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  • World of Warcraft
  • 2,547 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 51,585 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/18/2014
  • Created 10/28/2012
  • 60 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: TrufiGCD v1.9

About TrufiGCD

Hi all! I developed a small addon, that shows the last used abilities of party or arena members.
I started to shoot my arena, that later i can see my and teammates mistakes. But even on the video, i couldn't see all used abilities in combat. And this is why i wrote this my first addon. Perphaps, it's useful anyone else me. And yes, I wrote this text with Google Translate. Thanks.

Short video preview.

Features settings:
1. Move and resize icons
2. Change direction of fade icons
3. Add and remove ability from blacklist
4. Restore default settings. Save settings from character and load its an another.
5. Masque's icon customization

v 1.9

  • Fixed to WoW 6.0 version

v 1.8

  • Now avaible for "masque's" customization
  • Fixed bug with float value of slider in options

v 1.7

  • Fixed instant shadow priest's casts

v 1.6

  • Fixed bug with blacklist when didn't work spell from another class.
  • Added some enable/disable options: raid, moving of icons and show spell id when mouse is over icon

v 1.5

  • Added ability to disable the constant movement of icons

v 1.4

  • When you change the target and new target is from party or arena, icons of spells are copied from other frame.
  • Add to inner blacklist spam spells: Ursol's Vortex, Divine Star, Halo, Stormblast, Stormstrike, Ice Trap, Wind Lash, Shadow Blade, Shadow Blade Off-hand, Heroic Leap, Bladestorm. Spells have yet to appear once.
  • if tooltip is enable and cursor is over icon, motion of icons stopped.

v 1.3

  • Add Load/Save/Default and skroll into Black List.
  • Add inner blacklist for some spells, like Mutilate Off-Hand or Stormstrike Off-Hand.

v 1.2

  • Add options enable/disable addon in arena, bg, pve and world.

v 1.1

  • Fix some instant cast.


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  • #14

    Great addon - picked it up for streaming after I saw Riggnaros using it. I wonder though if there is a way to do the following:

    Currently when I cast Angelic Feather it shows in the icon log, and when I run over the feather and receive the buff it shows again - I would much prefer if it only showed when I casted the spell not when I ran over it. I checked the spell IDs for both icons and they are different (121536 for the cast and 121557 for the buff when I run over it) but blocking either of those IDs individually stops both icons from coming up.

    Let me know if you can help!

  • #13

    This addon is exactly what I was looking for. Instead of creating a crazy weakaura and spending lots of time, this is exactly what I needed. Thank You! (Only thing I'd like, opacity option to make them 50% transparent)

  • #12

    Раз уж русский разработчик, так хоть бы по-русски продублировал описание, чтобы лишний раз уважаемые соотечественники мозги себе не ломали переводом с нагла...

  • #11

    Amazing addon, he make me mad.

    After tryed he's mandatory for all ! I use TrufiGCD since 6 month and any lag problem or lua-errors, just perfect !

    Works very good on PVE too, for look the spellcast of boss (like Garrosh and theirs instant cast, or Sha of Pride for the cast of the debuff and make a taunt more speedly).


  • #10

    Oh, thank you for good idea!)

    Last edited by qwltrufi on 11/18/2013 10:18:16 AM
  • #9

    Brilliant addon!  Pozdralyayem!  (i thinkthats russian for grats) Only 1 suggestions right now -  using the traditional ACE profile manager to simplifyprofiles.

    Right now I'dlike to use Target in a BG but not Party frames.  Using standard profiles would fix this issue.

    Thanks again

    Last edited by machinelf on 11/10/2013 12:50:30 AM
  • #8

    Wow! Thank you! It's cool! =)

  • #7

    It's crazy how many streamers have picked up this addon. And I feel partly responseable 'cause I showed a streamer it, and then a lot of them started using it.

  • #6

    The only request I have right now is a setting to turn offf Party 1/2/3/4 when in a raid group.

    I like the party 1/2/3/4 when I'm in a dungeon, but I don't have party frames when I'm in a raid; i only have raid frames.

    lol. I asked the author of Gnosis for the same thing and he did it. So you could look at his code and see how he did it, or try to contact him. Just don't straight up steal his code though. cuz that's bad. mmkay. :D


    anyway. i'll love you forever if you do that. :D

  • #4

    Hey, any chance you could add an option to show the spell name on the icon?


    Also, Blacklisting doesn't seem to be working for me. At least not with items - I have my Alchemy infinite-use stat boost flask bound to Riptide since it's off the CD, so I always know I have it up. I tried to blacklist it do it doesn't show and it still does. Also, the text input for blacklisting is only one character long?


    Even so, this addon is awesome. I looked around to see if there were any alternatives and couldn't find anything. It's a great idea and you could go really far with this, man. I can see such huge potential for this, can think so many awesome features. This honestly has the potential to be a must-have PVP addon that EVERYBODY uses. If you ever want to talk about features or dev (i'm a programmer) let me know. Anyways, thanks for the addon and I hope these fixes make it in! :)

  • #5


    To help anybody else and regarding my last post about blacklisting items - Look up the item on WowHead, and then click the green text in the tooltip displayed on the page to view the spell that item uses. Take the spell ID from the URL and use that in place of a spell name on the blacklist page. The name of the item's spell should appear on the blacklist (Usually same name as the item, or something obviously similar like 'Foot Ball' with spell 'Kick Foot Ball'). There you go! :)

  • #3

    I think as well, but don't understand how do it. Need to look into this.

  • #2

    looks very promising im def gonna try it out!


    would be nice if you added an option to skin the icons via masque (

    Last edited by gobacktogo on 12/16/2012 4:43:15 PM
  • #1

    Thanks for this amazing addon ;o !

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