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Guild Warden

Guild Login to Add Favorites
  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.2.0
  • 42,934 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/07/2013
  • Created 02/05/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 3.3.8

About Guild Warden

Guild Warden 3 is here 100% Rewrite of all the code
Guild Warden keeps track of players alts automatically and manually.
It gives you Left, Joined, and Banned list
It uses guild sharing to share your alts and other players data.
It keeps track of when players joined your guild and left it.
You can add players to a ban list, and it will ban all there alts to.
It warns you when someone joins your guild that has left or has been banned.

Guild Warden helps guilds keep track of alts and people that you don’t won’t in your guild. Here is how…

1: Guild Warden will record your alts and then share your alts and other people alts, which Guild Warden has collected, with other people that have Guild Warden.
2: You can add player’s alts manually and this data will be shared also.
3: When someone logs in or if you do “/who” on someone, if Warden has data for them it will tell you there alts.
4: Warden keeps track of when and who joins and leave your guild (date based on when you log in).
5: If a player has 10 alts and one is in your guild and he is then kick, you can use Warden to ban this player, and not only will it ban that char but it will ban all his chars as well. Then when he joins on his alts it will warn you and other players that have Warden.
6: Warden works and records data even if you not in a guild, not in the same guild, not on the same server, and even if your not playing the same faction.

Here is a how to video, showing you how to add alts, notes, and ban someone
[Video Here]

I'm a unemployed engineer that was laid off, please help me stay online.
[Donate Here]

type "/warden"


Green = Joined Guild since last logged in
Red = Left Guild since last logged in

Know Bugs (3.3.1)
(Last Updated 11-05-11)

Next Version, In the works
(Last Updated 11-11-11)

Guild Warden will now save each guild's auto invite setting.
Alert you when new people have requested to join your guild.
declines people when they decline your inivte

To Be Done
1st: Test version before release

Do you have an Idea to add to Guild Warden
Post A Comment

Because Warden share your alts, to other people in the guild, you must agree that sharing your alts is ok...
you will NOT get banned for using this add-on.
Blizzard say that your alt info is private date UNLESS the player agrees to share it.
By Downloading and Instaling you Agree that Sharing your alts and other data to your guild and other Guild Wardens is ok

Version 3.3.8
->> Bug Fix, Error for people that haven't used Guild Warden before.
->> Bug Fix, Server Name Problems, Private Server are NOT Supported!!
->> Update to WOW 5.2.

Version 3.3.7
->> Major bug fix, when you don't have a BattleTag ID Warden crashes
->>> It recommended that you set your BattleTag ID
->> Guild Message of the day pop up no longer has "-" in it.
->> The first ping was being ignored, so the delay was moved up from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

Version 3.3.6
->> lots of bug fixs, when not in a guild.
->> New colors added to the joined list, thanks to Mcdlt
->>>> Green (not change) Joined today.
->>>> Blue has been on in the last 30days
->>>> Yellow has been on 30 to 60 days
->>>> Red has been on 60 to 90 days
->>>> White has been on logger than 90 days
->> Warden now has a smart guess for when people joined the guild, before warden was used.
->> more advance ways of getting alts.....

Version 3.3.5
->> fixs Joined today, and left today always saying 0
->> fix 85 now counts 90
->> adds monks
->> Change Warden ID to ID

Version 3.3.4 (Prerelease)
->> Check all code, and ran simple test, no bugs found
->> Update to wow 5.1


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  • #131
    I found a serious bug. I have some people in banned list. One of those put request up in guild finder. The auto-invite guild request feature of this addon invited him anyway to guild + then started spamming that person in banned list is in guild. I think it should kinda auto-DECLINE people in banned list as default action.
  • #136

    This has been fix as of 3.3.2

  • #132
    Having a similar problem with the Auto-invite option. We don't want it to auto invite anyone, we just usually manually decline everyone. But for some reason on of the officers logs in, and it auto-invites Lvl 1's to the guild even though the settings say to Decline them. Not sure if we are missing an option somewhere. Or what's going on?
  • #130
    Thanks for making this addon Codegreen
    I have one question however.
    When I installed the addon a few days ago, there wasn't a "Scanner" Button next to the "Realm" button, even though the GM said there should be one there.

    After he had given me all the rights for a moment and I reloaded the button was there suddenly. (I see in you movies and pictures that the button isn't there always too).

    When the GM had taken ALL the rights for a sec and I reloaded the button was still there.

    Now is my question, which option is causing this, and comes that it doesn't change back.

    Before I got all right I already had access to accepting/denying requests and changing the guild level of the people below me (there were still 3 levels above me including GM).
  • #129
    Hi, I own multiple accounts and tried to add characters from 2 accounts as alts to one main character. I think somewhere between 12 and 15 alts guild warden broke and forgot about all but 3 of the alts I added.
  • #137

    Guild Warden gpes by computer/account. If you swich computers it will reset your alts. Also, there is no way to add chars from a dif account.

  • #126
    I must say, I really love this addon as a guild leader and in may/june I even made it mandatory for my guildies, so it would be easier to see their alts, know who is who, ...
    I can't use it anymore though, since as a guild leader, i apparently am auto-inviting people who use the LFGuild feature. F.e we're raiding and all of a suddon I see I had just invited someone to the guild, without me doing anything... I always have a chat with new members so they know what to do, what kind of guild it is etc...
    Is there a fix for this? If you need some kind of log, I'd be happy to provide it (if you tell me how:)) I had this with the previous version too...

    Request: in the notes I make my guildies put down their real name + age (to prevent inappropriate language with youngsters f.e.) and it would be cool if it could be automatically copied to the possible note in guild warden. If someone leaves the guild for instance, I can see who (real name) it was...
  • #127
    look in to Guild Request Scanner.. disable it
    that might help
  • #128
    Thanks for your help, but i don't get those kind of options (never have) in my interface frame..
    in previous versions, i think i had other possibilities in the options menu, but then on certain options it was just a black screen...
    thx again
  • #125
    At the chance you take requests for new functions. An optional popup or warning of some kind (unobstructive) when there's new guild requests. And an optional movable list of currently online people with a guild request for the guild.
  • #124
    Greetings I am new here and I was looking but haven't found the problem I am having. Every time I click on the joined or left tab or any of the bottom tabs the I get nothing. sometimes it causes everything to lag really bad.
  • #122
    My guild has had some issues with the latest version where the main tag seems to revert to the previous one or to . This is causing a great deal of awkwardness as we've tried to put more focus on using this addon to manage peoples alts etc. Also some people get the tag at the top of the warden window until they log in with that character (even if the character is in the same guild)
  • #123
    I'm looking in to it, no eta at this time.
  • #121
    Sorry, Im back and uploaded a new version..
  • #119
    Flippit, changing ALL strrplace to gsub on all lua files worked beautifully! thank you ever so much!
    warden. good luck!
    So so so very thankful for this addon... as my guild grows in size, it's great to keep track of alts, join and leave dates, and notes. I'd like to thank the author and Flippit for the help in keeping this add functional!
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