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Vengeance Status

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 785 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 200,509 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/10/2013
  • Created 09/26/2010
  • 170 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v1.39-50400

About Vengeance Status

StatusBar Vengeance Status will show a status bar that fills as the tank gains Attack Power from Vengeance

Upon exiting combat the status bar tooltip will update with relevant statistics from the last fight:

  • Max Attack Power Gained from Vengeance during the fight.
  • Max percent of the vengeance AP cap reached.
  • Average AP gained for the fight.
  • Vengeance uptime / combat time.
  • Uptime percent.

Configuration (command-line only at the moment)
/vgs or /vengeancestatus (will report current settings and remind you of other commands)

/vgs lock: toggles bar lock and enables/disables mouse interaction.
/vgs scale #: scales the statusbar to # (0.5 to 2.0)
/vgs border: toggles showing the statusbar border on/off.
/vgs bgalpha #: sets background opacity to # (0.0 to 1.0).
/vgs reset: resets position and all appearance options to defaults.
/vgs spam: toggles self-report fight statistics to chatframe when statusbar is locked.
/vgs combat: toggles only showing the statusbar when entering combat and hiding when exiting.
/vgs session: turns collection of session statistics on/off (default is off)
/vgs humor #: toggles a one time per combat random event if your vengeance goes above # %
(just a random menacing emote atm, might add some sounds or visuals at a later date)
If you run /vgs humor without # it defaults to 100% vengeance; /vgs humor 75 will emote when you pass 75%
(default setting is off)

Addon was created primarily to aid in the discussion about the Vengeance mechanic merits and shortcomings.

Version 1.2+ adds the ability to log session statistics to the saved variables. (default is off)
Use /vgs session to toggle collection of data.

To get the data for parsing in an external program Log out World of Warcraft and look for
VengeanceStatus.lua inside \World of Warcraft Beta\WTF\Account\<youraccount>\SavedVariables\

UI is english but addon should function on all language clients and for all tanking classes.

- Move options to Interface menu.
- More customization for appearance.
- Provide an LDB feed.

- Update for 5.4 "Siege of Orgrimar"

- Update for 5.4 vengeance cap (backward compatible with 5.3)

- Update for patch 5.3

- Update for patch 5.2
- Vengeance cap set to maxHP per 5.1 hotfix to 'infinite' vengeance.

- Properly fix for UnitAura|Buff|Debuff changes in 5.1
- Move historical max to history SV, update the bar with the session max instead.

- Fix Blizzard regression in the UnitAura() API
- .toc update, compatible with WoW 5.1 "Landfall"

- Fix a non-breaking initialization error
- Properly toggle when learning or unlearning a specialization
- Remove some remnants of 4.x compatibility code
- Minor internal changes

- WoW 5.0.4+ version, not compatible with WoW 4.x
- simplify tank check
- dynamic vengeance cap
(starts with 4.x formula but will update to 'historical max' as the player does harder content)

- better handling for characters that haven't picked specialization yet on MoP
- workaround for :GetRegions() blizzard bug crashing the beta client on build 15882

- support Monk brewmaster

- MoP Beta compatibility (build 15799 tested)

- toc update, compatible with Hour of Twilight (4.3)

- toc update, compatible with WoW 4.2.

- .toc update, compatible with WoW 4.1.

- WoW v4.0.6 api update.

- calculate and store accurate baseHP value in the addon saved variables and use it for exact Vengeance cap calculation.
- fallback "best guess" value when we don't yet have a verified / accurate baseHP.
(will be correct most the times but can "off" if the player logs on / reloads with an +HP buff active)

- bugfix /vgs reset not persisting a /reload
- update the vengeance cap calculation according to new info by Blizzard.
(comes out roughly to 80% of previously calculated cap as it's not based on maxHP instead is stamina + a percentage of baseHP)

- bufix statusbar occasionally showing on first logon/reload for non-tanking spec.
- "vgs border" added. Toggles showing the statusbar border.
- "vgs bgalpha #" added. Sets the background opacity. (0 to 1 = transparent to opaque)
- "vgs scale #" accepts values from 0.5 to 2.0 now.

- "/vgs combat" added. Toggles showing the statusbar in combat only or not.
- "/vgs humor #" added. Toggles humorous happenings when you get # % Vengeance or more.
"/vgs humor" will atm toggle some random emotes to happen when you reach 100% vengeance.
"/vgs humor 75" will do the same but when your vengeance reaches or passes over 75%.
This will only happen once for each fight (no spamming). Might add sounds or visuals at a later date.
Default for new installations is OFF.
- minor internal logic and aesthetic changes.

- Fixed gui bug with slow updates on max health changes (only affected the display not the actual data)
- Statusbar is now clamped to the screen so it can't be accidentally dragged outside
- "/vgs scale #" added. Scales the statusbar. Valid scale from 0.5 to 1.5.
- "/vgs reset" added. Resets the position and scale.
- Minor logic and aesthetic improvements.

- "/vgs spam" added. Toggles self-reporting fight statistics to chatframe if statusbar is locked.

- Shutdown if loaded on a non-tanking class (not druid,death knight,paladin,warrior)
- Pause processing and hide statusbar if player is not currently in a tanking spec (and out of bear for druids)

- Graphic update for the statusbar (prettier border)
- Ability to toggle bar lock and enable/disable mouse.
- Minimal config added through "/vgs" command
"/vgs lock" Locks/unlocks the bar and turns mouse interaction on/off.
"/vgs session" Toggles statistic logging to saved variables (default off)
- Add combat time to session log
- Tooltip graphical update.
- Ability to log session statistics to saved variables.
- Added a statusbar displaying
VengeanceAP/VengeanceCAP and percent of max in real-time.
- Last Fight report moved to statusbar tooltip.


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  • #24
    I love this addon for my tanks, I'm wondering if you're also able to show an Arcane Mage's Incanter's Absorption the same way?
  • #25
    To clarify, it's now a buff that shows up with an exact spellpower value in the tooltip, much like Vengeance.
  • #20
    could you add an option to show the vengeance report at all times? maybe have it so that when we turn this option on, the report stays right under the status bar.

    awesome addon btw... my warrior is almost unhittable, so either magic damage or vigilance (plus whatever is leftover from a block) is the only way i can get vengeance and its really nice to see how much i get when another tank gets hit :D
  • #21
    The report is last fight's statistics and it's a gametooltip so no it can't be always visible.
    (it wouldn't make much sense either as it would remain static until the fight ends)

    You can lock the statusbar and turn self-reporting on (/vgs spam) to get a personal report after every fight in your chatframe.
  • #23
    btw... /vgs scale doesnt work when going past 1
  • #22
    nah i just like the look of the tooltip more than the bar :/
  • #16
    Can you add an option to change skins? That would be hot.
  • #15
    Is there any way you could increase the maximum scale allowed? I play at the minimum UI scale and the bar is hard to see, even at 1.5 scale.
  • #17
    I don't want to push an update for a trivial change so for now run these 2 commands:

    /run VengeanceStatusDB["scale"] = 2 (or whatever scale you want)
  • #19
    Thanks, that worked perfect. Great addon btw!
  • #11
    Very nice addon, hitting 100% in ICC25 Heroic, nice to be able to track it!

    In other new, 100% + 7 stacks on Rotface 25 Heroic = 73k Shield slam crit as prot warrior :D
  • #12
    You mean Festergut and *shush* :P are you trying to get us nerfed?
  • #8
    Hate to sound like I'm nitpicking, but I found another bug.

    If I log in as fury, the bar is displaying. If I change from prot to fury, the bar does go away as intended, though. It's just during the login.
  • #9
    Is this happening on a fresh logon or after a /reload ?

    I don't observe this issue.
  • #13

    1. I log in as prot. It's there. Intended.
    2. I switch to fury. It's gone. Intended.
    3. I log in as fury. It's there. Unintended.
    4. I switch to fury. I /reload. It's there. Unintended.
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