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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 20,341 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/24/2015
  • Created 09/01/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: wChat 7.4

About wChat

is a lightweight chat mod.

Its aim is to not take the glory from other chat mods.
but to say thanks to all of them.


-*-Allow the use of arrow keys editbox.

-*-Allow the use of moving the editbox to all sides.

-*-Editbox set to top or bottom of the chat.

-*-Chat copy (right click a chat channel for the copy option.).

-*-Short channel names (Party=P,Guild=G,RAID=R ect.).

-*-Scrolldown (with shift held down and scroll up or down. will
jump to the top or bottom of that chat.).

-*-Left click for friends window. and right click for emote window, on the
social/Freinds icon inside the chat frame, at the upright corner.

-*-A custom Timestamp.

-*-A popup notice of events, (ie lfg,wts. will show not just
in the chat box, but in the middle of your screen.).

-*-URL copy. (to copy web address, friends may send to you to
go and look at.).

-*-Chat Sounds. (will make sounds when Guild,Party,Raid,
Battleground. ect, says somthing.).

-*-Disable Fade. (chat will fade out.).

-*-Alt click invite. (lets you press and hold Alt and click
on someones name in the chat box to invite them.).

-*-At top of the wChat.lua you will find options to show or hide.

-*-And More!!!

Please note. some features have to be turned on though
Interface/Game/Social tab ingame
Also to change the Chat font size you can do by right clicking on a tab.

Please leave your feedback.

and a big thanks to all who helped me.


toc update


Update TOC for 6.1


bottombuttonhide option removed, no use for it, as if shown placement of other buttons are moved.
Buttons bar update.
friends and socalicons updated.
bnthide - hide the BNToastFrame, option added.
Channels updated.


updated url copy.
updated Chat copy.
updated BNToastFrame.
updated Sticky Channels.
Updated Buttons.
Updated Alt click invite

added guild loot message change.
added a fix for the blocked from using CompactRaidFrame.

Mature Language Filter always turned off.

Removed Timestamps because Blizzard already implemented this feature into the client.
Options -> Interface -> Social -> Chat Timestamps


Toc update only, I will be going though the ad-dons within
the next month to update any errors, if you have any fixes
in meantime please let me know.


Fixed the friends button, left click working right to open friends window and right click for emotes.


Updated TOC for 5.4


Updated TOC for 5.3


Updated TOC for 5.2


Updated short chat code.


Updated Toc
and Short chat text.


MOP Updates


Updated: Toc for 4.3


Updated: Toc for 4.2


Added: removechannel.
Mutes General and LocalDefense channels while inside instances.
Thanks to oomp.

Removed: No guild loot
"not needed anymore"


Updated TOC for 4.1
and a few changes.


Updated: Channels with Custom channel string.
Added: Traditional Chinese to channel names.

and a few edits.

and code clean.


Added: French channelnames.

and a littel code clean up.


Added: Classic mode onlogin. as most of this chat works with
this option changed. "of what you can do in game. but made it
easy for people.

Updated: the eboxbottom/top code.

Updated: combatlog.

And a little code cleanup.


Updated: fontoutline
Code clean.


Edited Code: Setting descriptions.
Changed to hideboxbground from Hideborder


Fixed url, and friends icon.

and cleanup.,


fontoutline fix
uinoticetrue fix

and a few fixes.

A clean up and a few changes.


Syntax update on Alt click invite
Thanks to Karudon


Added Chat sound for real-id messages.

4.8a "same as 4.8"

Added: Full Screen Toogle - Creates a keybinding that switches between
full-screen and windowed video modes.
(Usually the key alt+enter is used.)
Thanks to Seyss

Added: no guild loot -
"set to false in the lua to not havethis work."
Hides the money gained for the guild when looting alone or in group
Thanks Rilgamon


REAdded; --Real ID Frame, forgot to add it after the update.

REAdded; flashtabfade, forgot to add it after the update.

Added: friendshide, set to true to hide the social/Freinds icon.

Added: bottombuttonhide, set to true to hide the bottom button Arrow.


A clean up for cata.

updated: scrolling and arrows and emote and friends. thanks to Jaliborc

the social/Freinds icon inside the chat frame, at the upright corner

left click for friends window. and right click for emote window.


Added: flashtabfade - to fade tab flashing.

updated Setting descriptions

updated names.

and code clean up for cata,


Updated ui notice. with added sounds, and code clean up.
Again think to Vrul for there time, and help


       Set to false to hide the chat flash icon.

       Set to false to hide url copy.

       Set to false to hide the chat copy.


a code clean up
Added visual alert button/arrow when at top of the chat.
thanks to shinx


Added hideborder. this will hide the chat border.

please note that if set to true. it will still show the white line. i am looking into remoing this also.

3.9 to 4.0

updated timestamps.

updated channels.

re added chat sounds.

and code clean up.,


Added: if hidechannelnames,

and a few edits.

fixed to stamp all channels, with time


changes the default settings.


Updated: timestamps. "to show. use interface/social"

Updated: URL copy a bit.

Removed: chatsounds. till i can fix it.
"to use somthing till then you can use.

Removed:if hidechannelnames, due to timestamps assigned to the code.


a few edits.


updated for live, Release.


updated for cataclysm,.


Updated - Channel names.

and a code clean up.


Updated - Setting descriptions: "thanks to Bandes"


code update and clean up
Added -Russian,German channel names. "thanks to funkydude"
and also updated some of the channel names;
and a option to turn of channel names.

added - a new time-stamp
should stamp everything now.
you can also change the format, and turn of the time-stamps,
in the top of the wChat.luacode

"make sure blizzard time-stamp is turned off in-game, as you will have two stamps".


Removed copy chat textures.

a updated copychat added.
Thanks to Vrul

a code clean up.


Added AFK,DND,GM - From from blizzard names.

updated bold chat. so it will work to what size you set ingame.

a code clean up.


a code clean up.

added option to set font bold.

a Code clean up.
a few cata changes.

Removed chat texture.

edited a few confilcts.

miss spelling (ty sirann)

added an option to not
have the text in chat to not fade out.

added more short channel names.
General = GEN
Trade = T
WorldDefense = WD
LocalDefense = LD
LookingForGroup = LFG
GuildRecruitment = GR

And time stamps the chat miss.
ie logout ect.

-=-a clean up of code.

-=-a config to set the editbox at the top of bottom of that chat bar.
-=-a few other sets. to edit. see top of wChat.lua
-=-a few added textures. and codes for it.
-=-a new ui notice  "A buyer,outbid on,group disbanded,instance reset".

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  • #32

    the chat windows does not fade away

  • #30

    Just something I've wanted! Super thank you! I will recommend it to others!

  • #28
    Turn off Sound?

    Is there any wat to actually turn off the sound on this addon... ? Or configure it in general... I mean from within the game, without notepad? :P

    Last edited by Corenbaine on 11/27/2012 7:07:56 PM
  • #29

    most my addons are though notepad. you can edit it in there. then in game do /rl to reload theui. and the updates will be done. some of the addons do have someingame workings. but to see this always check the addon.lua for what you cand o. thanks.

  • #27

    Should anyone wish to use my addon, though the MOP beta please see this link,.



  • #24

    Got this during Spine of Deathwing:

    Message: Note: AddOn wChat attempted to call a protected function (CompactRaidFrame28:Show()) during combat lockdown.
       [C]: Show()
       ..\FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:264: CompactUnitFrame_UpateVisible()
       ..\FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:224: CompactUnitFrame_UpdateAll()

  • #25

    that error has come from a ui addon. ive been looking all day to see where its from. and seems its an addon you are usen.. that has not been updated for the new patch. any other info would be great.


  • #26

    Only had it happen once so far. If it happens again I'll give you a list of my addons.

  • #23
    Thanks for the update! I really love how lightweight this addon is.
  • #21
    when trying to move any chat channel to it's own, new, window it errors (below). a new window will appear, with the name of the chat channel, but it will just be a duplicate of the general window, with all channels included.

    Message: Interface\FrameXML\FloatingChatFrame.lua:110: attempt to index local 'copyFrom' (a nil value)
    Time: 11/22/10 03:45:45
    Count: 1
    Stack: [C]: ?
    Interface\FrameXML\FloatingChatFrame.lua:110: in function `FCF_CopyChatSettings'
    Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:4554: in function `func'
    Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:636: in function `UIDropDownMenuButton_OnClick'


  • #22
    will look into this
  • #20

    Fantastic addon, just wondering if it would be possible to create an option such that chat flows from top to bottom instead of bottom to top?

  • #19
    Okay, sadly I found a flaw one many would consider a deal-breaker I think.

    Thousands of players use the addons TomTom and Lightheaded. If you click world locs in Lightheaded wChat intercepts that click and thinks it's a url so it opens up the url copy/paste box and TomTom does not put the arrow on the screen because wChat interfered with it.

    Can you fix this please? Only let wChat do a url copy procedure if it is in fact an actual url, not a number like 61,45 or 61.345, 67.84 or 78:98
  • #17
    Hi, does this have the /tt command (Tell Target)?

  • #18
    Okay I see that it doesn't but could you please add it so I do not have to install another addon?


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