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  • World of Warcraft
  • 5,298 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 3,311,456 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/26/2015
  • Created 04/20/2008
  • 1,425 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: 6.0.4
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About AuctionMaster

AuctionMaster: Sell items in auction house and search for bargain

Create your own auctions easily, while seeing the auctions of your competitors. Search for cheap items and save your searches.

  • Sell auctions with several pricing models
  • Mass buy auctions from configurable item lists
  • Scan the complete auction house in seconds
  • Be reminded about wanted items
  • See auction statistics in item tooltips
  • See disenchant info and search for items with high disenchant values
  • Mass cancel your own auctions and see which ones where undercut
  • And many, many more features

If you like AuctionMaster it would be great if you press the like button and add it to your favorites list. Perhaps you want to try my other addons Lootlog or PetBattleMaster? :)

Udorn (Blackhand Europe)


  • Improved scan speed
  • Added new search option "exact match"


  • Updated for Patch 6.2.


  • Supporting WoW tokens by opening Blizzard's auction tab once


  • Updated for Patch 6.1


  • Updated for Patch 6.0.2


  • Fix for undercut own auctions.


  • Own auctions with bid on them won't be canceled because of undercuts.


  • Fixed GetAll scan.


  • Added optional column item level in search tab.


  • Updated simplified chinese localization.


  • Fixed own auction columns for bought items.


  • Removing duplicate columns.


  • Patch 5.4.


  • Fixed persistant configuration of selected columns in own auctions tab.
  • When opening the settings dialog the default entry is selected first. Many people doesn't understand the difference between the per-item and default settings.
  • Removed in-game release notes.


  • Patch 5.3.


  • Fixed disenchant information.


  • Cleaned up disenchant information.


  • Fixed missing max value in count dropdown.


  • Fixed scan for reagents by left clicking them in tradeskill window.


  • Added warning message for current GetAll bug.


  • Updated toc version.


  • Patch 5.2.0


  • Fixed disenchant info.


  • Fixed stack dropdown button bug.


  • Fixed count dropdown button bug.


  • Fixed sell item tooltip for battle pets.


  • Fixed greyed out create auction button.


  • Fixed lua-bug by not using Blizzard's dropdown button code anymore. This probably fixes some tainting issues.


  • Optimized scan for sell and own auctions tab. Avoid errors and enhanced performance while selling.


  • Fixed scan for battle pets by left-clicking in inventory.
  • Switching to search tab, if a reagent or an item is left clicked in a tradeskill window, while the sell tab is shown.
  • Fixed bidding on items.


  • Fixed rarity selector in scan tab.
  • Fixed disenchant data for blue items with item level 450.


  • Adapted to patch 5.1.0.


  • Fixed selling of multiple battle pets. Only one pet at once is allowed now.


  • Optimized scan performance.


  • Added new option "unique" for the scan tab. Unique scans will only return the cheapest items of each item type. This is perfect for battle pets, glyphs and recipes you are still missing.
  • Added dressing room functionality for battle pets by right-clicking battle pets in AuctionMaster tabs.


  • Added battle pet sell support.
  • Added battle pet bid/buyout support.
  • Added battle pet tooltip support for items in AuctionMaster tabs.


  • Added dressing room functionality by right-clicking on an item in any AuctionMaster tab.


  • Fixed some disenchanting issues.


  • New disenchanting information for MoP.
  • Added a disenchanting entry to the configuration, where expert users could adjust the disenchanting database. Please share your data by copying it into a ticket.


  • First fixes for newly introduced battlepets. Not finished yet, the whole code has to be rewritten. :-(


  • Good news: Blizzard has fixed the getAll scan, it's not freezing the game anymore.
  • Blizzard has fixed the auction sorting, so I was able to reactivate the fast-cancelation of own auctions.


  • Fixed cancelation of undercut auctions.


  • Fixes for WoW patch 5.0.4. The getAll scan seems to freeze the client for a few minutes, I hope that disappears, if the game client is fully loaded...


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  • #2063

    Bugged when trying to sell the Enchanted Broom.  When I hit the create auction, it will create an auction for other pets that I have in my bags.

    Message: GameTooltip:SetHyperlink(): Unknown link type
    Time: 10/18/12 16:42:23
    Count: 3
    Stack: [C]: ?
    [C]: in function `SetHyperlink'
    ...face\AddOns\AuctionMaster\src\main\Seller\Seller.lua:603: in function <...face\AddOns\AuctionMaster\src\main\Seller\Seller.lua:598>

    Locals: (*temporary) = GameTooltip {
     0 = <userdata>
     itemCount = 2
     numMoneyFrames = 1
     SetInboxItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetBuybackItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     shoppingTooltips = <table> {
     SetHyperlinkCompareItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetExistingSocketGem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetHyperlink = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetGuildBankItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetTradeTargetItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetTradePlayerItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetSendMailItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     hasMoney = 1
     updateTooltip = 0.095999997854233
     SetInventoryItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     comparing = false
     SetSocketGem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     canAddRestStateLine = 1
     SetMerchantItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetAuctionSellItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetBagItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetTradeSkillItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetLootRollItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetLootItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetQuestItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
     SetAuctionItem = <function> defined =[C]:-1
    (*temporary) = "[Enchanted Broom]"

  • #2065

    Hi modrogon,

    thanks for the bug-report, I will have a look.

  • #2062

    Love this addon for my auction house stuff.  Now when I do a hurry scan, it pauses for quite some time before it starts to scan.  Was wondering if this was something on WoW side or maybe something in my config?

    I just know that before MOP I would call for a hurry scan and it would do it as soon as I pressed the scan button.

    Thanks for your efforts!!

  • #2058

    Date: 2012-10-14 14:06:09
    ID: 14
    Error occured in: AddOn: AuctionMaster
    Count: 2
    Message: Note: AddOn AuctionMaster attempted to call a protected function (CompactPartyFrameMember5:Hide()) during combat lockdown.
       [C]: Hide()
       ..\FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:278: CompactUnitFrame_UpdateVisible()
       ..\FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:234: CompactUnitFrame_UpdateAll()

    Last edited by THC on 10/14/2012 7:40:47 AM
  • #2060

    Hi THC,

    that is caused by an addon using the same libraries, not by AuctionMaster itself.

  • #2061

    any idea? cause i get alot of those errors when i hover over for example raid frames (bliz default ones)

    last error:

    Date: 2012-10-14 16:24:08
    ID: 100
    Error occured in: AddOn: AuctionMaster
    Count: 36
    Message: Note: AddOn AuctionMaster attempted to call a protected function (CompactRaidGroup5:ClearAllPoints()) during combat lockdown.
       [C]: ClearAllPoints()
       ..\FrameXML\FlowContainer.lua:157: FlowContainer_DoLayout()
       ..\FrameXML\FlowContainer.lua:17: FlowContainer_ResumeUpdates()
       ...actRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameContainer.lua:185: CompactRaidFrameContainer_LayoutFrames()
       ...actRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameContainer.lua:130: CompactRaidFrameContainer_TryUpdate()
       ...actRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameContainer.lua:57: CompactRaidFrameContainer_OnEvent()
       [string "*:OnEvent"]:1:
          [string "*:OnEvent"]:1
      Swatter, v4.0.5 (<%codename%>)
      NPCScan, v5.0.0.5
      NPCScanOverlay, v5.0.0.2
      AckisRecipeList, v2.4.1
      Archy, v1.8.37
      AuctionProfit, vv1.6
      AuctionMaster, v5.1.0
      BankItems, v50003
      BattlePetCount, v1.5.2
      CombustionHelper, v3.3
      CTCore, v5.0002
      CTExpenseHistory, v5.0002
      CTMailMod, v5.0002
      CTMapMod, v5.0002
      CTViewport, v5.0002
      DBMCore, v
      DBMMogushanVaults, v
      Decursive, v2.7.2.2
      eCastingBar, v
      EnhancedFlightMap, v2.2.5
      MageGate, v7.4.1
      Omen, v3.1.7
      Overachiever, v0.67
      OverachieverTabs, v0.67
      RaidAchievement, v1.105
      RaidAchievementAchieveReminder, v
      RaidAchievementPandaHeroics, v
      RaidAchievementPandaRaids, v
      RaidAchievementPandaScenarios, v
      Recount, v
      SlideBar, v4.0.5 (<%codename%>)
      XBar, v4.13
      XCustomBar, v4.04
      XLoot, v0.91.7
      XPerl, v3.6.0
      XPerlParty, v
      XPerlPlayer, v
      XPerlPlayerPet, v
      XPerlRaidHelper, v
      XPerlTarget, v
      XPerlTargetTarget, v
      YayMounts, v1.4.51
      BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v5.0.5.50001 <eu>

    Last edited by THC on 10/14/2012 10:24:42 AM
  • #2057


    I was wondering if this addon could simplify gear sales. I sell transmorg gear and always have to erase the "of the wolf" etc  to check for the items on the ah before I can post . This is really time consuming when youve got over 1k gear auctions . 

  • #2059


    hm, difficult. Perhaps it could be made configurable.

  • #2055

    I've been using AuctionMaster for a while now, with great joy and decent profit, and as of recently I started leveling Inscription and posting glyphs aswell.

    I set it to undercut with 2% on Glyphs in the edit section, but on some glyphs it automatically resets to calculating the Lower median which results in weird overpricing. So I tried to change the specific glyphs to Undercutting 2% aswell, but the next time I try to post the same glyph it goes back to Lower median again.
    Automatic is unchecked, Default, Glyphs, Death Knight and Glyph of Shifting Presences are all set to Undercut 2%.

    What am I doing wrong here?

  • #2056

    Hi Pintis,

    please click on edit and check whether "remember prizing model" is selected for the item, glyphs, ..., default. There is probably a different prizing model selected for glyphs or a category above.

  • #2053

    I would caution you about using this addon. I just lost 8k gold because it was posting things at random prices. There was no "error" to post. It was kinda my fault I was throwing things up while in a bg que and wanted to make it so I didn't check the prices. When I was in the bg and everything started to go very quickly my heart sank. Things that were only listed at 2k+ it listed at 20g and believe me I checked. I posted mulitple items of the same thing and some posted right and some posted random numbers. I had pets in there too. I mean the new code my be a problem, but I would reccomend unistall for the time being.

  • #2054

    I can assure you that the prizes are NOT calculated by random. After huge changes like MoP the auction prizes are changing dramatically each day. So you have to look which prizes make sense and sensibly choose the right ones by clicking on the undercut button in leftmost column for example or by  just typing them manually.

  • #2050

    Do AuctionMaster and Auctioneer not play nicely anymore? Since MoP came out the Sell and Scan tabs are empty, and they are getting overlayed into the Search and Post tabs of Auctioneer.

  • #2051

    Hi tenjuna,

    I've not tested it since I had to repair it the last time. ;-) Thats a couple of years ago. I will check it, when I find the time and repair it, if it's possible.

  • #2052

    fair enough...I will sacrifice a chicken in your name. it would be great if you can do it, but I will live if not.



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