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  • World of Warcraft
  • 15,815 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 3,208,526 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/25/2015
  • Created 04/20/2008
  • 1,402 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: 6.0.1
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About AuctionMaster

AuctionMaster: Sell items in auction house and search for bargain

Create your own auctions easily, while seeing the auctions of your competitors. Search for cheap items and save your searches.

  • Sell auctions with several pricing models
  • Mass buy auctions from configurable item lists
  • Scan the complete auction house in seconds
  • Be reminded about wanted items
  • See auction statistics in item tooltips
  • See disenchant info and search for items with high disenchant values
  • Mass cancel your own auctions and see which ones where undercut
  • And many, many more features

If you like AuctionMaster it would be great if you press the like button and add it to your favorites list. Perhaps you want to try my other addons Lootlog or PetBattleMaster? :)

Udorn (Blackhand Europe)


  • Updated for Patch 6.1


  • Updated for Patch 6.0.2


  • Fix for undercut own auctions.


  • Own auctions with bid on them won't be canceled because of undercuts.


  • Fixed GetAll scan.


  • Added optional column item level in search tab.


  • Updated simplified chinese localization.


  • Fixed own auction columns for bought items.


  • Removing duplicate columns.


  • Patch 5.4.


  • Fixed persistant configuration of selected columns in own auctions tab.
  • When opening the settings dialog the default entry is selected first. Many people doesn't understand the difference between the per-item and default settings.
  • Removed in-game release notes.


  • Patch 5.3.


  • Fixed disenchant information.


  • Cleaned up disenchant information.


  • Fixed missing max value in count dropdown.


  • Fixed scan for reagents by left clicking them in tradeskill window.


  • Added warning message for current GetAll bug.


  • Updated toc version.


  • Patch 5.2.0


  • Fixed disenchant info.


  • Fixed stack dropdown button bug.


  • Fixed count dropdown button bug.


  • Fixed sell item tooltip for battle pets.


  • Fixed greyed out create auction button.


  • Fixed lua-bug by not using Blizzard's dropdown button code anymore. This probably fixes some tainting issues.


  • Optimized scan for sell and own auctions tab. Avoid errors and enhanced performance while selling.


  • Fixed scan for battle pets by left-clicking in inventory.
  • Switching to search tab, if a reagent or an item is left clicked in a tradeskill window, while the sell tab is shown.
  • Fixed bidding on items.


  • Fixed rarity selector in scan tab.
  • Fixed disenchant data for blue items with item level 450.


  • Adapted to patch 5.1.0.


  • Fixed selling of multiple battle pets. Only one pet at once is allowed now.


  • Optimized scan performance.


  • Added new option "unique" for the scan tab. Unique scans will only return the cheapest items of each item type. This is perfect for battle pets, glyphs and recipes you are still missing.
  • Added dressing room functionality for battle pets by right-clicking battle pets in AuctionMaster tabs.


  • Added battle pet sell support.
  • Added battle pet bid/buyout support.
  • Added battle pet tooltip support for items in AuctionMaster tabs.


  • Added dressing room functionality by right-clicking on an item in any AuctionMaster tab.


  • Fixed some disenchanting issues.


  • New disenchanting information for MoP.
  • Added a disenchanting entry to the configuration, where expert users could adjust the disenchanting database. Please share your data by copying it into a ticket.


  • First fixes for newly introduced battlepets. Not finished yet, the whole code has to be rewritten. :-(


  • Good news: Blizzard has fixed the getAll scan, it's not freezing the game anymore.
  • Blizzard has fixed the auction sorting, so I was able to reactivate the fast-cancelation of own auctions.


  • Fixed cancelation of undercut auctions.


  • Fixes for WoW patch 5.0.4. The getAll scan seems to freeze the client for a few minutes, I hope that disappears, if the game client is fully loaded...


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  • #1884

    Hi, I just got the new update of your addon and i was very happen when I read the patch notes, tho when I was putting up first 5 stacks of 20 Hypnotic dusts today and then 20 stacks of singles it still did undercut and appears red on the auction window.

  • #1885

    Hi Karate99,

    arghh, I have tested the feature with single items (glyphs) and now I see that the calculation was not normalized. So the lowest buyout was determined by the smallest stack. I will upload another bugfix soon.

  • #1886


    Now it's working, thanks for the quick update. :3

  • #1879


    I have a request.  I notice that all AH add-on's have a tooltip feature, and the tool tip actually uses quite a bit of CPU cycles when I am mousing over things.  Can you please make it so that if I turn this feature off, it no longer uses any CPU cycles?

    I just want to be able to 100% disable tooltip enhancement.

    Thank you.

  • #1880

    Also, is it possible to make the mod more of a load-on-demand, so when we're not at the auction house, it isn't wasting resources?  When I ran a profile of my add-ons, the mod that used the most function calls / CPU cycles during a raid encounter was Recount, followed by AuctionMaster as #2.

    Please note this problem is not unique to your mod - all auction house mods that I've tried are like this.  But it's hard to understand why an AH mod needs to be #2 on my CPU usage during a raid encounter.  I just don't understand what these mods are doing at that time...

  • #1883


    I've no idea. Background scanning isn't it, the database is only touched when selling items or retrieving statistics for e.g. the tooltip. To hunt this (small) Cpu consumer, one would have to deactivate feature after feature, until the Cpu usage falls down to zero. This would be very time consuming. :-(

  • #1882

    Thank you very much for the reply.


    I guess there are two things that confuse me.  First is - why does mousing over items take CPU activity from AuctionMaster if I turned tool tips off?  I'm just wondering, if the tool tip is off, what is AuctionMaster doing?  Second is - what is AuctionMaster doing during a raid encounter that takes CPU?  You said it is parsing chat?  That might by why.

    Also just want to emphasize, this is not an issue with AuctionMaster in particular.  Auctionator and AuctionLite both have the same sort of behavior.  Is there some sort of passive background scanning that they are doing in the background, even when I'm not standing at the AH?

  • #1881

    Hi Bobbank,

    deactivating the Addon completely would be difficult, but I can try to reduce the ressources needed, when deactivating the tooltip. Currently only a callback is called, which immediately returns. I tried to deactivate the corresponding module, but the CPU usage was still equal (0,3%). The only other thing I can imagine is a hook on the chat, to see whether an auction was won, but that shouldn't consume much cpu.

  • #1877

    Hi Udorn!

    I am a Clean-UI-User, therefore I probably would not use the "LootLog" - but it sounds very reassuring for all the people who prefer to be informed about a lot of things! *smile*

    Is my message arrived to you? Anything seems to be wrong with my mailbox, I hope I do not have to write it all again... oO

  • #1876

    Hi guys,

    since the existence of the raid-browser I was playing in raids for the first time in my World of Warcraft life. It is really fun, but I don't like to wait for the items and scroll in the chat window to see, whether I have won them. So, you already have guessed it, I've written an addon called LootLog. It has a nice window for the loot in raids and instances and a countdown in the case that somebody has left the raid without rolling on the item.

    Perhaps you want to give it a try...

    Last edited by Udorn on 1/26/2012 3:50:38 PM
  • #1873

    And I really don't understand how the snipe function work, could you please explain?

  • #1875


    you may enter a name, a max buyout/bid and whatever, select a name for the saved search and press scan. Afterwards all the corresponding items are scanned and you may sort them according to the single item buyout price for example and buy them in a batch.

  • #1872
    Auctionmaster bug,

    High there, I really love Auctionmaster but I'm having some problems, when I scan the AH and then go to my auctions it doesn't really seem to update it and when I press the cancle undercut button it says the statistics are outdated even tho I scanned a couple of seconds ago. Please fix this. This didn't before when I played wow.


    And when I post a auction, and then post another auction with the same item, it uncuts myself, wich makes the auction think it's undercut and it cancles the auction when I cancle undercut.

  • #1874


    the self-undercut issue is probably the most wanted todo here in the forum, I really should implement it soon. ;-)

    A scan on the own-auctions tab should fix the outdated statistics.

  • #1878

    Thanks, Would be nice to have a scan bar on the top of the auction window when you're scanning them.

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