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  • World of Warcraft
  • 4,953 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 52,603 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/09/2014
  • Created 09/09/2010
  • 65 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: wMarker-v2.5.5
Support development! **

About wMarker

Waky - Azuremyst

Please help me localize wMarker, head on over to CurseForge if you can translate any phrases in wMarker from English to another common language. Thanks!

The most updated version of wMarker will always be at WoW Interface
  • wMarker is an AddOn that allows you to easily and quickly add or remove raid target icons to any target.
  • You can easily place world markers with the easy world marker frame
  • You can also <font color="orange">bind key combinations</font> on your keyboard to press the buttons of wMarker. (Located in default Key Bindings menu from Game Menu.)
  • Key bindings will be reset if you have any version before v2.5. Sorry about the inconvenience

/wmarker <command>

  • <lock> : Locks and unlocks the wMarker frame in place.
  • <clamp> : Clamps and unclamps wMarker to the screen (you cannot drag it off your screen.)
  • <hide> : Hide wMarker.
  • <show> : Shows wMarker
  • <reset> : Resets wMarker to its default values and positions
  • <options> : Opens the options panel
  • < >(No command): Will open the options panel aswell
You can also right-click any of the raid icons to open the options panel

wMarker is currently localized in:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
Localization Page

  • Please suggest any new features or anyway I can improve the addon!
  • If you're looking to hook KgPanels to wMarker or it's wFlare frame, anchor it to "wMarker.main" and "wFlares.main"
  • Be sure to check WoW Interface for the most recent version of this addon. It's primarily hosted there!
  • I hope you enjoy my addon!

+ Added last 3 World Markers (Circle, Moon, and Skull) since WoD update

* TOC Bump

* Fixed Clear All World Marker issue for non-English clients
+ Added /rc for Ready Check
+ Added /roc for Role Check
* TOC Bump

* Different manner of handling working with taints cause by being in combat
+ Added Italian (itIT) translation thanks to Fabsm
+ Added Russian (ruRU) translation thanks to katanaFAN, panzer48, and RamyAlexis
+ Added Simplified Chinese (zhCN) translation thanks to zhTW and dll32

* Replaced GetNumPartyMembers and GetNumRaidMembers with new GetNumGroupMembers to work in 5.1
* TOC Bump

* Taint log issue completely resolved by moving key bindings into WoW default key bindings frame

* Taint log issue resolved for bindingsUpdate() taint
+ Added prevention from using the binding page while in combat
+ Added French (frFR) translation thanks to Kromdhar and Argone
+ Added Traditional Chinese (zhTW) thanks to EKE

* Bug fixed where localization files were not accessed

* Added esMX, frFR, koKR, ruRU, zhCN, and zhTW localizations as copies of the English version to avoid no words to reference at all

* Made flare code more efficient
+ Added ability to show world marker frame vertical and backwards

* Made code more efficient and prepared for any future "things"
* Separated config file from main file
+ Added key bindings
+ Added ability to show world markers as blips or icons
+ Added German and Spanish localizations

+Added ability to create or remove space between raid mark icons

* World marker frame arranged into only one line of markers
* Bug fix from trying to hide/show the world marker frame during combat

* Bug fix caused by v2.1.1 where it wouldn't do anything when you clicked...

* Bug fix where clicking on an icon marked the target OnMouseDown and unmarked it on the OnMouseUp following it...

+ Added option to only show marking frame with a target
+ Added option to only show marking/world marker frame in a raid with assist
* Options panel moved into Interface Options
* Some code optimized
* Other things I've forgotten due to long-term coding

* Complete rewrite of addon from XML to Lua
* Rewrote options panel, more options, better GUI
+ Added vertical display options
+ Added tooltips
+ NEW flare/world marker frame added with appropriate options panel

* Fixed TOC error pointed out by Harshmage, thanks very much!

+ Added option to flip wMarker's icons (if you prefer the star on the left!)

+ 'Only show wMarker in a group' feature added
+ Ability to hide wMarker background added

* Bug fixed where after a reload or log in, the AddOn would attempt to call two nil values.

* Bug fixed where alpha and scale values were not loaded into Options upon opening the options panel.

+ Options panel now added with /wm options
+ Scale and alpha feature added

+ Initial release
+ Basic features: Mark, un-mark, ready check, and move.


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  • #29

    Are there any plans to update this addon to include the new world markers added with 6.0?

  • #27

     Can´t clear the world markers.

  • #28

    For clearing the world marks the macro /cmw all seems to be used. Problem here is that [all] is a variable what works only on english ui's - i.e. on german ui this variable is called [alle]. A small workaround is to open "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\wMarker\wMarker.lua", search for "/cwm all" and replace it with "/cwm 0" (thats the value the variable 'all' is set to). Works fine for me with 2.5.2 on german ui.



  • #23

    I can´t clear the world markers, rest works fine, thx for this great addon.

  • #24

    thats probably mainly due to the old GetNumPartyMembers and GetNumRaidMembers functions the author has tossed in there to fix issues with the secure frame checks. anyhow im hoping he will return and either update this addon or give me permission to maintain it, i have a completely working version all ready to go. I have added in all functions the compact raid manager performs, and allowed for an option to completely remove that lil window on the left side alltogether. If he returns and does plan on updating this i will offer the work i have done to him so he can use it.


  • #26

    i do not want to violate his/her license, and since the version i modified containsa large amount of his/her coding still. It would not only be unethical, but addon sites can not host the addon unless i have his/her permission. Thus, i have posted to all of addon development site where he has an account asking if he is still interested in this addon. I am awaiting a reply. Either way if i do not get his/her reply i still cannot offer to support or update HIS/HER coding without express permission of the author due to copywrite licensing. Even releasing this addon under another name is still in violation, and i will not do or attempt to do that to another author who clearly worked very hard on something to begin with.


  • #25

    And why don't you just add the addon as an own addon? Just give credits to this one ;)

  • #21

    1x wMarker-2.5\config.lua:67: attempt to call global "GetNumRaidMembers" (a nil value)
    wMarker-2.5\config.lua:67: in function <wMarker\config.lua:61>
    wMarker-2.5\config.lua:666: in function <wMarker\config.lua:627>
    <in C code>
    <string>:"TURNORACTION":4: in function <string>:"TURNORACTION":1

    self = <unnamed> {
    0 = <userdata>
    addon = nil
    wM_defaults = <table> {
    shown = true
    tooltips = true
    bgHide = false
    vertical = false
    locked = false
    iconSpace = 0
    partyShow = false
    detach = false
    alpha = 1
    clamped = false
    flipped = false
    x = 0
    relPt = "CENTER"
    y = 0
    scale = 1
    assistShow = false
    targetShow = false
    wF_defaults = <table> {
    relPt = "CENTER"
    y = 50
    x = 0
    worldTex = 1
    shown = true
    alpha = 1
    icons = false
    clamped = false
    flipped = false
    vertical = false
    scale = 1
    tooltips = true
    locked = false
    bgHide = false
    assistShow = false
    partyShow = false
    clamp = <func> @wMarker\config.lua:136
    backgroundVisibility = <func> @wMarker\config.lua:103
    visibility = <func> @wMarker\config.lua:61
    lock = <func> @wMarker\config.lua:78
    checkUpdate = <func> @wMarker\config.lua:572
    combatWait = false

    Hi, wonderfull addon! this is what i get every log in or when joining raids. "GetNumRaidMembers"

    Last edited by raymix on 9/7/2012 5:40:25 AM
  • #22

    this addon is not compatable with MoP update to wow at this time, thats why your getting errors.


  • #20

    is this gonna be updated anytime soon?

  • #19

    ok i now have added in my own set of addons to this current addon: my modifications now contain:

    rolecheck button, convert to raid button, Complete removal of Compact raid frame, updated to "partially" function for MoP

    only things i have not yet been able to resolve was update of the state change.


  • #18

    taking some ideas from another addon i added in the ability to perform a /rolecheck or /roc to my version of this addon. tho still not luck adding a clickable button in, guess thats starting to be alil beyond me atm, however i will keep at it and try to iron all these bugs out and add in the ability to also convert to raid thru command and a button, once thats done if the original author has not returned ill request to either add this as a different project or take over this one. Hopefully he returns tho and would be interested in this version ive been toying with, cause im also gonna add in code to remove the compact raid frame all together into mine.


  • #14

    welp i got bored and did some modifications to it, pretty simple to do, however i have noticed in this addons initial coding there isnt a reload option to auto update settings as things change, IE when someone gives u assist and take it back it never updates. have to perform a reload of the UI to reflect any changes in state. So if the addon author does have plans on revamping this project he may want to take those things into consideration along with changing the already outdated GetNumPartyMembers and GetNumRaidMembers changes in the config file.


  • #15

    any chance of posting a diff for the changes?

  • #16

    any changes i made were inside config.lua to resolve the getnumpartymembers changes however, ive not really had much luck with it updating upon state changes so really it is not working properly, it only works if u disable the Hide options at this point, i beleve it has to do with some of the local_ calls being differently handled now however ive not delved into it fully and probably it needs a bit of rework from even the modifications i have done but here is the changes i have made so far to allow it to work on all 8 classes i currently have at cap level :

    local function visibility()  combatWait = false  wMarker.main:Show()  if (wMarkerDB.shown==false) then wMarker.main:Hide() end  if (wMarkerDB.partyShow==true) then if (GetNumGroupMembers() > 0) then wMarker.main:Hide() end end  if (wMarkerDB.targetShow==true) then if not (UnitExists("target")) then wMarker.main:Hide() end end  if (wMarkerDB.assistShow==true) then if (IsInGroup() and not (UnitIsGroupLeader("player") or UnitIsGroupAssistant("player")) ) then wMarker.main:Hide() end end  if not (UnitAffectingCombat("player")) then   wFlares.main:Show()   if (wFlaresDB.shown==false) then wFlares.main:Hide() end   if (wFlaresDB.partyShow==true) then if (GetNumGroupMembers() > 0) then wFlares.main:Hide() end end   if (wFlaresDB.assistShow==true) then if (IsInGroup() and not (UnitIsGroupLeader("player") or UnitIsGroupAssistant("player")) ) then wFlares.main:Hide() end end  else   combatWait = true -- Need to wait for player to leave combat since wFlares has SecureActionButtons in it  end end 


    basically i semi re worked the one function to correctly display and i also updated the information in the .toc file for saying its out of date to:

    ## Interface: 50001


    again i am not a real coder or addon developer so some of these modification i have made may possibly be incorrect so use at your own risk.

    Last edited by d3m0n75 on 9/3/2012 7:14:37 PM


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