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We Don't Wipe

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 55,103 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/23/2015
  • Created 11/17/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: We Don't Wipe v3.08
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About We Don't Wipe

A DPS maximiser. Displays a sequence of icons from left to right, representing the order in which you should use your abilities so that maximum DPS may be achieved.

Various class/specialisations are supported. You must download separately the We Don't Wipe modules. Links are provided below.

WDW is very fully featured and configurable. The author tests it against other popular AddOns to ensure it surpasses its competition. Authoritative websites are consulted.

Download Links for Supported Class/Specialisations
Rotations need urgent updating and this is underway. Refinement will continue as Warlords of Draenor matures

  • More to come!

DPS "Rotations" or "Priority Queues"
WDW presents, as a queue, the next few abilities you should use. Allowance has been made for the Talents you have chosen, even if they are not optimal. Due to randomness and "procs" in the game, the queue might suddenly change so be ready to react!

We Don't Wipe is perfect for anyone wishing to come to grips with the latest thinking for the mechanics of a class/specialisation through to seasoned raiders wishing to maximise their DPS.

For notes specific to a class/spec you should see the respective Module download page.

Some players need to collect so many "charges" and then activate certain spells. For example, Maelstrom Weapon, Arcane Charges and Tigereye Brew. These are fundamental to achieving decent DPS and We Don't Wipe displays your class relevant "charge" prominently at the head of the queue.

Managing Your Cooldowns
WDW is more than just a queue of icons sliding from right to left across the screen. Adjacent to this queue it is possible to display your Cooldowns. YOU decide what to include and WDW provides for just about anything, including but not limited to bag items, gear, talents and spells. WDW Cooldowns are fully configurable but this author's Cool Aid AddOn is worth a look as the ultimate replacement for this functionality.

Distance to Target
Blizzard consciously prevent us from knowing the exact distance to a target. WDW provides a very accurate range estimation for all target types. Mob in range of your Frost Nova? Are you at 40 yards yet? WDW exceeds other AddOns in accuracy. For a few more options see also this author's Hard Yards AddOn.

Beast, Critter, Humanoid or Dragonkin?
Polymorph and other abilities need this information. WDW displays the mob classification, type and family. You will be informed whether you are against a Rogue or Warrior and whether your target is Elite, Rare or a Minion. Is that a transformed player, or a pet?

Interrupts, Mob Dispels and Friendly Dispels
Depending upon your target, WDW will show a small action-relevant icon under your main rotation whenever it is possible to interrupt or dispel.

Unlike its competitors, WDW does NOT track your combat log so it it is not CPU hungry. WDW does NOT require a lot of memory and will not throttle your FPS. Periodically, WDW cleans up any computer memory which is no longer required.

Not a Level 100 Elite Tauren Chieftain?
We can't all be level 100 and WDW works for all levels, providing you have a specialisation (i.e. level 10).

Other Features

  • In-game icon based editing and display of abilities to exclude from rotations
  • Modularised: Download only what you need.
  • Tooltips for all rotation and CD icons and configurable options
  • Configurable icon positions and sizes
  • Multiple rotations are supported
  • Supports Racials, whether for rotation queue, CD list, or interrupts/dispels
  • Global Cooldown dynamically monitored/calculated/configureable
  • Key bindings for rotations and for changing cooldown/rotation synergy
  • Debug mode available to module authors (or anyone really)

How to Instal
Place WDW in the same AddOn folder as your other AddOns. For each module you downloaded, place that module's file with the "Lua" file extension into the WDW "Modules" folder. Quit the game completely. Relaunch. Enjoy.

How to Move WDW
Firstly go to "Game Menu" then "Interface" then "AddOns". For We Don't Wipe look at "Queue Settings". Ensure "Locked" is not checked. Return to the game. Hover the mouse over the centre of the first ability icon in the main queue. Must be in the centre area. Now hold down the left mouse button and drag and release. Easy!

Updates & Favourites
You can make We Don't Wipe a Favourite and get an automatic notification (PM) or email (enabled through your profile) when I update it.

Cookies, Beer & Donations
It is all about the Cookies & Beer although, and don't let Gallywix know about this, a "thank you" in the comments section fuels my programming appetite and is very much appreciated. And then, you could cut straight to PayPal button because as Gallywix would say... "time is money, friend". :)


  • /wdw now works the same as /wdw help or /wdw ?
  • Fixed porting bug (from Cool Aid) when selecting a Spell ID manually in /wdw coo
  • Fix for remaining GCD calculation
  • New global wdw_specialModuleNew to allow players to adjust module constants/parameters directly
  • Code for above in Core.lua. NOT executed on regular polling but only on a talent/environment change
  • Edited Template.rtf to reflect the above and upped version to v1.01
  • pairs/ipairs localised
  • cooldown timer alpha fix for spells no longer being "shown"


  • Special "recharge" abilities totally rewritten and expanded
  • Target & Range text positions optimised for all screen resolutions
  • Target & Range text repositioned if main queue is not shown
  • Handling of Check boxes identical to my Cool Aid AddOn. i.e. works the new Blizzard way
  • Lots more localisation in the Core file
  • Removed taint sources from Core and Interface files and rewrote lots of code
  • Due to anti taint measures, Tooltips removed for icons BUT now properly click through
  • Alter sliders so that whole units for icons but detailed for update frequency
  • Changed minimum requestable update frequency to "0" (i.e. as often as possible)
  • Remove Glyph of Icy Veins test as that pre-WoD glyph was removed from the game
  • Removed options to NOT show icons if out of range or insufficient power as never actually implemented AND in WoD Blizzard removed power costs as an *easily* obtainable quantity


  • Very slightly moved target text (above the first icon) upwards
  • Further removal and refinement of pre WoD Mage Polymorph code as redundant
  • Bug in code testing for earliest possible cool down in mini-icons


  • When target is player the target text has the class specific appropriate colour.
  • Fix for global typos due to cut and paste from another of my AddOns (sigh)


  • Totally new routine for distance *estimation* copied over from my Hard Yards AddOn
  • More localisation of things. Localisation is generally better than bloating the global pool.
  • Fishing Poles list updated. New WoD poles plus added some other old or obsolete ones.
  • Added silent chat command /wdw gcd to show the current GCD for current toon
  • Corrected code for the (fun) hourly easter egg salute
  • The obtaining of a character's specialisation (if it has one) is now sadly hardcoded as I am tired of the bad API return results which occur from time to time with patches/expansions.
  • Several API calls have had parameters and return values altered, some with big changes
  • Updated author & copyright notices to reflect my current personal, game & AddOn status
  • Removed the Mage Polymorph code as no longer relevant. R.I.P. the lovely poly glyphs


  • Small Interface number update.


  • Saved Spellbook "active" spell limit exceeded by a player. Extended from 56 to 70
  • Added ability to specify Cooldown or Item by ID number!


  • Trivial change to TOC file so will launch/run under patch 5.4.
  • Special test for Glyph of Icy Veins to reveal Blizzard's hidden cooldown spell ID
  • Shaman Glyph of Shamanistic Rage Cleanse of Magic debuffs now supported
  • Can now exclude interrupt, mob buff dispel, friendly debuff dispels (mini icons 1 to 3) & items
  • Suppress buffs reminders when special action bars on show
  • All my current and 'maybe' modules included in the TOC file to ease installation


  • Added specific DK code for Glyph of Icy Touch giving a purge to DKs
  • Auto Attack now included in buffered Spellbook as rotations may wish to use it to signify "up to you" actions. Previously it was a specific exclusion
  • Number sizes for cooldowns (both main and CD rows) improved for really small tile sizes
  • Sweet spot for icon moving scales now at small tile sizes
  • Had to add specific Enh. Shaman code due to Blizzard smoke and mirrors with Stormblast


Big Changes

  • Designed to support classes/specs from level 1 to 90 (1-9 has no specialisation)
  • Bag items, equipment, buffs and spells may be freely used for rotations and cooldowns
  • Supports user supplied modules. WDW functions mostly as a generic engine now. Template & instructions provided
  • Interface panels greatly expanded
  • Added Windwalker Monks
  • Management of specified shown or excluded cooldowns reworked / improved
  • Spell IDs used throughout, no more spell names. To use an itemID simply make it negative
  • Distance to target now much enhanced and supports all target types (as best as is allowed by Blizzard)
  • Charge display enhanced and standardised across the classes/specs
  • Almost all the globals removed and replaced with a much smaller set. Globals file & descriptions provided
  • Debug mode. Ability to also limit debug messages to a predefined subset of messages


  • Frost DK check for T15 2P bonus in Soul Reaper trigger in rotations
  • A spilling erors and a gramar eror fixed cuz im not 2 clevr
  • Position sometimes not saved fixed
  • Creeping memory use

Smaller Enhancements

  • Rotation selection no longer by mouse wheel. Lots of keybindings possible now
  • Two new config options for managing Global Cooldowns
  • Test for 'interruptible' now specially checks for channelled spells bypassed by Blizzard's regular API call
  • Removed buff check exclusion for non-DKs when mounted. Response to user feedback
  • Option added to show everything when not in combat/aggro/instance (works in sync with 'Missing Buffs' option)
  • Added the "minus" UnitClassification for NPC minions. ("Minions" shown in WDW rather than "minus")
  • If target is a player then the usual target information text replaced with some basic player relevant stuff
  • Interface options panel better organised, some rewordings
  • Friendly audible login welcome sound, tailored for races
  • New error, warning, debug messages. Colour coded. And the old standard 'print' message too


  • Rotations changed for Patch 5.2 "Throne of Thunder" (Actions, Glyphs, Rotations, Core)
  • Better display of Mage Polymorph icons, including fixes for Blizzard's own bugs (Glyphs, Interface, Core, Spells)
  • More robust to handle players with no specialisation (Core, Interface)
  • Tier 15 Enhancement Shaman 2P +2 Maelstrom bonus (Spells, Rotation, Actions)
  • Updated version greeting to keep it fresh (Core)


  • Blood DK getting spammed with "Sorry," message fixed (Core)
  • Blood DK crashes fixed (Core)
  • Following Icon Sizes option changed to fraction from dodgy percentage (Interface)
  • Apparently 'stuck' or nonresponsive or duplicate icons fixed (Core)


  • Remove annoying Shaman weapon buff reminder if have a fishing pole equipped (Core)
  • Valentines Easter egg date error. Doh! (Core)


  • Saved data system now on a character name / realm basis as per Blizzard standards (Core)
  • Added in-game instructions (Core + Interface)
  • Able to edit cooldown / mini icon list from in game (Core + Interface)
  • Interface options panel cleaned up but still has that cozy "Ace" feel (Core + Interface)
  • Removed "Ace" as a dependancy. WDW now its own boss (Core + Interface + TOC)
  • Calculation of number of each type of DK rune is now accurate and not a (pretty good) estimate (Core)
  • Helpful message and sound for when seeking to reposition the icons (Core)
  • Allow for more CD icons (Core)
  • Allow for more than two DK Death runes (Actions)
  • Mini icon glow effect added & tested. Unused at present (Core)
  • Out of combat test now also tests for non-targeted aggro/attacks via an API call (Core)
  • Pillar of Frost added to default set of Frost DK CDs (Cooldowns)
  • Shaman must be >= L87 for Ascendance (Actions)
  • Shaman must be >= L81 for Unleashed Elements (Actions)
  • DK must be >= L87 for Soul Reaper (Actions)
  • DK must be >= 81 for Outbreak (Actions)
  • The various multiple polymorphs of a Mage are now properly known and managed (Core)
  • Improve logic for mini icon #3: ensure deal only with Curse/Disease/Magic/Poison if supported by Class/Race (IntDispel+Core)
  • Exclude Auto Attack from pre-scanned Spellbook (Core)
  • Invisible first/main icon could previously be moved (if you were clever). Now not possible (Core)
  • Notify other users of your WDW version and prompt player if player has an out of date WDW version (Core)
  • Spellbook scanning now correctly knows about and allows multiple spells with the same name. Relevant to Mage Polymorph (Core)
  • Removed the 'Up to You' icon. It was a dumb idea but fun at the time to see Hula Dolls and icecream cones on the screen (Core)
  • Now works properly for Mana Gems. What a hack job that was (Core)
  • Changed Welcome message and added a non-intrusive welcome sound (Core)
  • Fun stuff (Core + Interface)


  • Fix bug when switching from Frost to Arcane, with no zone change and then generating 1 Arcane Charge


  • Frost Death Knights added
  • Massive performance boost. No longer throttles cpu (lesson: don't blindly trust what you read on the net. Test for yourself!)
  • Tooltips for all icons
  • Keybindings revamped, including the bug in v1.03. Now bi-directional for both rotation & cooldown
  • Mouse wheel support as an alternative to keybindings
  • Frost Mages no longer prompted for Water Elemental when mounted
  • Slight range text placement adjustment to allow for null queues (unlikely as it is)
  • The forced English language for a player's "specialisation" removed. Thus more non-English friendly
  • Shaman Reincarnation correctly shows when dead and not on CD
  • Mage Tier 2 talent no longer assumed to be Ice Barrier (unlikely as that would be in PvE)

Addon Packs Containing This...


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  • #40

    Tested this with v2.02 - it doesn't happen. Also tested by targeting a mob near a zone boundary and then crossing the zone boundary.

    I imagine it could happen in v2.01. This is the "Sticky" icon bug. In fact we are seeing more than one set of icons. Could probably happen when a "Player Entering World" event triggers in v2.01.

    Last edited by Taraezor on 2/23/2013 1:57:56 AM
  • #35

    Not sure what the deal is,  but whenever I have this addon enabled,  My character does random emotes and randomly says things.  I don't like this at all.  I turn off the addon,  the emotes and speech stop.  It is not a contineous thing,  but it's completely random.  Might do an emote every 30 seconds,  might be a minute or two between them.  Any thoughts on what is going on?

  • #36

    Its the "fun stuff" that was added with the new version.  the addon randomly plays emotes on certain calendar days, looks like april fools and valentines so far.

    It bothered me too so i took out that code, but it looks like it will stop on its own on any other day.

  • #37

    Valentine's Day Easter egg. Not the only add-on to do this kind of thing. DBM does an April Fools one, for example. Don't like it, no problem. (evil grin)

  • #33

    Bug in 2.01

    When i try to adjust the size of the queue icons with the options slider, instead of saying a decimal number, it changes it to a huge integer (like 50) and makes them so big they go off the bottom and side of my screen with only one icon. Main icon size seems to work fine, but i cannot adjust the secondary queue relative size.

    Still also cannot drag/move the addon if the main icon is below something around 30 in size, because then there is no center on the icon to click/drag.

  • #34

    The poster is refering to the "Following Icon Sizes" option. I have tested this. It is broken. Do not use it until v2.01 is released.

    If you do accidentally use this Interface Option then clicking "Cancel" will fix the bug. If too late to do that then you will need to go back and select "Defaults" but... this will reset all WDW options to the default values.

    This bug came about due to a late change by me after testing.

  • #32
    Known Issues & Your Testing

    Known issues and (temporary) solutions in v2.01:

    STOPPRESS: Testing in v2.02 has these fixed

    * Stuck icons. rotation just not updating/clearing. Applies to rotation. Cooldowns not affected.

    "/reload ui" or "/wdw rel" to reload the add-on without logging out. Can be done while in combat.

    "Sorry, only Frost is supported at this stage" getting sent to chat more than once for DKs while they are tanking. Annoying.

    Edit: Dumb programming error. No work around for players. Only v2.02 will stop this nonsense. Fixed in unreleased v2.02.


    Not a bug but a curiosity. Frost DKs - watch the decisions for the queue closely and don't jump to conclusions. If you disagree, especially with apparently not saving up for a possible Killing Machine which will surely happen soon then I want to hear a solid argument. We will then go back to play testing YOUR idea.

    When testing on target dummies all specs need to test for quite some time due to:

    (1) smooth out RNG spikes

    (2) wrong keypresses due to not repsonding quick enough to very rapidly changing main queue icon

    (3) wrong keypresses due to unfamiliarity with the rotation choices / unexpected choices

    Fire Mages are notorious sufferers (still) for (1) above. Forst DKs may be surprised that we aren't more agressively saving up for a Killing Machine. Users of Blood Tap will think the add-on is too keen to suggest a Blood Tap, sometimes 2 in a row. Give it a good try!

    For Mages in general testing might be moot. 5.2 means the rotations will definitely need to be redesigned all over again. Sad face.

    Last edited by Taraezor on 2/23/2013 1:33:25 AM
  • #31
    Too Many Messages on 14th February - v2.00

    Yes if you look at the code of v2.00 you can see why I had to pull it down and quickly put up v2.01. If you were one of the only 75 or so players who did get v2.00 then upgrade to v2.01 and all will be good.

    Do not post details of the problem here. That would be a spolier. Just get v2.01! Lolz

    Last edited by Taraezor on 2/13/2013 4:32:19 PM
  • #28

    How can I hide/disable the count for "arcane mage stacks (1-6)" or stop them getting bigger? I Use someting else for tracking that.

  • #43
    Quote from Knakriktsur »

    How can I hide/disable the count for "arcane mage stacks (1-6)" or stop them getting bigger? I Use someting else for tracking that.

    I need to do that as well and cannot figure out how.... the giant 6 gets in the way of things i need to see on my screen.... like attenuation circles O.o

  • #29

    This version and upcoming v2.0 doesn't support this. We really need to see the changes to power in order to anticipate when we will need to use a related talent. I accept that you have another addon to display this for you. Your requested change would be very very easy for me to implement and I will add it to my list for v2.01 (i.e. first bug fix after v2.0) as an option to be de-selected. v2.0 is to be released in a couple of days so this change will follow soon. Sorry that I have locked down any more new stuff for v2.0.

  • #19

    As a fire mage I get the error in chatframe:

    WeDonetWipe: BUG:spell not in spellbook - 33799

    It spams more than 10 times/sec. during combat Wen I used ice it was no problem. Already deleted and reloaded the addon. Didn`t help :/

    Last edited by Taraezor on 1/20/2013 8:13:40 AM
  • #20

    Okay i investigated. I think you mean 36799 which is a Mana Gem. But that is an item and not a spell. I will investigate and include any required fix in v2.0 which is nearing completion. Lets assume it is the MG. The relevant code would only be encountered if you were low on mana. As fire that never happens to me so i will simulate the condition in order to debug and correct. Suspecting the code missed testing.

    PLEEEEEEEASE a call out for any error reports like this one. I want v2.0 to linger as long as possible and hopefully not need a v2.01 after only a couple of days lol.

    Last edited by Taraezor on 1/20/2013 8:18:47 AM
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