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WeakAuras 2

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 744,334 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 1,906,984 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/29/2014
  • Created 09/09/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
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About WeakAuras 2

WeakAuras 2

If you are coming from WeakAuras 1, just delete 1, install 2 and you are ready to go. All your auras will be there. You can do this manually or via Curse Client, please don't forget to untick the option to delete your settings though!

WeakAuras is a powerful and flexible framework that allows you to display highly customizable graphics on your screen to indicate buffs, debuffs, and a whole host of similar types of information. It was originally meant to be a lightweight replacement for Power Auras, but it now incorporates many features that Power Auras does not, while still remaining more efficient and easy to use.

Features include:

  • An intuitive and powerful configuration interface
  • Custom textures including all textures from Power Auras and the new Cataclysm spell alerts
  • Progress bars and textures that show the exact duration of auras
  • Displays based on auras, health, power (mana, rage, soul shards, holy power, etc.), cooldowns, combat events, runes, totems, items, and many other triggers
  • Preset and user-defined animations
  • Custom side-effects such as chat announcements or sounds
  • Grouping, which allows multiple displays to be positioned and configured at the same time
  • CPU optimizations such as conditional loading/unloading of displays, modularity, and prevention of full aura scanning
  • Powerful customization options, such as animation paths, on-show/on-hide code, and custom triggers, for Lua-savvy users

To open the options window, type "/wa" or "/weakauras"

Note: WeakAuras works better with more media!

For in-depth documentation, see the Usage page.

For some examples of what WeakAuras can do, see the Examples page!


  • Please see the Usage page.
  • If you need help with your set-up, post in the Forum.
  • If you've discovered something that's clearly wrong, or if you get an error, Post a Ticket.
  • If you have a general comment or concern, feel free to comment on the main page!

Support the project

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Benjamin Staneck <>
2014-10-29 23:41:50 +0100


Benjamin Staneck:
    - looks like the frame can be nil here.


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  • #363

    When I click on a current Aura or try to creat a new one, the screen on the right, where all the settings used to be, is totally blank.  It's the same on all my toons.  Any ideas what I need to do to fix it?

  • #362

    getting this error after 6.0.3 update, as soon as i click on "progress bar", "icon" etc under "new" tab

    40x WeakAurasOptions\WeakAurasOptions- attempt to index local 'data' (a nil value)
    WeakAurasOptions\WeakAurasOptions- in function `PickDisplay'
    WeakAurasOptions\WeakAurasOptions- in function <WeakAurasOptions\WeakAurasOptions.lua:7695>

    this is the complete error:

  • #360

    Two feature wishes from me (or maybe I'm blind and it's already there):

    1. an "invert" checkbox for casts ("is not casting xyz")

    2. a load option for glyphs (like talents)

    Thanks for this amazing addon!

  • #358

    All auras gone

  • #357

    Addon is completely broken after update today.

  • #356

    This update is for 6.0.3, so tomorrow (EU wednesday) you will be fine most likely :)

  • #354

    My Auras did also disappear after the last update - so did those of a guildy

  • #355


    Reloaded the version from 2 days ago.

    Auras are "back"

  • #352

    I know the point of this is to track buffs / debuffs, but is there a way to create a fixed time progress bar, not associated to any buffs / debufs (e.g. when a condition is met, the bar is displayed with a pre-defined duration). I tried using custom duration info, but either im doing it wrong or it doesnt do anything (i put a number in).

  • #351

    So...I just updated my weakauras 2 from the curse client today and now all my things are gone and it won't let me make any news ones...did I break something?

  • #350

    Since 6.0, my bar auras seem to compress the texture instead of scrolling down it, if that makes any sense. Anyone know of a setting that I'm missing?

  • #353

    It does the same to me. I checked aura settings and I couldn't do anything, unfortunately. So I just got used to it meanwhile.

  • #349

    Why am i only learning of this addon now!? (thanks to Sniper Training).

    This addon is amazing. So powerfull. I know you dont need to hear this from me, but good job ;)

    Edit: As per Mr johnmanyjars suggested, here is the paste of my Sniper Training Aura(s) if anyone is interested. The ones i found by other people seemed to cause some kind of drop in FPS at some point or other, prompting me to make this one. Enjoy ;) P.s. You will probably need to /reload after pasting, to fix the z positioning of the glow.

    Last edited by Stigmund on 10/25/2014 3:59:15 PM
  • #348

    Edit2: They did it :) Thanks guys :)

    Edit1: Hey folks, I posted this request as an enhancement ticket. Don't know if that helps or hurts but I have gotten the impression that many developers prefer tickets to comments.

    Thanks :);t=56

    Lore informed us today that combo points have replaced happiness as UnitPowerType 4.  This means if you want to know how many combo points you have with and without a target you can use UnitPower("player", 4) instead of GetComboPoints().

    Pretty please with sugar on top, can you add this for us? I am betting that I can set up a custom trigger to do it. Well, I'm betting someone can, but I am Not Good at custom triggers.

    Last edited by johnmanyjars on 10/26/2014 11:21:42 PM
  • #347

    So I made the mistake of minimizing the WA menu so i could move some of my auras around and now on every toon i cannot get the menu to expand and show the screen to manage auras. Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong ?

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