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  • World of Warcraft
  • 36 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.2
  • 6,377 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/15/2011
  • Created 10/25/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: r20111116042011

About TunhUI

It's back! And it's modular! (well, kinda...)
Like the addon, but prefer a smaller castbar? Hate the addon, but like the unit frames? No problem, just choose which modules you want to use.
Among the other additions are a reworked right panel + map, movable frames (cast bars, etc.), a shiny new XP-to-level-up count-down display, and an overhauled display for runes, holy power, soul shards, and combo points.

Tunhguod UI is a UI overhaul designed to consolidate combat-relevant information for better visibility, and look pretty slick at the same time. This is effectively a mashup of every feature I think a good UI should have including an action button panel which mimmicks your physical keyboard layout, good buff/debuff/cooldown bars (logarithmic, of course!), unit-frame click-casting (requires a mouse with more than three buttons), and more.

The action button panel supports user-defined "states" triggered by different combinations of macro-like events (modifier keys, character stances, friendly/enemy target, etc.). Unit frame click-casting allows spells to be cast on party members without ever changing targets. 'Idiot lights', or configurable aura/item/spell indicators, allow to you to spend less time watching for buffs and procs and more time on fight mechanics.

This addon does enforce a very strict keyboard layout. Every keybind from 5/T/G/B left is overridden while the addon is in use. I know that, by default, a number of shortcuts are bound to these keys (such as "B" to open bags"). The goal is to make the most of your most valuable keys, those close to WASD (or ESDF) - however this layout might not be to everyone's preference.

This addon is still in very early beta

Do not install this addon unless you're comfortable working with something that isn't quite complete yet and is likely to change a great deal in the future. I highly suggest testing this out on an alt before you reconfigure everything for your main.

Class support:

  • Mage: Complete
  • Priest: Complete
  • Death Knight: Complete
  • Druid: Needs balance bar
  • Rogue: Complete?
  • Warrior: Complete?
  • Warlock: Complete
  • Hunter: Needs pet bar
  • Shaman: Complete?
  • Paladin: Complete


  • Arenas

Bug reports should be filed here. Suggestions are always appreciated.

    - refactored combo points frame as a more generic 'power' display; added holy power and soul shards
    - combo points + rune overhaul, nixie tube animation fixes, further modularization
    - New art, refactored nixie templates, beginning rune/combo bar overhauls
    - XP frame scaling bugfix and added tooltips
    - Added exp/rep countdown
    - Improved support for minimap icons (all addons using LibDBIcon, others added as necessary)
    - Let's try this again...
    - ButtonFacade name/repo change
    - Suddenly!  Modular!
    - Art and layout adjustments to right panel, movable cast bars, export fonts to LibSharedMedia, asynchronous texture loading in icon chooser.
    - Runes
    - Fixed icon chooser dialog framestrata, added pet/focus cast bar
    - Added bag frame, Blizz combo points hidden, settings okay/cancel fires update, tooltip anchor and menu/bag frame now movable
    - Libraries
    - Misc bug fixes and art tweaks
    - Raid frame overaul
    - Predicted healing!
    - Misc. bug fixes, unit frame adjustments, etc.
    - Unit frame target arrow and idiot light bugfixes, aura filtering option added
    - Added backdrop shading to unit frames for better contrast, target arrows on targetted unit frames, middle-click focus
    - Converted settings to Ace3, fixed click-casting, player/target frames now re-use the unit frame's aura arc code, added 'idiot lights'
    - Adding art source files
    - Massive artwork overhaul Larger 'small' icons (border removed in favor of a color-coded dot) Panel's player/target unitframes updated to recycle generic unit frame code (dozens of lines of code saved!) Larger unit frames w/ spiffy particle animation.  Probably mangled raid frames. Unit frames indicate death/ghost (awesome skull!) or disconnect (grey health orb) Vehicle exit button (finally!) Probably more stuff that I can't remember right now
    - Improved aura tooltips, override chat frame font
    - Replaced mini-map with target's model
    - Fixed panel state / unit frame click-cast conflict (action id slots 100-120) and player/target long-duration aura arcs are now centered vertically and spaced apart.
    - Added key panel state conditionals options panel
    - Moved loot/achievement/dungeon frame pop-ups to a less obtrusive location (right side of screen)
    - Long duration (longer than 60s) player/target auras are placed into "arcs" along the health/power bars instead of on the timer bar Added cast bar spell labels
    - Added pet/focus frames and cleaned up Unit Frame code slightly
    - Minor fixes
    - Converted unit frame groups to SecureHandlers for show/hide in combat lockdown Converted player/target bars to SecureUnitButton Cast bar now updates on target switch
    - Added cast bar
    - Small icon size tweak and timer aura filters
    - Improved aura/cooldown stacking method on timer bars
    - Minor changes
    - Layout and art improvements for main panel
    - Unit frames for pets and raid leader/assist borders
    - Added unit frame aura icons and improved some graphics
    - Fixed raid grouping
    - Library fixes and new .pkgmeta
    - Added unit frames and unit frame click-casting
    - Initial commit


  • #12

                  I have a few questions. One, is there anyway to move the experience counter? Personally, I find the cast bar a bit too big, is there any planning to make it able to be resized?

                 And finally, I find the 3 cooldown bars a nice touch, but disabling the Unit frames I think it was made it go away with it, would you be able to make that it's disable option?

  • #13

    Currently, there is no way to move the experience counter.  It is in its own module, so it can be disabled if you prefer to use the upper-left corner for something else.  It will also be hidden if you're level-capped and are not tracking faction rep, so you can do end-game content without the clutter, but still have it for levelling.

    I'd like to make all of the windows independantly scaleable, but that's a feature I think I'm going to add if/when I add alignment and snapping, which probably won't be for a while.

    As for the aura/cooldown bars, those should be part of the 'panel' module.  Disabling the panel will also disable these bars, but they should still appear if you only disable the unit frames.

    Last edited by robodonut on 11/19/2011 4:55:39 PM
  • #11

    I just wanted to say thank you for leaving the UI frames, castbars, and panel open for disabling. I'm rather enjoying the frames and castbars quite a bit with my current set up. I unfortunately don't own a gaming keyboard so the panel was somewhat useless for me. XD Otherwise, this is a really beautiful steampunky flavored UI, I love the artwork! More skinning options for bartender, chatwindows, and chocolate bar would be absolutely fantastic, if it's possible to include them into the UI design!


    Also: First Fav.

    Last edited by dovewing on 11/11/2011 3:41:02 PM
  • #9
    Is it possible to override the movement keys when using modifiers? (Such as to use Ctrl+S)?
  • #7
    Is there any way you can make JUST the party/raid frames as a standalone addon? That's all I really would like from this to be honest. Otherwise, you should have an option to turn on/off certain features in the UI. For instance I like using dominoes for my bar set up because they are just easier to work with. And the caster bar really should be smaller, it took up a huge portion of my screen.
  • #10


    And only 6 months later! :p

  • #8
    Yeah, the frames are awesome. If I could dangle pets and other info bars (buffs/debuffs) off them, I'd love it.
  • #6
    Hey its me again, I went out and bought the wow addon dev book out of curiosity and my love for programing. I was wondering if maybe you needed some help programing the addon or maybe some artistic help with something like the xp bar. Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you want any help/recommendations. -Alec P.S. Link to the youtube video of the addon will be up soon!
  • #5
    =D it's the best ui in word
  • #3
    I really like your ui! I have a few recommendations I would like to make. 1.Your custom cast bar should be lowered a little bit so it does not block the players view. 2. Your spell bar (which I love) remapped my (z,x,c,v,b) buttons. These are some very important wow buttons, if you made it so they stay as default your ui would be perfect. Last but not least KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! P.S. If you would like me to do a video explaining how to use/get the most out of your ui, I would love to help email me any time @ [email protected] -Alec
  • #4
    The cast bar positioning is certainly less than ideal (if not a complete obstruction of the player's view), but it currently needs to be where it is so that it doesn't overlap the raid frames. One solution might be to move the raid frames, but I'm not thrilled about moving the raid frames away from the aura/cooldown bars because it could make life a little more difficult for healers (and dps on decurse/dispell/etc duty) who need all this information visible at once. I would also rather not change the size of the frames (as they're about as small as they can get without being difficult to click) or their shape (they're short and fat because it is much easier to click a roughly-square button than a thin bar with equal area). I'm still trying to find a suitable compromise. Perhaps moving it more towards the top of the screen, just below the pet/focus cast bar.

    As for the bind overrides for z, x, c, v, and b -- yes, I realize it's a little idiosyncratic. It works for me because I didn't keep any of the stock binds for very long (I can't think of any reason I'd be in a hurry to open my character pane, so having it bound to such a valuable key seems rather pointless to me), but I know that this will be a problem for others. Hopefully I can make it a little more flexible in the future.

    If you'd like to make a video, that would be awesome. A little documentation could help anyone interested in trying out this UI.
  • #1
    I like this addon, however, i cannot find how to open my bags O.o i may just be missing something but i looked at it for about 15 minutes and couldnt find a button :P
  • #2
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