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URNotePad (Uncle Roald's Notepad, Notes)

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 154 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.2
  • 16,985 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/14/2015
  • Created 11/30/2010
  • 74 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: URNotepad Ver 6.2.0
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About URNotePad (Uncle Roald's Notepad, Notes)

Uncle Roald's Notepad - Notebook (URNotepad)

URNotePad allow you to keep unlimited World of Warcraft notes on your computer and in-game.

All notes are organized by Category and a Sub Category. No more note books and note pads full of
Warcraft notes laying around and getting lost! You can pull up any note in seconds!

You can Create and Edit notes. Delete old notes. Easily look them up by either Main Category,
Main and Sub Categories or do a search.

You can Customize your Categories by adding new ones, removing ones you do not need.
You can Add New Sub-Categories to both new and existing categories.

Notes are accessible by all of your toons.

New notes can be copied and pasted from web pages or from existing computer notes.

Never have to leave Warcraft to access or create notes again.

URNotePad also includes a To-Do list!

Left Click the NotePad icon on the UI to use,  or type /URNP or /URNotePad at the command line.

Version 6.2.0
Verified all functions
Updated TOC for 6.2.0

Version 6.0.1
Fixed Line 46 & 129 Errors
Verified all functions

version 6.0.0
Fixed Options screen not working, changed values 1 to true and nil to false.
verified all functions
updated TOC for 6.0.0

version 5.3.0
Verified all functions
Updated TOC for 5.3.0

Version 5.1.0b
Tested for 5.4.2 compatibility.
Verified all functions working properly
Updated TOC for 5.4.0

Version 5.1.0a
Tested for 5.3.0 compatibility.
Verified all functions working properly
Updated TOC for 5.3.0

Version 5.1.0
Tested for 5.1.0 compatability.
Verified all functions working properly
Updated TOC for 5.1.0

Version 5.0.4
Tested for 5.0.4 compatability.
Updated TOC for 5.0.4

Version 1.3.0
Tested for 4.3 compatability.
Updated TOC for 4.3

Version 1.2.2
Tested for 4.2 compatability.
Updated TOC for 4.2

Version 1.2.1
Updated TOC for 4.1

Version 1.2.0
When searching for a note, it will also search through the Notes Title.
Fixed Minor Bug when creating a new note that would sometimes not allow it to create.

Version 1.1.0
Original release of URNotePad! Enjoy!

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  • #47
    Quote from UncleRoald »

    Hey CorePhantom, thanks for the comments and yes... that does sound like a good idea to make not closing during combat an option, I will do in next revision... . Also, I like the close with ESC Idea, I will look in to that as well.

    As far as show all notes... you can currently do that... Just click the search button and type in a space then click search again... You will see all of your notes.... To go back to category views, click search then click the Cancel search button..

    Thanks for your comments.... 


    Awesome to hear you are still working on this addon, it really is a very helpful tool, especially when you have as many alts like I do, makes it allot easier to keep track on which cha have do which dailys and such ^^

    And thx for the tip on how to show all notes ;0)

    With best regards - CorePhantom

  • #44

    The following information is intended to help everyone who is having random issues....

    1. The Saved data is located in everyones's World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\[YouAccountName]\SavedVariables folder.

    2. The file is URNotePad.lua

    3. The first section is the Main Categories, the second section is the Sub Categories(The "main" tag must match the Main Category name. 

    4. the last section is the notes. It must have the [subcat] - which matches the Sub Category name, the ["main"] which must match the main Category name, the note and the title... 

    5. Each section entry must have the next available number identifier. No section can have the same number more then once and they must be in consecutive order... i.e. [1] [2] [3] etc... 

    The only way the file can get corrupted is if changes were made and the system did not save them yet. You can always force a save by either using the Force Save button in the configuration, loggin off and back on or reloading the UI.

    If you are on the last allowable line of the note and hit enter, it will wipe out the last lone and put the cursor back at the beginning... 

    Notes do have limited space. this is a blizz restriction... 

    Hope this helps everyone out...

  • #42

    Are you planning on updating this?


  • #41

    I have a MAJOR problem!!  We lost internet this afternoon, and I had to cycle our router.  We played for a while afterwards, and then logged out for about an hour.  When we logged back in, I went to look at my notes - and discovered they are all MISSING!!!

    I logged out of WOW, and back in.  I even shut my PC down and rebooted it.  No joy.

    Is there someplace on my computer where all of my messages are stored, or backed up???

    Somebody, please help!!!

  • #40

    Love the addon, saves me a lot of time and paper :-)

    Is it possible to get an option just to view /read a note without the ability to change anything?

    Right now, if I just want to check a note and happen to be doing something on the keyboard as well, the note immediately changes - really a bit annoying.

    And like Smantha I would also appreciate an option to stop the combat logout.

  • #39

    Every time someone in my group heals, the notepad closes because I "entered combat" (even though it's just a random person healing, not actually any fighting going on). It'd be nice to be able to turn off the "close on combat" functionality.

  • #38
    Scroll Bar, please!

    I find it great for in-game notes taking. I use it in RP for keeping track of the daily events and characters I meet, as a journal. I like the categories and subcategories to organize the notes and the search tool.

    However, I have to stick to Notes (, which is less complete, just because sometimes the text in the note becomes too big! 

    Can you add a scroll bar for the next version? Cry


    Last edited by neurignacio on 1/4/2013 8:19:19 PM
  • #36

    Ok, I have the new version up and found no problems with the custom categories and or notes. For those of you having problems. The only thing I can find is that some how the data file, in the saved variables folder got corrupted. I suggest renaming it and going in to the options and select the reset default categories button. You can always copy and paste the ones you had back in to the data file, or just re-create them.


  • #35

    I am in the process of looking in to this issue and getting out a new updated version....

    Thanks for your patience... I will keep everyone up to date with the status.

  • #34

    I still use this faithfully altho the ability to actually save & use custom categories has been gone since the last patch.

    Any plans for a new update?

  • #33

    I love this addon & have been useing it for quite awhile :D I'm encountering something weird...

    I had several additional secondary categories under Armor besides Primary Set & Secondary Set. All of my notes are Now under ALL & the secondary categories themselves are gone... I just made a new one & it's not showing up even though I successfully created it... As far as I can tell all of my other Categories still exist, and in no other main category are there any notes that only appear under ALL.

  • #32

    Can there be an option to scroll after some lines of text I can't go any further. I know notesfu can do this but I got rid of fubar and found this.

  • #31

    I would love to see this with a 'share' option, to share your note with another officer in your guild per se ... let's say I witness something about a member and need to inform the other officers, with 'sharing' enabled and all officers having the add on, they can get the note in their mailbox or what not and add it to their own data base to see what is going down.

  • #37

    I think that would be amazing if he/she could some how implement that. However i kind of doubt it would be possible because mail ect, is servers side.

  • #30

    I've been searching for a To-Do list addon that will track my daily chores, like running Heroic Magister's Terrace and Sethekk Halls for mounts, or weekly raids like Karazhan. I would like for these to have a red X next to them if they are incomplete for the day, then maybe gain a green checkmark or disappear after I complete it for that day or check it myself. But the next day, I would like for the list to be reset so that I can track what needs to be done. I think this would be possible and it would be very useful if you would like to implement such a feature.

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