descriptive by clicking on the group label. The active dialog can be displayed with /triage or /tr Command line options can be shown with /triage help The configuration GUI can be displayed with /triage config


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