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  • World of Warcraft
  • 4,146 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 3,323,165 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/26/2015
  • Created 04/20/2008
  • 1,432 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: 6.0.4
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About AuctionMaster

AuctionMaster: Sell items in auction house and search for bargain

Create your own auctions easily, while seeing the auctions of your competitors. Search for cheap items and save your searches.

  • Sell auctions with several pricing models
  • Mass buy auctions from configurable item lists
  • Scan the complete auction house in seconds
  • Be reminded about wanted items
  • See auction statistics in item tooltips
  • See disenchant info and search for items with high disenchant values
  • Mass cancel your own auctions and see which ones where undercut
  • And many, many more features

If you like AuctionMaster it would be great if you press the like button and add it to your favorites list. Perhaps you want to try my other addons Lootlog or PetBattleMaster? :)

Udorn (Blackhand Europe)


  • Improved scan speed
  • Added new search option "exact match"


  • Updated for Patch 6.2.


  • Supporting WoW tokens by opening Blizzard's auction tab once


  • Updated for Patch 6.1


  • Updated for Patch 6.0.2


  • Fix for undercut own auctions.


  • Own auctions with bid on them won't be canceled because of undercuts.


  • Fixed GetAll scan.


  • Added optional column item level in search tab.


  • Updated simplified chinese localization.


  • Fixed own auction columns for bought items.


  • Removing duplicate columns.


  • Patch 5.4.


  • Fixed persistant configuration of selected columns in own auctions tab.
  • When opening the settings dialog the default entry is selected first. Many people doesn't understand the difference between the per-item and default settings.
  • Removed in-game release notes.


  • Patch 5.3.


  • Fixed disenchant information.


  • Cleaned up disenchant information.


  • Fixed missing max value in count dropdown.


  • Fixed scan for reagents by left clicking them in tradeskill window.


  • Added warning message for current GetAll bug.


  • Updated toc version.


  • Patch 5.2.0


  • Fixed disenchant info.


  • Fixed stack dropdown button bug.


  • Fixed count dropdown button bug.


  • Fixed sell item tooltip for battle pets.


  • Fixed greyed out create auction button.


  • Fixed lua-bug by not using Blizzard's dropdown button code anymore. This probably fixes some tainting issues.


  • Optimized scan for sell and own auctions tab. Avoid errors and enhanced performance while selling.


  • Fixed scan for battle pets by left-clicking in inventory.
  • Switching to search tab, if a reagent or an item is left clicked in a tradeskill window, while the sell tab is shown.
  • Fixed bidding on items.


  • Fixed rarity selector in scan tab.
  • Fixed disenchant data for blue items with item level 450.


  • Adapted to patch 5.1.0.


  • Fixed selling of multiple battle pets. Only one pet at once is allowed now.


  • Optimized scan performance.


  • Added new option "unique" for the scan tab. Unique scans will only return the cheapest items of each item type. This is perfect for battle pets, glyphs and recipes you are still missing.
  • Added dressing room functionality for battle pets by right-clicking battle pets in AuctionMaster tabs.


  • Added battle pet sell support.
  • Added battle pet bid/buyout support.
  • Added battle pet tooltip support for items in AuctionMaster tabs.


  • Added dressing room functionality by right-clicking on an item in any AuctionMaster tab.


  • Fixed some disenchanting issues.


  • New disenchanting information for MoP.
  • Added a disenchanting entry to the configuration, where expert users could adjust the disenchanting database. Please share your data by copying it into a ticket.


  • First fixes for newly introduced battlepets. Not finished yet, the whole code has to be rewritten. :-(


  • Good news: Blizzard has fixed the getAll scan, it's not freezing the game anymore.
  • Blizzard has fixed the auction sorting, so I was able to reactivate the fast-cancelation of own auctions.


  • Fixed cancelation of undercut auctions.


  • Fixes for WoW patch 5.0.4. The getAll scan seems to freeze the client for a few minutes, I hope that disappears, if the game client is fully loaded...


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  • #2114

    did it while the splash screen was up, will restart.  thanks!

  • #2110

    I'm seeing a weird bug with the first item I put up for sell.  The create auction button is greyed out.  I have to put something else up for sell before the button will work.

  • #2112

    Hi modrogon,

    thanks for the bug-report, I'll have a look - tomorrow. Today at least the german servers are out of order, some login issues...

  • #2108

    I'm getting to following with the current Alpha

    2x AuctionMaster-5.5.0-RC1\src\main\Seller\Seller.lua:1466: attempt to call method "SelectValue" (a nil value)
    AuctionMaster-5.5.0-RC1\src\main\Seller\Seller.lua:1466: in function "SelectPricingModel"
    src\main\Seller\AutomaticPriceModel.lua:61: in function <src\main\Seller\AutomaticPriceModel.lua:37>
    src\main\Seller\AutomaticPriceModel.lua:129: in function "Update"
    src\main\Seller\AutomaticPriceModel.lua:106: in function "SetItem"
    AuctionMaster-5.5.0-RC1\src\main\Seller\Seller.lua:809: in function <AuctionMaster\src\main\Seller\Seller.lua:735>
    AuctionMaster-5.5.0-RC1\src\main\Seller\Seller.lua:834: in function <AuctionMaster\src\main\Seller\Seller.lua:824>
    AuctionMaster-5.5.0-RC1\src\main\Seller\Seller.lua:847: in function <AuctionMaster\src\main\Seller\Seller.lua:844>
    AuctionMaster-5.5.0-RC1\src\main\Seller\Seller.lua:950: in function <AuctionMaster\src\main\Seller\Seller.lua:950>


    Last edited by Udorn on 12/27/2012 2:17:51 AM
  • #2109

    Hi modrogon,

    Ah, the automatic-mode, I'm using it too seldomly, has to be reworked. ;-) Thanks for the bug-report.

  • #2106

    Hi Udorn,

    to answer your last reply I think I should put my auction house usage into perspective for you, there is rarely a day where I have less than 400 active auctions spread across 3 toons and rarely a day where I do not cancel over 1,000 individual auctions as a minimum! I am talking about number of auctions not number of items. In terms of cancelation events (where a scan is performed and mutiple items cancelled) I would estimate 40-50 per day, every day. To clarify, 1 cancellation event may mean, for example, 100 items cancelled.

    Because both add-ons have different abilities I use both extensively, for cancellations AM has more advatages and I use it more than TSM, approximately on a 2:1 ratio. That being said and taking into account the sheer volume of usage, the likelyhood of it not having happened to TSM, I would argue, is somewhat remote.

    Regarding focus- I only ever focus in raids which is generally sometime after having logged in. To focus I just right click which sometimes produces that popup window saying there is a lua error or nothing just happens. In either case I disable AM and I can set a focus target.

    I use the addon, TooManyAddons, to manage addons and I have a small suspicion this may be a factor.

    Last edited by shag00 on 12/24/2012 5:14:00 PM
  • #2107

    Hi shag00,

    the last two postings had some important clarifications, thanks for that. I thought you were talking about auction scans. The own auctions are a different code-area, I will try to reproduce your problems. It seems to be caused by the large number of auctions. The last version should have a positive effect for you when posting auctions with AuctionMaster. That was probably very laggy for you, because the own auctions were scanned everytime.

    Your focus problems sound like a bug I'm hunting in this ticket: I used to think, that the problems are caused by other addons, because AM does nothing with raid or unit frames. But it seems that I have found the reason. AM uses Blizzard's DropDownMenu code and it seems that this changes internally some global state, which causes taint isues (security errros), which may lead to lua error and probably even to Blizzard Bugs (focus etc.).

    Now I have to replace all DropDowns with none Blizzard-code. I don't know yet, when I'll be finished. I have the time because of christmas, but I also caught a bad flew, hopefully I feel better tomorrow...

    With my hunter I was not able to reproduce this kind of errors after heaving done a console reloadui. Perhaps this also solves your focus problem until I've found a fix.

  • #2105

    Hi Udorn,

    installed the new version released today. Updates from ysterday-

    1/ the 2 glyphs I mentioned yesterday now show a quantity of zero despite having active auctions.

    2/ Also glyphs of safe fall, expose armor and resilient grip show quantities of 2 when there are in fact 3. Glyph of stampede shows 2 auctions when there are in fact 16. Glyph of renew shows 7 when in fact there are 12. These are just from the first page of results, it would take half a day to check all of the 300+ auctions I have.

  • #2103

    Hi Udorn,

    Re mail sending - When you cancel an auction it should appear in your mailbox immediatly (assuming less than 50). Now I use Trade Skill Master add-on to cancel auctions so I have a direct comparison - there is never any delay in mail appearing in the mailbox when cancelling an auction through that add-on so I am pretty sure there is an error in Auction Master somewhere.

    Re scan errors - I have not noticed whether it is random or the same auctions but today's auctions with this problem are: Glyphs of Thunder Strike and Thunderstorm where there were 6 and 8 items respectivly listed on the auction house.

    Re focus target - the only way to focus a target is to disable Auction Master.

  • #2104

    Hi shag00,

    I can't imagine that an addon can do anything influencing the speed of mail sending. For me, it's most of the time immediately in the mailbox, when cancelling with AuctionMaster. And the exceptions from that probably just didn't occur for you with TradeskillMaster, yet. Just wait a bit. ;-)

    Your scan problems are hopefully gone with version 1.5.4, I've released today. The whole thing was refactored.

    I have no problem focusing targets. So, how do you do it? Right-clicking the unit frame, console, macro, .. ? Do you encounter the problems just after entering WoW, or later in the raids/dungeons?


  • #2100

    I have mentioned a number of the following points previously, just after MoP was released but I will add some new ones:

    1/ After cancelling auctions it is faster to do a - reoadui- to get mail to appear in the mailbox.

    2/ AM still has errors in SCAN AUCTIONS, often it returns -1 auction- when there are many auctions posted.

    3/  At random times the SWATTER application blocks AM from doing something. This occurs when not at the auction house.

    4/ Using the blizzard interface I cannot set a focus target while AM is an active add on.

    Thanks for a great add on.

  • #2101

    Hi shag00,

    I have no influence on the mail sending. As fas as I know, the mails are sent in 30 second intervals.

    Do you see the scan errors for random items or for specific ones?

    The lua-errors are handled in this ticket: Currently I have no idea how to fix it, if it's possible at all.

    How do you set focus target? The last time I tried it it was possible.

  • #2092

    Wenn ich aus einem beliebigen Berufsfenster per shift-linksklick versuche in die "Scannen-Frame" etwas einzufügen dann wird Zeitgleich auch im Berufsfenster diese Auswahl in die Suchenbox übernommen.

    Mache ich das gleiche auf der normalen "Durchsuchen-Frame" passiert das nicht - wenn man ziemlich viele Gegenstände herstellen möchte (z.B. Glyphen, PVP-Items usw) dann ist das auf dauer sehr lästig.

    Ich habe bereits selber versucht dieses Problem zu lösen, bekomme aber es aber leider nicht hin. (z.B. anpassen von TradeSkillSearchFixer an 5.0.x)

  • #2094

    Hi Chobsus,

    bei mir passiert das nicht, wenn ich linksklicke. Vermutlich durch ein anderes Addon ausgelöst?

  • #2099

    Hehe, gerne. Ich muss unbedingt mal ein Youtube-Video machen für die Features die cool sind, aber keiner so richtig kennt. ;-)

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