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  • Project Manager: Tixu
  • World of Warcraft
  • 43 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 20,462 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/04/2015
  • Created 06/29/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1)
  • Newest File: WowCardioRaid 1.2b8
Support development! **

About WowCardioRaid

WowCardioRaid is an offline standalone parser for analyzing the wow combat log output. It's not an Addon, but a full external application. So, *do not* use CurseClient to get it, because this tool has nothing to do in the wow addon folder.

This tool supports LiveUpdate, Realtime parsing and advanced ressources log from wow 6.0

  • -launch the program
  • -load a WowCombatlog.txt file. Logs are located in the .\logs repertory of World of warcraft.
  • -watch and analyse the log in the graphic/replay viewport throught multiple filters/focus systems
  • -You can Zoom and dezoom on the timeline, select time period, select spell or event.
  • -You can see a stats breakdown for the selected period of time.

It only works on windows. Beta version and Sources can be found at

To be able to use 1.2+ features you must enable the advanced logging in Wow.

Go in Wow -> option/network/check advanced log then, you must quit the game then relaunch it. I also recommend to discard your current wowcombatlog.txt before register a new one, so it will not contains hybrid (basic and advanced) logs

04/03/2015 beta 1.2b8
-Fix for Wow 6.1 logs format. Logs previous 6.1 *will not* load correctly, so discard them before trying to parse a new session.
-added some spell/unit datas


03/01/2015 beta 1.2b7
-The mitigation stats has been slightly revamped to count only self-absorb/stagger + (block and resist)
-focus mode also apply on spell_absorb damages source extraunit
-fixed an issue with editbox overrided by shortcut
-added some spell/unit datas


18/12/14 beta 1.2b6

-fix for pet affiliation. The new GUID is more versatile than expected (logs needs to be reparsed if you encountered the issue)
-few internals optimizations
-added some spells detections


16/12/14 beta 1.2b5

-HighLighted events are now using the global filter and focus.
-Added a "must be avoided" parameter in spell option and in global filter
-Added some spells/boss options
-Added a secure way to parse some logs splitted by 3rd party splitters which does not add the correct endline sequence
-Minimum log warning size moved to 600mo (from 350 go)
-Maximum log size moved to 1.5go (from 800go)
-Hp line should be correctly built again while loading old *.wcr file


13/12/14 beta 1.2b4

-Replay Frame generation streamlined and optimized
-added a warning if the log doesnt have advanced ressources.
-highlighted events now have a label in viewport.
-shortcut 'i' added to start/stop the replay.
-"show detail" context menu for unit actually really shows details.


10/12/14 beta 1.2b3
_Added aura (buff/debuff) tracking in Replay View
-Added ressource bar in replay view. WIP: by default it shows the first ressource for the class. hit "f" to cycle throught preset. The correct preset for NPC/Boss can be set in unit options.
-Added context menu in replay. still in WIP, but fonctionnal.
-Added fancy icon bar in replay view.
-Added draw Player circle toggle in replay view.
-Added Draw skill name toggle in replay view.
-Added some boss/spell detections
-Dispels recap is now using the global filter/focus.
-A lot of minor improvements.


05/12/14 Beta 1.2b2

-fixed a parsing bug.
-it's now possible to highlight a unit in replay view by left-clicking on it
-ctrl+leftclick on a unit opens its option windows
-ctrl+mouseMove if a unit is selected change the size of its drawing circle
-fixed output and widget position in replay view
-added a minimim stack parameter in spell options for tracking Aura stacks in replay view
-added the 4 first bosses detections and some spells highlight parameters


01/12/14 beta12b1
New beta version (Still a work in progress).

-The new logs ressources of wow 6.0.3 are correctly parsed
-New stats calcutation with the new datas provided by the log (absorb, itemLvl, multistrike etc.)
-LiveReplay improved (see below)
-A lot of internal rewrites and optimizations

-Added castBar, cast success and interrupt detection (interrupts are now also counted for stun/morph spells without a specific Spell_interrupt event)
-NPCUnits can be customized for a better feedback (size, color)
-Spells can be highlighted in the LiveReplay to help tracking damages/debuff that can be avoided.

To be able to use 1.12 features you must enable the advanced logging in Wow.
Go in Wow -> option/network/check advanced log then, you must quit the game then relaunch it.
I also recommend to discard your current wowcombatlog.txt before register a new one, so it will not contains hybrid (basic and advanced) logs


07/03/13 Release 1.09
-Fix for Wow 5.2 and the new combat log format.
-Added an option to use short numbers
-Fixed monk healer detection


25/04/12 Release 1.08
- Added wow5.0/MoP support for Monk
- Added New powers ("Chi" and unknown placeholders)
- Fixed a small possible (and really rare) error
- Added some HM detections for 4.3 DS raid (mostly for 10 players raid)


07/02/12 Release 1.07a
-updated boss/spell for 4.3


06/07/11 Release 1.07
- Fix for WowcombatLog 4.2: At this time WowCardio can read hybrid logs (wow4.0 to wow4.2). However since this require extra routine that slows down the parsing, support for 4.0 format will be disabled in the future.


26/02/11 Release 1.06
- Unicode improvements.
- Added PowerGains and Interrupt/dispel stats in unitstatspanel
- Improved focus feedback in statstree.
- Absorb Module improved (again) for to handle better both Log-Defined-absorbs, and Guessed-Absorbs. Spell like savage defense, blood shield (etc.) should now be calculated in a better accurate way. Also added a fix for AntiMagicShell, which is obviously bugged in the blizzard log.
- Improved Absorb feedback in unit-stats list: Log-Defined-Absorbs are shown in blue, Guessed-absorb are shown in italic/blue;
- Fixed some spell Datas


14/02/11 Release 1.05
- WowCardio should now handle unicode languages (chinese, russian etc.)
- Added CriticalBlock Detection and stats.
- The stats-view has been improved. Unit of the same type (same mobID) are now sorted under a summary node, (descendants nodes still show all units separately).
- Raw Parsing optimization (20% faster).
- Fixed absorbs count: WCR tries to find the real cast-count for absorb.
Rules: count as a 'real' cast

  • aura_apply, if casted in combat
  • aura_refresh only if the new absorb pool is lower than the previous one.
  • aura_remove and aura_refresh if the related aura apply/refresh is casted out of combat

- Hpline generation improvement
- Fixed powergains type
- Fixed Translator parsing
- Added new spell/boss datas.
- few improvements/fixes


4/12/10 Release 1.04
- Improved Log Index. Boss are now shown in list, and logs can be filtered by boss. The new index system is using a cache file in the log folder for to speed up the process, however its possible to disabled this cache system in options.
- more Detailled Stats are available by hovering numbers.
- Added Instance/Raid detection (this can be set in unit-options, only for Boss)
- It's now possible to add a short comment in saved-WCR logs
- RawParser optimization (parsing time reduced by 50-60%)
- Minor optimization in datas structures and few bugfix/improvments

More informations in the readme


  • #14

    Noticed that there wasn't a recent comment about this, which is a shame, because this tool is amazing. The LiveLog feature is especially nice, as it allows us to figure out where we could use some attention for the next pull. Keep up the good work!

  • #13
    This is very nice. Thank you for the hard work you have put into this.
  • #10
    Little Bug:
    Lich King is flagged like "Trash Mob" WCR cannot pre-select this fight in combat log.
    Need to select it with Ctrl + click
  • #11
    Not exactly a bug since you can set this yourself:

    On the graphic view, just pop-up the context menu over the lich king Unit then choose "option for [lich king"], then set this unit as a Boss.
    You may have to add related unit (like valkyr) as "affiliated" to lich king boss to see a correct combat block
  • #12
    thanks i'll try that next time =)
  • #8
    Hi there, first off great work. I've been loving every bit of this. I'm having a few issues however, I don't know if these are easy fixes/implementations but I figured it would'nt hurt to mention.
    First off the event list doesn't seem to show heals that have 100% overhealed. Those don't appear in the list at all =/
    The second thing that is more of an annoyance than a real issue is the lack of an overall stat page for each character (similar to wws I guess). I know it would be redundant with existing parsers but it would help to get all the information in the same spot rather than jump between programs or onto the web.

    anyways thanks a lot!!
  • #9
    Hi, thanks for the kind words.
    I have a lot of ideas to improve WCR, but I am currently running out of time. Anyway, yes, detailled/filtered stats are in the todo list, definitely (some parts are already started, anyway).

    For the OH bug, it's weird: I am seeing all events.
    Are you sure you are not misunderstanding the way it works?
    In the event list you see the raw heal, then the OH part, so If you see, for example: 1000 (OH 1000), that means 100% OH.
    Maybe i should offer a way to see the Effective heal in the list directly.
  • #6
    Will there be an update for this for 3.0.2/WotLK ?
  • #7
    Yes :)
    i just posted a new version, with a lot more feature.
  • #1

    This is a really awesome program, been looking for something like this for a while now :)... Keep up the good work, and I can't wait until you release a stable version!

  • #3

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Ive commited a new beta

    Bugs have been fixed, and few new features added.

    For the eventlist, its not finished at all, I have focused on the timeline rendering, so I did'nt take care about it. Anyway I have added a quick fix: when a unit is selected through the eventlist context menu, the event position is kept.

    Also, hp/dps/hps insta value under the mouse are shown in the statusbar.

  • #2

    Absolutely fantastic tool excellent way of allowing people to sift through the immense amount of data froma boss fight and dig into the detail to see what went right and what went wrong. Keep up the excellent work.

    One bug report and 2 feature requests

    In Beta 7c I'm seeing the CRIT flag inverted on all heals, so none crits have the CRIT flag set and crits don't. This is easy to see by looking at HoTs which are all marked as CRIT

    Feature Request
    When in the event list if I select showing events for a single character the view takes me back to the start of the log. It would be ace switching between the entire view and the events for one character could try and maintain my place in the events.

    To illustrate why this would be great. You're looking at the detailed view for the tank and you see a point where they took a big HP hit and the healers just caught it. You pick one of the damage events and use the context menu to go to that in the event list. You can see this damage event there but it's surrounded by the entire raid doing stuff. You select just the tank in the overview so you only see events for them and the event list poops back to the beginning over an hour before the fight you were interested in.

    I tired setting the event view to just show the tank I was interested before selecting 'View Event in List' but the event list seemed to get reset to show everyone when I did this so that didn't help either.

    Feature Request
    You're tracking current unit health to draw the HP line in the main timeline and detail views, but this information isn't available in the tooltips for the events or in the event list. This would be a really useful addition when looking and damage spikes and deaths =)

  • #5

    Wow isn't register the combat log by default.
    For that you must type the chat command /combatlog to toggle the functionnality.

    Some addon can enable/disable this automatically when entering in chosen zones.
    you can try Loggerhead for that:
    (I dont find it on curse )

  • #4

    There is no WowCombatlog.txt log in my WoW logs folder.
    Should I install something or enable something to make it run?

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