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  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 289,965 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/24/2015
  • Created 08/20/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons
  • Newest File: 4.49
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About Vanas KoS

Vanas KoS is a Kill-on-Sight notifier, that uses every possibility, to detect nearby KoS targets, and notifies the user in different ways. Additionally it records PvP-Stats in outdoor PvP and shows these in the tooltip (configurable).


  • KoS List for Players and Guilds
  • Nice list
  • Hate list
  • Sorting of these Lists
  • All Lists are saved per realm
  • PvP Event Map
  • PvP Statistics
  • Golden Dragon around player portrait, if Player is on KoS List, Silver for Guild-KoS List, Red for Hatelist, Green for Nicelist
  • Modifies the Tooltip with the Reason you (may) give on adding a Player/Guild
  • Notifies you if a player on your KoS list is doing something near you (fight/buff/talk) in Chatframe, Upper Area and via Sound
  • Warning Frame that helps you to track hostile or friendly activity around you
  • Nice GUI - try /kos
  • Command line interface for managing KoS lists
  • Distributed Tracking - Other People help you tracking down your KoS-Targets
  • Minimap Button
  • Can dock itself into the Friends Frame.
  • Automatic synchronization with people on your guild
  • LibBroker support
  • Can add a context menu to the player portrait
  • Saves a list of the last attackers for easier adding via minimap button or libBroker
  • Automatic synchronization with others you request
Official wowace forum thread



Q: How can I backup my KoS-Data & Settings
A: Copy the file WoW\WTF\Account\*YourAccountName*\SavedVariables\VanasKoS.lua to a safe place of your choosing.

Q: I found a LUA-Error/Bug, What shall I do?
A: Goto and describe what you did to cause the problem (or when it happened) and post the lua-error-message. As we may have additional questions, please check back in/have a valid email at curse for ticket updates.

Q: I have a great idea for the addon! Want to hear it?
A: Goto and post your idea.

Q: I like living on the edge. Where can I get the latest alpha version?
A: Use these versions at your own peril:


Q: Why aren't my guild members entries displaying?
A: Make sure that you do not have "Show only my entries" checked. You and your guild members must also enable sharing of their lists with the guild.


Q: How can I add some additional mp3 sound files for notifications?
A: You can either send them to me with a license disclaimer that allows the distribution/packaging with vanaskos (if you own the rights) or You can add your own sounds by modifying WoW/Interface/AddOns/VanasKoS/modules/Notifier.lua The list of sounds is at the top of that file. Just put your extra sound files somewhere inside the WoW directory. VanasKoS uses LibSharedMedia-3.0 so it also has access to any other addon's sounds."

Distributed Tracking:

Q: How does the Distributed Tracking works?
A: Fine, Thanks!

Q: I see weird messages in my Chat Window on the Channel CrbZ????, What's up with that?
A: It's not normally supposed to be visible. But you can disable the displaying of that channel in the settings for the chat window. Just uncheck it there.

Q: My channel-numbers are all screwed up
A: It seems that your computer is too slow. VanasKoS joins the Distributed Tracking Channels 20 seconds after login/changing the Zone. You can modify this value manually in WoW\Interface\AddOns\VanasKoS\modules\DistributedTracker.lua under "JOIN_DELAY".

Help the Addon/Authors:

Q: How can I help with localization?
A: Goto and get started!

Q: How can I support the authors and development of this addon?
A: You can either use the "Donate"-Button on the curse VanasKoS-Page, or get a curse-premium Account. Curse gives a part of their earnings through the premium-program back to the addon-authors.

Q: I can code in lua and want to develop xyz?
A: Write me a PM with your idea and experience - I'll review the idea and if it's finished include it in vanaskos, or if you want to develop more add you as a co-author.


Q: How much do you make with this addon?
A: Near to nothing - My (Vanas) payment/hour for VanasKoS is less than 10cents, don't worry though - it's a hobby for the authors, so the revenue isn't a factor for development, but it also means that the real-life job is more important, so bear with us when answers/development take a little longer.

Q: Vana...Vana.. I seem to remember this name from Lineage2
A: You are right, I worked on a popular (and the first) lineage2 drop-database back then.

Q: License?
A: VanasKoS is mostly licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. Note: Soundfiles/Graphics/Libraries used may be licensed differently.

Release Changelog for VanasKoS

- Update toc and libraries

- Fixed own name from appearing in warning frame
- Fixed coloring of warning frame in and out of combat
- Updated POI icons for death, and tie
- Fixed minor localization problems
- Fixed libraries in .pkgmeta

- Updated database to use Map Area IDs rather than zone text
- Remove obsolete Import code
- Fix bug not adding PvP events to map [ticket #74]
- Remove LFR Browser, fixes tainting when joining casual BGs [ticket #76]
- Don't send Chat messages from DistributedTracker while AFK [ticket #73]
- Update libraries

- toc updated

- Integrated fixes for 5.2 by Unrealomega

- Updated Libraries

- toc fix

- Fix for Monks

- Bugfix

- Updated TOC and fixed some global leakage

- Fixed bug friends frame docking

- Update toc version for 4.3
- Update libraries
- Fixed bug in hatelist/nicelist chat coloring [ticket #62]
- Fixed bug restoring the saved warning window position
- Added option to change alignment in warning window
- Use guid hyperlink in gametooltip used by the warning window
- Fix bug toggling warning window active state

- Update libraries
- Use WoW's built-in localization string for "No player currently named..." spam filtering

- Update toc version for 4.2
- Fix bug causing map to zoom to cosmic level in battlegrounds
- Automatic synchronization

- Update toc version for 4.1
- Update libraries
- Fix bug due to blizzard api changes in COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED

- Update libraries (including liblevelguess)
- More ability to disable data gathering/notifications by zone type
- Remove events by right clicking icons on map
- Event map speed improvements
- Add entry from PvP stats
- Fix error on right click when a module is missing
- Re-enabled distributed tracker

- Fixed bug that could send invalid information for players
- Allow pvp events to be removed by name or date from pvp stats window.
- Allow quoted playernames in command line so that realms with spaces work
- Fixed bug when adding player from minimap button
- Updated library versions
- Fixed bug in PvP stats
- Removed libgraph
- Temporarily disabled distributed tracker
- Fixed minimap button

- Update toc version
- Fixed small bug in distributed tracker

- Bugfixes for changes in Cataclysm
- Store lists per realm/faction (requires import of old VanasKoS data)
- Improved pvp statistics (requires import of old VanasKoS data)
- Added support for cross-server players
- Show mouseover stats for all players regardless of faction
- three new sounds
- Use GetPlayerInfoByGUID when an entry shows up in the combat log
- Added option to dynamically resize the warning window
- Added options to hide warning window in battlegrounds and instances
- Remove "sort" and "pvp stats" buttons
- Added options to notify when a nice/hated player joins the group
- Added option to modify raid browser and friend/ignore list
- Improved background artwork
- Fixed dragon around target frame, and added one for party frames
- Updated libraries
- Save warning frame position to the database
- Added support for context menu for pitbull 4
- Added ability to customize the macro on player name clicks in the warnframe
- Added option to change the length of time data remains in the warnframe
- Added options to change text color of the warnframe
- Fixed displaying eventmap tooltip (broken by Blizzard's Quest POI changes in 3.3)
- Redraw eventmap when a new death is recorded
- Separated localization from source
- Allow name searches in last seen list

- Disabled dragon around target frame due to API change

4.21 beta:
- Fixed semi-transparency in KoS GUI texture
- Made Name/Reason the default KoS view
- Added an previous view button
- If a level 10+ player is detected correct level guessing to at least 10+
- Update for 3.3 patch

4.2 beta:
- Changed appearance of KoS GUI, allowing for easier sorting, and more compact
  display of information
- Use the wowace/curse auto-generated locale tool
- Updated ace library

4.11 beta:
- Updated version number for 3.2 patch
- Updated libraries to latest tagged versions
- Distributed tracking bugfix

- Add distributed tracking
- Fixed PvPStats

- Increased maxLetters for dialogs

4.01c beta:
- fixed a bug where old data was imported incorrectly

4.01b beta:
- Fixed bug always showing the minimap button on startup even if disabled

4.01a beta:
- Fixed bug in PvPDataGatherer

4.01 beta:
- Added "seen" count
- Added back the kadd command
- Enabled guild synchronization
- Enabled guild distributed tracking
- Performance improvements to the pvp eventmap
- Add colored dot mode to the eventmap
- Updated version number for 3.1 patch

4.00c beta:
- Fixed bug importing kills with zoneid=0

4.00b beta:
- Importer bugfixes
- Portrait Context menu bugfixes
- Fixed bugs in chat Modifications
- Fixed bug preventing use of other addon's Shared Media sound files
- Fixed fade-in/out issues in warn frame during combat
- Fixed bug enabling/locking the additional reason window
- Made blizzoptionsframe name more unique
- Added data cache back to warnframe so class icons show up
- Standardized embedded libraries
- Slightly Increased width of warning frame
- Changed how the current zone is detected. (Requires automatic db upgrade)
- Added Wintergrasp to the list of "Battlegrounds" to be ignored
- Added option to disable events in the data gatherer module in Sanctuaries.
- Allow clicking through the warning window when the border/backdrop is hidden
- Added last attacker, and detected players to the minimap/broker tooltip.

4.00a beta:
- Updated libraries to Ace3
- Added "event map" to show pvp events on the world map.
- Added level-guessing library from paranoia
- Allow portrait context menu with warning
- Added Shim's Kill Map data importer

3.19 beta:
- Fixed error when clicking on party member. (injected in 3.18)

3.18 beta:
- Uncomment sync button code.
- Added option to notify when any enemy player is detected.
- Fixed bug in warn frame not hiding when list grows upwards
- Changed "sort by date" order so newest is on top

3.17 beta:
- Added ability to grow kos list from the bottom of the warning frame
- Commented out code allowing kos addition from player portrait menu
- Added some interesting sorts to the pvp stats list
- Fixed bug only showing one character in the pie graph stats chart

- fixed another font problem

- fixed bug in locale for "sort by date created"
- fixed reason edit box when no previous reason was given
- added better chat notifications for targets with no reason given
- fixed typo in Kos font causing errors anytime a kos player was found

- Added option to sort kos lists by creation date
- Added ability to resize fonts in warning frame

- Removed Parser from the embeds.xml
- Added workaround to unregister combat log events when the PvPDataGatherer is disabled
- Added DRAIN events to the PvPDataGatherer watch list

3.12 beta:
- Added proper capitalization of names in the warning frame
- Added new option to control number of lines in the warning frame
- Added option to disable the warning frame border
- Added Deathknight icon to warning frame

3.11 beta:
- Updated the pvp data gatherer for 2.4+ style combat logs

- Updated for WoW 3.0

- removed parser-3.0 dependency

3.05 beta:
- added detailed mouseover frame for the "pvp stats" list, fixed a bug in the mouseover displaying
- fixed a bad memory leak
- added class icons in the warnframe
- some minor performance optimizations
- internally changed the way tooltip additions are made
- changed the chatnotifier to only color the name
- use sharedmedialib for kos-detection sound configuration
- added a context menu entry for names in the chat (configurable)

3.02 BETA:
- switched completly to parser-3.0
- started work on a last seen list
- started work on pvp stats
- added a context menu to the last seen list
- added a show only my entries option for the default lists (player kos, guild kos, hatelist, nicelist)
- use waterfall for configuration if installed
- changed pvp data gathering a bit.
- (partly) rewrote warnframe to be awesome.

- library updates
- minimap button now moveable freely while shift is pressed, added locking option

- fixed localizations

- added a option to show the mouseover display in the warnframe (default: on)
- changed the mouseover display in the defaultlists to use tabletlib (which is now a external)

- fixed capitalization for umlaut and other chars
- esES localization added by shiftos (thanks)
- some additions to the warnframe by frrjak

- fixed VanasKoS showing up as "CommandLineHandler" in Ace2's slash command handling - tnx gnarfoz
- performance tweaks
- remove "wanted" list if distributed tracker is being disabled
- internal changes to the sorting options
- added owner search
- added filtering/searching in pvpstat list

- compatibility with 2.1.0 (updated dewdrop and acecomm)
- fix for distributed tracking when cartographer_notes is enabled

- changed sorting of "last seen", so never seen entries are at the end
- fixed a bug in distributed tracking, that caused a error frame when a position from a guild mate that wasn't in the same zone was received
- changed the fubar plugin to be a extra plugin in it's own folder

- fixed wanted

3.0alpha: (new features aren't tested much, so use with care!)
- BACKUP your WTF\Account\<AccountName>\SavedVariables\VanasKoS.lua
- big internal changes to configuration options, old settings will be lost, sorry
- internal changes to lists, should be converted flawlessly, BACKUP WTF\Account\<AccountName>\SavedVariables\VanasKoS.lua anyway
- The Distributed Tracker now checks if people are still online, instead of assuming it.
- added a worldwide-wanted list (right-click in player kos list to set entries to 'wanted')
- added a guild sync option
- added a context menu for default lists
- decreased memory growth slightly

- added a notify in shattrath option

- added a search box, searches in name, reason and owner
- added flashing border notification
- fixed a bug that caused that outdated synced entries didn't got deleted
- added a additional (optional) window with reason and listname
- added ContextMenu Options for the Player Portrait

- added a "locked" option for the mainframe, it's movable if disabled
- added a fubar plugin
- added a last attacker function in the fubar plugin
- rewrote the parser-code to work in all localizations
- small changes to the warnframe to make the code a bit cpu-time friendlier
- added configuration options to the chat modifying, changed the way of modification
- small changes to the additional pvp display in default lists

- added additional information for player kos, guild kos, nicelist, hatelist
- bugfix for synchronization of newer entries
- don't notify if in shattrah, it's annoying

- fixes a problem not notifying audiovisually on newly added kos-targets
- delay before joining the guild/zone channel, check if you're in guild before joining the guild channel

- fixed minimap button showing even if disabled
- fixed a bug that prevented distributed tracking in the outlands
- fixed display of too long texts in the lists showing outside of the frame
- fixed opium data import
- added synchronizing handling for alternative characters on the same realm
- added a reset position option to the kos/enemy/friendly warning window

- some bugfixes
- shows pvp stats in tooltip (can be disabled via configuration option)
- shows in tooltips all lists on whom someone is, not just the one with the highest priority
- major rework on decentralising list-functions

- bugfix
- converted xml gui to lua generated
- added french translations (thanks scrapy)

- bugfix

- added automatic synchronization support - detection if autosync partner is online only works if he's on friendlist or in same guild
- fixed sending entries via party - unfortunately incompatible to older versions, but now you can send entries from every list

- fixed elite mobs showing as normal mobs

- bugfixes to FriendsFrameDocker, PvP Data Gathering, Data Gathering
- changed FriendsFrameDocker to be useable with CTRaid
- koKR localization by fenlis (thanks!)

- simple pvpstats (more to come) (probably buggy, report bugs!)
- removed configuration frame and replaced it by a button with menus
- (optional) docking as additional tab into the friendsframe (WARNING: may cause problems with other mods changing the friendsframe) default: disabled

- added opium data import
- added a sound file
- fixed alot of bugs

- renamed allied hate to hatelist (also usable as a less priority kos-list for enemies) and hostile nice to nicelist, so
  you can use it to add allied
- added french localization (thanks to Scrapy)
- several bugfixes

- added hatelist/goodlist with tooltip modify and red/green dragon around playerportrait
- added notifier for chatmessages if player is on allied hatelist
- added "add guild/allied hate and hostile nice" options to the minimap-menu

- more code cleanup
- replaced the player and guild kos tabs with a dropdown

- Distributed Tracking
- started to modularize code
- started to clean up the code

- added options for warnframe coloring/alpha
- added options for content in warnframe and hiding if inactive
- expect more options to come

- fixed a bug in /kadd
- clearified message in upper area to player or guild kos

- prohibited sorting guildlist after lastseen or level

- probably made a working workaround to the party-member-displayed-as-enemy issue

- added minimap button
- added kos-sound configuration

- added sorting of koslist
- added sending of koslist to party
- added /kadd

- rewrote it to use ace2 - no ace dependency anmore
- a few small fixes/enhancements

- Updated for 2.0.0 patch.

- you can now add targetted friendly players via gui
- toc update

- small bugs fixed
- german localisation
- keybinding for toggling menu

- small but annoying bug fixed

- if 'add player'/'add guild' is clicked while having an enemy player target, the player/guild name is taken and you only have to type reason
- added a database which automatically gathers and updates the level, race, class and guild of KoS players and also saves the last time you've seen the KoS target.

- added a graphical user interface, probably there are still bugs, please comment on bugs/not buggyness
you can access the menu by typing '/kos menu'

- added a graphical Warning Frame (you can disable it), which shows KoS Targets, Enemys and Friendly People that are nearby

- Import 'Ultimate Book of the Dead' KoS Data function
- Configuration

- included /kos list functionality, forgot it in last release

- complete rewrite
- ace is now a dependency
- notifies only once every 60 seconds
- sound for notify
- chatmessage for notify
- many more little features
still alot of things to do to make it perfect, but its a start

removed debug output

Early Prerelease, can be considered as an alpha - still includes some debug-output data etc.


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  • #544

    Is it ok that it works only on mouseover?
    p.s. to make me clear, if enemy just passing by, add-on will not detect him. Is it an API issue?

    Last edited by kozian on 1/28/2013 1:58:56 AM
  • #545

    It should detect on mouse-over or if the enemy does something that shows up in the combat log 

  • #540

    Since the patch, I'm now receiving the error of Vanas blocking an action when I try to report people afk in BGs/TB.

  • #541

    This happens with Spy, too, and Spy's been updated for 5.1. I suspect it's something on Blizzard's end.

  • #543

    Thank you for replying!

    I have no idea where to start looking for that variable, alas. Hopefully someone else can!

  • #542

    Yup, Blizzard screwed up. It's probably a weird global variable that they acccidentally use in that unit. If someone figures out which one it is, I may be able to remove the usage in vanaskos.

  • #539

    Will this warn about players / guilds from other servers?

    Last edited by kiingy on 11/28/2012 5:04:05 AM
  • #538

    Guild alert doesnt work. No sound, no message, nothing.

  • #536

    If I try to change one of my talents while I have Vanas Kos running, I get a message saying Vanas KoS is blocking the action and I have to disable it in order to switch talents. I have an updated version, so not sure what's up. Never had this issue before.

  • #535

    excuse me, i would like to know how to move the window which shows the nearby players right on the middle of the screen?

    and furthermore if it's possible to adjust the size of the texts inside this window (i.e. the letters of the name of the players)

    thx in advance, these really bother me ><

  • #537

    You can left-click to drag the window anywhere, and open the Vanas kos configuration to change the warning window.

  • #534

    Can you share your kos list with another player not in your guild?


  • #532

    1x [ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED] AddOn "VanasKoS" tried to call the protected function "CompactRaidFrame2:Show()".
    !BugGrabber-r188\BugGrabber.lua:587: in function <!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:587>
    <in C code>
    FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:276: in function "CompactUnitFrame_UpdateVisible"
    FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:234: in function "CompactUnitFrame_UpdateAll"
    FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:96: in function <FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:43>



    5x [ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED] AddOn "VanasKoS" tried to call the protected function "CompactRaidFrame1:Show()".
    !BugGrabber-r188\BugGrabber.lua:587: in function <!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:587>
    <in C code>
    FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:276: in function "CompactUnitFrame_UpdateVisible"
    FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:234: in function "CompactUnitFrame_UpdateAll"
    FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:96: in function <FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:43>




  • #533

    Seems like Blizzard screwed up again.


  • #530

    When i started playing mop, my computer would crash. I assumed the source of the issue may have been WoW's new announcement about not supporting some video cards. After noticing some funky stuff going on I decided to remove VanasKoS from my addons, havent crashed since.


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