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World Trade Channel

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.1.0
  • 5,694 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/27/2012
  • Created 11/18/2012
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: World Trade Channel 0.2.1

About World Trade Channel

Enable you to see trade channel even you are not in a city
This Addon will enable you to see trade channel [2. Trade] even you are not in a city. The function will automatically enable when you when you leave a "Trade - City" channel. You can't talk in the "Remote" trade channel, but you can whisper to anyone just by click their names.

Like other Addons, just put it under folder "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns". You do not need to do any configuration!

Just disable or remove the Addon, we use no configuration file or data file.

Commands Prefix: /wtc or /worldtradechannel
ENABLE: on, start, enable ...
DISABLE: off, stop, disable ...
Sample: /wtc off

This Addon will use a hidden channel to forward messages from city. So the Addon may not work if only one person using it in your realm.
We promises to keep this Addon OPEN (using MIT License) and ACTIVE.
We hope more people will use it.

Q: Will I see duplicate messages in trade channel?
Detail: We use a small cache to make sure you will see message only once. If you in city, the Addon will not show anything. If you are not, it will show message only once in the "fake" trade channel. We also use this cache to prevent message from "duplicate send".

Q: Will I receive junk messages when using it?
A: You will only receive messages from trade channel.
Detail: We use a validation to block "fake" messages. The hidden channel is managed by Addon, someone try to send messages directly to this channel will not show.

Q: Will I generate more Addon traffic?
A: YES, but very very few, << 0.2 KB/s, and usually less than 10 B/S.
Detail: We use a mechanism to make sure each message will be forward only once. On the worst case (you are so bad lucky to be the forwarder of all messages and you forward 1 message each second and all messages have max character count), you will only generate about 0.2 KB/s traffic. And we test it all day only generate 10 B/S on average in a very active realm.

We will keep it simple and stable.

We hope there will be an official World Trade Channel

support 5.1


  • #7
    Login issue.

    When I log in to game in Orgrimmar I immediately repost someone else message to trade and ppl are whispering me for info or inv. I can not see this message in my chat log, I post it earlier than I actualy see ingame chat (game is fully loaded).

    It is getting realy annoying because of constant explaining to people that is not me, it's addon!

    I can provide any information needed to debug this problem.

  • #5

    Any chance you'll add the option of world trade appearing in another chat window instead of the default one? If not, I think I'll adopt this add-on and make that addition myself :P

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  • #2

    Well done! TradeForwarder uses 791 lines of code vs. 85 =)

    Future Request:
    "Trade channel owner" to prevent flooding the WTC Channel. If 20 People are in Trade City everyone will send one Message into WTC chan for each trade message?

  • #3

    NOP, only one or two person will send it, and everyone will only see the message only once. We simulate the code with more than 1000 people online, 65% message will send once, 30% will send two times, and 5% 3, never more than 3. Every one have a small cache, this cache is simple but very effective.

    Last edited by yylang1987 on 11/21/2012 3:12:45 PM
  • #1

    make sure you all get your friends/guildies/etc to run this, it only works when other people that have the addon are in a city... I assume the true goal of this addon is to cause so much addon traffic that it makes blizzard just implement it without the need of the addon.  Also beware of the people that will generate fake traffic, a fake "wts/wtb" message saying it is from someone they dont like just so people spam them... the chaos should be fun

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