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  • Supports: 6.0.3
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  • Updated 12/10/2014
  • Created 04/04/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: 2.0.3

About WhisperInvite


Invite players where you message with a specific keyword. You can choose between two default Modules Basic and Advanced


You can add any number of keywords. All keywords share the same settings.


Each keyword has his own settings.
You can control who can use a keyword with blocking or allowing on:

  • Name
  • Name-Realm
  • Guild
  • Guild-Realm
  • Realm
  • Tag


Every time when you receive a message on a listing channel WhisperInvite will check for keywords in this message and will on matching of a keyword invite this player.
Common settings:

  • Auto convert from Group to Raid
  • Case sensitive
  • Exact matching
  • Find keyword
    • Pattern matching
    • Pattern free matching
  • Channels
    • Whisper
    • whisper
    • Guild channel
    • Guild officer channel
    • conversation channel
    • Toast

tag 2.0.3
Areko <>
2014-12-10 20:51:44 +0100

Tagging as 2.0.3


    - Fix CanInvite check for Instance groups
    - Fix global call and remove with-spaces


  • #12

    When I installed this addon people I invite to my group raid could no longer select a role.

    Tracked it down to this addon, Uninstalled it and people can once again selct a role, any ideas?

  • #14

    Sorry for the late answer.

    I have uploaded a alpha version which have a possible fix for it. The problem is I can not reproduce the error and so not test it.

  • #13

    Same here ...

  • #11

    i've saw beta version which add gui and libs, but hope can keep this addon lite, easy, simple

    its wonderful now(V1.16), i think.

  • #10

    local _, L = ...;

    if GetLocale() == "deDE" then return end

    L["Locale"] = "本地化"
    L["WhisperInvite <%s>"] = "自動組隊 <%s>"
    L["Genaue Übereinstimmung"] = "完全匹配"
    L["CHAT_MSG_BN_WHISPER"] = " 密語頻道"
    L["CHAT_MSG_CHANNEL"] = "所有頻道"
    L["CHAT_MSG_GUILD"] = "公會頻道"
    L["CHAT_MSG_OFFICER"] = "官員頻道"
    L["CHAT_MSG_WHISPER"] = "密語頻道"
    L["%s aus Spieler Blacklist entfernt."] = "清除 %s 黑名單"
    L["%s zu Spieler Blacklist hinzugefügt."] = "加入 %s 黑名單"
    L["Chat Commands:\nremove Spielername - Von Blacklist entfernt\nadd Spielername - Zu Blacklist hinzugefügen"] = "頻道指令:\nremove playername - 清除黑名單\nadd playername - 加入黑名單"
    L["Grossschreibung beachten"] = "注意大寫"
    L["Schlüsselwörter"] = "關鍵字"
    L["Chat Channels"] = "聊天頻道"
    L["Blacklists"] = "黑名單"
  • #9

    Slight typo for the interface part.

    All of the options are like:

  • #2

    can this be used or modified to invite to guild if whispered a keyword?

  • #3

    Give my some time and i will make a plugin.

  • #8

    damn  blizz! >_>

  • #7

    I see that the GuildInvite() functoin is protectet. So it any more posible for a addon automatlic invites player in your guild. Sorry, its not more posible so i will delet the plugin.

  • #6
    Quote from Areko »

    Here the plugin:

    Thank you! I tried it but I get this error "Interface action failed because of an AddOn" when it tries to invite people. 

  • #5

    Here the plugin: *deleted*

    Last edited by Areko on 7/23/2012 8:26:02 AM
  • #4
    Quote from Areko »

    Give my some time and i will make a plugin.

    There is a addon that use to do this that has been abandoned if you are intrested in it. Nuttyrecruit here's link

  • #1


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