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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 162,160 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/28/2013
  • Created 01/28/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: VialCooldowns 1.5.3
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About VialCooldowns

VialCooldowns 1.5.2

By: Ezzpify/Assembly - Stormreaver/Outland EU

Fan-Update for patch 5.4 by: dommon_987, Gennoken and code looked over by randoms and the Author (that being me)

Contact me ingame on Ezzpify [H] located on the glorious server Stormreaver-EU

====== Description: =======

This is an AddOn which will show all the cooldowns of an enemy above their nameplates. The addon has a small config near the top of Vial.lua for changing iconsize, x y offsets and the font.

Every player spells is added to the list but if you wish to add more spells you can do that by opening VialCds.lua with notepad and add the spell ID ,spell and cooldown duration. To enable or disable watched spells open Vial.lua in notepad and add or remove the comments by typing/removing this before the Spell ID:

====== Bug reports: ======

- If you find any bugs with this addon, please let me know in the comments or please send me a PM.

====== Q&A's ======

The addon doesn't have an in-game config, how can I edit the size and font?

- The addon does not have an ingame config yet. I will add that when I get some time over. You can however change the size, font and X&Y axis if you open up Vial.lua with notepad, and you'll find the config at the very top.

Will this addon become messy in battlegrounds if all the cooldowns are shown?

- No, not at all! All the cooldowns of nearby players will not be shown on only one target. The cooldowns on an enemy will be shown on it's own nameplate. So if a paladin and a priest stands next to eachother, you will see the priest's cooldowns above his nameplate, and the paladin's cooldowns over the paladins nameplate!

If one player uses a cooldown but is not in range of me, will the cooldown still show up on the nameplate?

- Yes it will show the cooldown of the target EVEN if he/she was out of your range when he/she used it! No need to worry about that!

Hotfix for 1.5.3: Well, 1.5.2 didn't work, and I'm too ashamed to tell why. So here you go, this should work :l

Hotfix for 1.5.2: Warlock basedamage has been reduced by 95%.

Jokes aside, Added "Shadow Blades" to rogue cooldowns. Changed SetScript -> HookScript, so hopefully using other Nameplate addons won't bug out while using VialCooldowns.

Sayonara, Baka <3


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